Final Crisis Companion, DC Comics Fall 2009 Paperback Editions Solicited


The Fall 2009 DC Comics trade paperback (and hardcover) solicitations just keep coming! There's a bunch of different ones this time, so I've split them up into Final Crisis, Series Collections, Special Reprints. and Paperback Reprints.

Final Crisis
- Final Crisis: Rogues Revenge HC - As expected.

- Final Crisis Companion - Perhaps the biggest headline here; this could collect some of the Final Crisis one-shot material, like the Infinite Crisis Companion, or earlier adventures of Final Crisis characters like the 52 Companion.

Series Editions
- Legion of Super-Heroes: Enemy Manifest HC - The next current Jim Shooter collection

- Superman/Batman: Superbat HC - The next Michael Green collection

- Justice League of America: The Second Coming HC - This is most likely Justice League #22-26, if not more.

Special Reprints
- Sandman by Kirby and Simon - I've heard rumor there's a bunch of Kirby/Simon reprint material coming from DC and Titan Books.

- Flash: The Human Race - This follows Flash: Emergency Stop as the next Grant Morrison/Mark Millar collection

- Hitman Vol. 1 SC - Looks like a new round of Hitman collections coming back into print

- JLA Deluxe Vol. 2

- Superman: Tales from the Phantom Zone - Phantom Zone tales across the eras

- Robin: The Teen Wonder - Maybe a collection of Earth-2 Dick Grayson stories?

- Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories HC - Collects stories by Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, and others

- Static: Rebirth of the Cool - Another Static reprint heralding the character's return.

- Justice League International Vol. 2 SC - I like that DC is releasing these in softcover, too, instead of just in hardcover.

Paperback Reprints
- Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes SC

- Wonder Woman: Amazons Attack SC

- Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps War Vol. 2 SC

- Green Lantern: Tales of the Sinestro Corps SC

- The Question: The Five Books of Blood SC

- Superman: Last Son SC

- Wonder Woman: Love and Murder SC

- Justice League of America: The Injustice League SC

- Superman: Escape from Bizarro World SC

- Booster Gold: 52-Pick-Up SC

- Batman: Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul SC

See Final Crisis and other Collected Editions solicitations, and as always, chime in and let us know what's on your to-buy list. And don't miss a bunch of great comics recommendations at the Collected Editions Trade Paperback Store!

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  1. For some reason I thought that if DC ever reprinted Hitman it would be in the same format as JLI or Gotham Central. But this is good news anyway; I've heard a lot of good things about it, and the JLA/Hitman two-parter was one of the best Superman stories I've read.

  2. I was wondering if anyone knows how far into the series they are going to take the JLA Deluxe reprints?
    I seem to recall they were just doing the morrison era but I have no idea where I heard that.

  3. DC's trade/collection formats are almost as arcane as their multiverse.

    Current books get hardcovers and/or trades. Older series that have ended (Hitman & The Question) are doled out in 6 isssue trades, in 6 issue hardcovers (Saga of Swamp Thing & JLI), ten issue oversize hardcovers (JLA & Gotham Central) or sixteen issue hardcovers (Starman).

    I wish they would just put out their contemporary back catalog in full color Showcase style editions, like Superman: Our Worlds at War.

  4. Arcane is a good word for DC's trade publishing program, but in fact what I think we're seeing is a trade program in transition, continuing to collect new titles as it's been while trying to figure out the best format (that is, most marketable) for older collections.

    Essentially, DC makes no profit letting old hits go out of print; thus, a new (and possibly longer-lasting) reprint of Hitman, among others. Would something called "Hitman" (that most of the general public's never heard of) support hardcover format like something with "Justice League" or "Gotham" in the title? Maybe not. Same probably goes for The Question.

    That said, there was a Superman guest appearance in Hitman once that was bar none a great comic. Hitman was so irreverent that I think we don't imagine Garth Ennis gets or could do nostalgic superheroics, but he handles it in spades.

    Anon -- My guess is just through JLA: World War III, but if these deluxe books sell well, you never know.


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