Amazon slashes prices on DC Comics DVDs

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I've been slowly completing my collection of DC Comics DVDs, starting with the animated Superman series, and now I'm on Justice League (probably should start blogging through it, come to think ...). Anyway, I had Justice League Season Two in my Amazon cart for a while, and I just saw that they've dropped the price about $10, from $32-something to $23 something -- it's about half-off, and from what I can see, they've done the same thing with Season One.

From what I'm reading online, looks like a bunch of Amazon's DC Comics DVDs are on sale ... probably a tie in to New Frontier's release. Anyway, don't say I never pointed out deals for you!

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  1. Don't be too surprised, if this is a prelude to the introduction of the same stuff on Blu-Ray...

    This has happened several times in the past for regular movies.

    Complete James Bond, on VHS, now on Video-CD, DVD and coming soon on Blu-Ray

    Bah! another way to make us keep buying the same thing again an again


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