13 on 52: Week Forty-Nine


(Inspired by 52 on 52, 52 Pickup, and others, Collected Editions offers a weekly thirteen words on each of the thirteen issues collected in 52 Vol. 3.)

Thirteen words for Week Forty-Nine: Much mayhem ensues (hope Tzu lives!). War despite JSA averting crisis.

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  1. I remember the showdown between Black Adam and Everyone Else coming up as being one of the more fun issues of the series. It helps to have really good art that doesn't look rushed, of course.

    Off-topic, but a Superman: Brainiac hardcover is being solicited for 2009, complete with trade dress, even. The relevant issues won't be out till next month.

    Also coming up is the second part of Thy Kingdom Come in November (I don't recall if you already know this).

  2. I agree this was a good issue -- overall I thought 52 started well and lagged in the middle, but 49-51 were some of my favorites. It helps that Black Adam's rage was righteous, at least in his own mind.

    I saw that Superman: Brainiac hardcover; there's also a Batman: RIP Deluxe edition before that starts, either. Can the Final Crisis collection be far behind ... ?

  3. I hadn't known about R.I.P. being a Deluxe book. God knows if it'll collect only the six Morrison issues or most/all the the relevant crossovers in Detective, Nightwing, Outsiders and Robin (as per the checklist),

    But even if it's just the Morrison issues that's a damn good deal for $24.99 American, oversized issues and everything.


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