Collected Legion Trivia (Part 1)


Happy New Year! Collected Editions is kicking off 2008 in style with reviews of Mark Waid's new Legion of Super-Heroes series. And to celebrate, we've got some great Legion trivia provided by the Legion Omnicon! Leave your answers in the comments, and we'll post the answers soon.

1. It's commonly known that Dave Cockrum originally invented the X-Man we know as Nightcrawler as a member of a Legion spinoff group, before he left DC in the early 1970s. What other major X-Man was inspired by a character Cockrum created for a Legion spinoff?

2. Which Legion-related character suffers from Taphephobia?

3. What warning appeared on the box for the Legion Flight Rings offered by DC Direct in the mid-90s?

And a bonus Collected Editions survey question:

* Do you (a) read Collected Editions reviews before you buy a trade paperback, or (b) read the trade and then the review?

More Legion reviews coming Monday, and more trivia on Tuesday! Meanwhile, be sure to check out the Legion Omnicom at for more Legion-y goodness!

Comments ( 3 )

  1. 1.- Colossus?
    2.- Mordru.
    3.- Warning: This ring does not enable the wearer to fly!

    And last, the answer to Collected Editions survey question: It depends. There are some trades I have just read before you make your review. I like to read it to have a different vision from another reader and compare his likings and mines to see if we agree.

    I have already known we have similar tastes in comics, so if you review a trade I have not read yet and you have a good opinion, I will probably buy the trade.

    PS: Sorry for my horrible English (remember,I'm from Spain and I don't usually speak or write in English).
    PS2: Have a happy new year(with lots of reviews)!

  2. Well, I have avoided buying titles that you didn't like (like that Hawkgirl trade you reviewed recently) but most of the time I buy books without waiting for yours or anyone's reviews. I buy trades based on the creative team, the characters or just plain ol' curiousity.

  3. Just got the second Hawkgirl trade and the art team is different, at least. Hope I don't turn out to be a glutton for punishment ... I'll let you know how it is.


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