Dr. Fate, Countdown to Mystery, and More Pain Comics?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Interestingly, if you click over to Amazon you'll see they have the title of Dr. Fate: Countdown to Mystery listed as "Dr. Fate: More Pain Comics."

Anyone know what that's about?

UPDATE: Seems that's the name of the first issue of the series. Still, seems an inopportune Amazon listing ...
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  1. Just for clarification, that's also the name of Dr. Fate's storyarc that stretches from the first issue to the last. The first issue has a subtitle of "More Pain Comics: Part One" all the way to "More Pain Comics: Part Eight".

  2. I don't want to prejudge without reading the story, but that seems a mighty strange name for a story. Makes me think I'll be in pain reading it! *grin*

  3. I assume it was intended as a parody of More Fun Comics, the title in which the original Fate made his first appearance way back when.