DC Comics Trade Paperbacks for Fall 2008


The DC Comics message boards and various online sources have revealed the DC Comics collections and trade paperbacks for fall 2008. Here's the big hitters:

Green Arrow And Black Canary: Family Business Hardcover

All-New Atom: Small Wonder

New Titans: Old Friends - the first Judd Winick Titans trade

Batman: Private Casebook - the next Paul Dini Detective trade

Justice League International Vol. 3 - the first JLI collection not previously released

Camelot 3000 Deluxe

Robin: Violent Tendencies - the first new Chuck Dixon release

JLA/Avengers trade paperback

Booster Gold: Blue And Gold

Teen Titans On The Clock - the first Sean McKeever release

Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest - the first Peter Tomasi release following The Sinestro Corps War

Batman: Gotham Underground

Superman/Batman Vol. 4: Vengeance trade paperback

Superman/Batman: The Search for Kryptonite - the first Michael Green collection

Teen Titans: Year One

JLA: That Was Then, This is Now - by Roger Stern; likely JLA Classified

Green Lantern: In Brightest Day - by Broome; possibly a Silver Age collection

Superman vs. Brainiac

Fables Covers

Catwoman: Crime Pays

The Question: Epitaph for a Hero

Legion of Super-Heroes: Enemy Rising - the first new Jim Shooter release

Nightwing: Freefall - the first Peter Tomasi release

New Teen Titans Archive Vol. 4

The Joker: Dark Knight - I believe this is a collection of an upcoming Brian Azzerello miniseries

Blue Beetle: Endgame

Birds of Prey: Metropolis or Dush - the first Sean McKeever collection

Wonder Woman: The Circle - the first Gail Simone collection

Uncle Sam And The Freedom Fighters: Brave New World

DC Goes Ape!

JLA: Salvation Run

JSA Presents: Green Lantern - contains at least a Steven Seagle Alan Scott story

Batman And The Outsiders: The Chrysalis hardcover

Phantom Stranger: The Heart Of A Stranger - by Paul Kupperberg

Superman: The Third Kryptonian - a Kurt Busiek collection

If anyone hears about any more, let me know! And, as goes without saying ... what are you buying?

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  1. I didn't even know Azzarello has a Joker mini coming up. Do we know who the artist is?

  2. It took THIS long to S/B v4 to come out? Criminy!

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  4. Well I'll certainly pick up the next Dini Detective and Question trades. I might buy the new Dixon Robin trade, depending on what I hear from reviewers. If Gotham Underground, DC Goes Ape!, the Azz/Joker mini, and the Phantom Stranger collections are paperbacks, then I'll snap them up as well.

    Is the Catwoman trade the next one from Will Pfeifer?

    According to this interview... http://www.brokenfrontier.com/lowdown/details.php?id=532
    ...the artist for the Azz/Joker series is Lee Bermejo.


  5. And once again, I see that my favorite title has been targeted with a needless hardcover just to artificially drive up prices.

  6. Justice Society: The Next Age and Brave and the Bold: The Lords of Luck come out in TPB in Oct. and Dec. respectively.

  7. I did a little Amazon looking myself and spotted Suicide Squad:From the Ashes, which is good. (But no Veitch Swamp Thing or Crisis Multiple volumes yet...)

  8. I thought it was interesting too that there weren't any Countdown to Final Crisis trades solicited. My guess is that they will show up among this bunch, but it was curious that they weren't there now.

    You have to feel sorry for Azzarello and Bermejo that the trade for their miniseries has been announced before the mini's even been solicited (same thing happened to Greg Rucka's Question/Crime Bible).

    I'd really like to see DC take some mainstream miniseries and, instead of releasing it issue by issue, release the whole thing as an oversized graphic novel. Or, offer the trade paperback at the same time as the miniseries starts, like Dark Horse did a while back when the Star Wars movies were re-released.

    I don't think "floppy" supporters would say the only reason they buy single issues is just because they want to stay "current" -- they like the monthly format and etc. So why not let everyone eat their cake at the same time, to butcher metaphors? It would be an interesting experiment as to how sales go for the single issues versus the collections.

  9. Actually, I won't be too surprised if they changed their minds and did the Joker mini as a full-on graphic novel instead, like what they did with that Top 10 mini. Which would explain the extremely early solicitation.

    Probably means yet another hardcover though. Ugh.

  10. According to Azzarello, the Joker book is a ogn, not a mini and will come out in hardcover.

  11. I'm looking at that Camelot 3000 Deluxe, JSA Presents: GL, the Dini Detective trade, and JLI Volume 3. I'll probably get the Fables covers book as well but I'd rather they wait until the whole thing was finished and then release them all.


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