DC Comics Fall 2009 Trade Paperback Solicitations

October 21, 2008


I've got a whole bunch more DC Comics trade paperback solicitations for fall 2009 now, among them Superman: Ending Battle, The Flash: Mercury Falling, Batman: The Black Casebook, and Static: Trial by Fire. Here's the full rundown:

- Terror Titans - collecting the Scott McKeever miniseries

- Birds of Prey: Platinum Flats - the next Tony Bedard collection

- Brave and the Bold Volume Four - by Marv Wolfman, and including the David Hine Green Lantern/Phantom Stranger story. The coming of the Archie heroes may be in the next volume

- Superman and Batman vs. Vampries and Werewolves

- Green Lantern Corps: Sins of the Star Sapphire - the next Green Lantern Corps collection

- Batgirl: Redemption Road - the new Adam Beechen miniseries

- Batman: The Black Casebook - I believe this indeed collects the Golden and Silver Age stories on which Batman: RIP is based.

- Superman: Ending Battle - I'm pleasantly shocked to see a collection of this 2002 Superman crossover, which pitted Superman against almost every villain he had, plus Manchester Black of the Elite. It doesn't hurt that this story was co-written by Geoff Johns.

- Batman: Two-Face/Scarecrow Year One - collecting stories, I believe, that came out around the time of the two new Batman movies.

- Green Arrow/Black Canary Volume Three: A League of Their Own

- Rann/Thanagr Holy War Volume One - two volumes for this? Really?

- The Flash (featuring Impulse): Mercury Falling - I'm pretty surprised, but happy, to see DC collecting this Impulse-centric story by Todd DeZago, which included the villain Intertia and saw, well, the fall of Max Mercury. This is one of those books I'm going to pre-order, to encourage DC to publish more volumes.

- Static: Trial by Fire - A new printing, I believe, of the miniseries/collection released about the time of the Static Shock cartoon, but retitled Static rather than Static Shock.

- Booster Gold: A Slice of Time - contains Chuck Dixon and Dan Jurgens stories. This may be switching to paperback.

This is in addition to the already-announced Final Crisis hardcover, Green Lantern: Rage of the Red Lanterns, and others.

What's on your to-buy list?

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Comments ( 5 )

  1. A little off-topic, but looks like J.G. Jones won't be finishing Final Crisis. The hardcover was a guaranteed buy for me; now I'll be surprised if I wind up grabbing the softcover in a couple of years. Nice work, DC.

  2. I'm buying the Flash one for sure, probably the Black casebook too.

  3. Does anyone even read Rann/Thanagar Holy War? I don't know anyone.

    Have there been any hints about what next year's Absolute Editions will be?

  4. The Flash trade is one I'm excited about -- it does seem like they're branding these with a more-recognized franchise; it's weird that the Flash isn't even in that Impulse story!

    Black Casebook is another that'll be on my list; I just finished Batman: The Black Glove and I thought it was fantastic.

    I thought Rann/Thanagar Holy War in two volumes was an odd decision; I agree that this'll be low on my to-buy list.

    No word on Absolute editions yet (though Superman for Tomorrow and another Sandman volume, I think, are coming up).

    Jeffrey -- J. G. Jones not finishing Final Crisis might make you not want to read the story? That's interesting; for me I'd still want to read it because there's a consistent story even if the artist shifts. Do you feel different?

    Thanks all for your comments!

  5. Normally I wouldn't care about that sort of thing; this is Grant Morrison we're talking about, after all. But just as big a draw for me was having J.G. Jones on interiors, and from what little I've seen of his work it's very beautiful stuff. I suppose I feel a little shortchanged now that he won't even finish the book. And yes, I'm aware that I haven't paid for the book yet.

    (This is not a knock on Doug Mahnke, by the way. He's one of my favourites.)

    Of course, by the time the collected edition comes out and the reviews are so overwhelmingly gushy I might end up changing my mind. God knows it's happened before.


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