DC Fall 2008 Trade Paperbacks - Updated

Monday, March 31, 2008

In addition to the fall 2008 DC Comics trade collections we've already revealed at Collected Editions, here's a couple more:

  • Batman: Joker's Asylum
  • Justice League of America: Sanctuary - the fourth collection of the new Justice League of America series, by Dwayne McDuffie
  • Green Lantern: Secret Origin - the next Geoff Johns collection
  • Teen Titans Spotlight: Raven - the new Marv Wolfman miniseries; interesting that this is no longer being listed as "DC Special"
  • Superman: Past and Future - this is by various; hopefully this collects some of the time-travelling tales like Action Comics #850 that have been passed in other volumes
  • Infinity Inc., Volume 2: The Bogeyman
  • Legion of Super-Heroes: The More Things Change - the next Paul Levitz collection

I'm super-excited about that Superman: Past and Future ... you?
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1 comment:

  1. I'm up for
    JLofA: Sanctuary
    GL: Secret Origin
    LOSH - The More Things Change

    There really wasn't much in the original announcement that got me excited though. I want to see a few more absolutes and other than Sandman which we all knew about there doesn't seem to be anything in the works.