Friday Night Fights: Monkey Pirates!


Reading some Legion trades right now, so I went looking for a Legion image ...

Came for the Legion image, stayed for the blue and purple monkey-looking pirate guy. Because if there was ever someone who had enough problems as is without getting hit by Ultra Boy, it's this guy.

(And for the guy who's fashion sense is always bar none, always bet on Bahlactus!)

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  1. Talking about the Legion, have you bought The Legion of Super-heroes: an eye for an eye? I haven't read any review yet, so I´d like to know your opinion about this tpb if you know something about it. Thanks a lot ;D

    PS: I'd like to see a L.E.G.I.O.N. collected edition, too.


  2. I think Eye for an Eye's not out for another week or so. I'd like to read it, though for budgetary constraints it'll probably be a while.

    From what I understand (thanks to the Legion Omnicom and the DC Comics website, this trade collects the first six issues of the third volume of Legion, which launched in 1984. I think (someone correct me) that Great Darkness Saga is from the second volume of Legion, the one before Eye for an Eye, though they're the same Legion continuity (no reboots in between).

    If someone else wants to review Eye for an Eye when it comes out, send me an email.


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