DC Comics Trade Paperbacks for Early 2009


In addition to a couple of books we already knew about, including the deluxe version of Batman: RIP and Superman: Brainiac, here's some additional collections coming from DC in early 2009:

- Batman and the Outsiders: The Snare - the second collection of the new Batman and the Outsiders.

- Batman: The Return of Hush - Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen's upcoming Hush story

- Batman: The Strange Deaths of Batman - by various; looks to be a collection of classic "I killed Batman" stories (Ten of a Kind, anyone?)

- Birds of Prey: Club Kids - a new Tony Bedard collection, with likely the Dark Side Club issues

- Black Lightning Year One - not yet solicited, this one's by Jan Van Meter and Cully Hamner

- Catwoman: The Long Road Home - the last five or six issues of the Will Pfeifer run

- Checkmate: Chimera - the beginning of the new Bruce Jones run

- Eclipso: The Music of the Spheres - collects the Countdown to Mystery backup by Matthew Sturges

- Flash: Emergency Stop - a collection of late 1990s Flash stories by Mark Millar and Grant Morrison that appeared mid-Mark Waid's run, including the well-regarded Black Flash storyline.

- Huntress: Year One

- Justice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come, Part 3 - Three parts? How long is this storyline?

- Manhunter: Forgotten - the next Marc Andreyko Manhunter trade. "Forgotten," perhaps, as in "Gone for a while, but not ..."?

- Nightwing: Gemini Rising - the new team of Peter Tomasi and Rags Morales

- The Question: Welcome to Oz - the next Dennis O'Neil collection

- Robin: The Final Fight - by Chuck Dixon and Chris Batista. There's also Robin: Violent Tendencies on the horizon prior to this.

- Supergirl: Way of the World - the next Kelley Puckett trade

- Superman: Atlas - a hardcover that credits both James Robinson and Jack Kirby, so this must reprint Kirby's story where Atlas first appeared.

- Superman: Shadows Linger - the next Kurt Busiek Superman trade. May contain the Insect Queen story.

- Vigilante: City Lights, Prairie Justice - a mid-1990s miniseries by James Robinson, starring the Greg Saunders Vigilante

- Wonder Woman: Ends of the Earth - the next Gail Simone collection

I'm pretty excited about that Superman: Atlas hardcover; don't know if I'll pick up Flash: Emergency Stop, but it's nice to see that era get some coverage. What'll be on your buy list?

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  1. I'll certainly be picking up the Busiek/Johns Superman stuff. As for Robinson, I guess I'll wait for the general consensus to see if it's hardcover worthy. I'll wait for the softcover with Dini's Hush.

    (Has the final part of Rucka's Checkmate even been solicited yet?)

  2. AnonymousJune 20, 2008

    I just got a stack of BoP back issues with Gail Simone as the writer. I think I should pick up some more BoP trade paperbacks.

  3. AnonymousJune 20, 2008

    I'm glad to hear that "The Black Flash" is going to be included in the Emergency Stop trade! When I heard they were releasing this, I wrote a quick summary of the Morrison/Millar run, and speculated as to how much was going to be included.

    Any idea whether it'll be the full 12 issues, or just the first and last arcs?

  4. kelson - Not sure, but given that the whole run was just twelve issues, my guess is we'll see everything but "Three of a Kind." And the Black Flash was awfully cool.

    presetyourjet - If you start with Gail's first Birds of Prey trade, they read real smoothly all together. It's a great series to read in trade.

    Jeffrey - Not so far, but maybe issues 23-25 of Rucka's run are in the Bruce Jones trade. Best way to introduce readers to the Jones run, I think, is to draw them in finishing the Rucka run.

  5. AnonymousJune 23, 2008

    Would DC really leave out "Three of a Kind" from the Emergency Stop trade?

  6. AnonymousJune 23, 2008

    "Three of a Kind" was a crossover with Green Arrow and Green Lantern. To include it, they'd need to bring in two issues from other series, bringing the total to 14 issues in one volume. At that length, DC usually prefers to split a sequence across two books.

    Most likely scenarios:

    1. They're collecting the entire run except for that crossover. 11 issues,

    2. They're collecting the entire run, but in two volumes, but that would imply that "The Black Flash" would be in another collection. 8 issues for "Emergency Stop"+the stand-alone issues + "Three of a Kind," then 6 issues for "The Human Race" and "The Black Flash."

    3. They're collecting the highlights, which would probably mean "Emergency Stop," "The Black Flash" and the one-shot focusing on Jay. 7 issues.

    I actually would have bet on something like #2 before I read this post.

  7. The last round of solicits had John Constantine:Hellblazer:The Family Man, which should complete the trade-ifying of Delano's run on that book.

    After being disappointed in scanning Amazon for any signs of any more Crisis on Multiple Earths or Swamp Thing reprints (which don't have that far to reach the Morrison-Millar years, which would presumably be hot right now), I found a few gems coming in the Showcase Presents line: Ambush Bug Volume 1 is the highlight, although Doom Patrol Volume 1 is also interesting.

  8. The Vigilante trade looks good. Looks like Robinson is getting some extra help from the popularity of the Starman Omnibuses.

  9. On Emergency Stop, I'm with kelson; I think Emergency Stop will omit "Three of a Kind." There's no evidence (yet) that this is one of two volumes, and in the interest of keeping the book self-contained, probably "Three of a Kind" is out. My guess.

    Chris -- Is that Vigilante series good? This does seem to be building on Robinson's Starman (and Superman) fame, just like the Flash trade is to reprint all the Morrision work DC has. (PS I owe you a reply email; sorry I've been so slow!)

  10. I just looked this up on comics.org as a refresher: http://www.comics.org/series.lasso?SeriesID=12103
    Robinson did this series at the same time as when Starman started. I vaguely recall it and I know I read an issue or two. If you (or anyone) is a Western fan, it may be worth picking up. In any event it's good to see the Western genre making a small comeback.
    Yeah, shoot me an e-mail when you get the chance. No rush.


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