Calling All Guest Bloggers - Review for Collected Editions!


Calling all guest bloggers!

This is Collected Editions's semi-annual reminder that we need guest reviewers! Your reviews give a different perspective on the trade paperbacks we all love so much, and also help Collected Editions balance the pace of providing new reviews each week. If you want to support Collected Editions, write a review!

We are currently accepting reviews on a wide variety of trade paperbacks and graphic novels -- DC Comics trade paperbacks are fine, but we also love getting guest reviews on Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, or independent comics.

If you're thinking of a comic you'd like to review for us, just ask! Email the title of the book to our Collected Editions Yahoo account (address at right), and we'll reply right away if you should go ahead and send us your review.

Your review could be here! Don't wait, write today!

Comments ( 3 )

  1. Are you interested only in reviews of recently released material or are older trades acceptable as well?

  2. Can they be reviews of trades you've already reviewed?

  3. Reviews of older trades are absolutely welcome -- we had a review of Kingdom Come recently, but you can go older than that, especially with Marvel or other trades.

    On trades we've already reviewed, please email me with the specific title and we'll go them there.



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