Final Crisis Crossover Rage of the Red Lanterns, Neil Gaiman Batman solicited


More DC Comics solicitations are now up on Amazon! The Final Crisis-crossover Rage of the Red Lanterns will be collected as Green Lantern: Rage of the Red Lanterns in hardcover.

Also solicited is the Neil Gaiman/Andy Kubert Batman: RIP followup, Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?, even before the monthly issues have been solicited. DC Comics will also release a hardcover (the first ever?) of Alan Moore's Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? in connection.

More solicitations as they break!

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  1. Newbie question: Do you think this will be released in paperback too?

    [ps, I'm new to comics and started out by tackling the Infinite Crisis TPB's...which got me addicted to the DC Universe. I found your blog by looking for a Countdown to Final Crisis TPB list. This is the PERFECT blog for me, I'll definitely be going through and reading a lot of old posts, keep up the good work, I RSS'd ya!]

  2. barrow, in the case of Green Lantern at least, paperback editions generally follow the hardcovers after a considerable delay: the first volume of the Geoff Johns run, No Fear, came out in April 2006 in hardcover and May 2008 in paperback. Volume 2 came out November 2006/October 2008, volume 3 August 2007/January 2009. I do expect Rage of the Red Lanterns will be published in paperback eventually, but not until sometime in 2010 if not 2011.

  3. A hardcover of Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? Wasn't that a single-issue story? Don't get me wrong, it's a great one, but I'm not sure it justifies a hardcover edition by itself.

  4. On Amazon it says Rage of the Red Lanterns is 128 pages. As far as I know its a 40 page over-sized one-shot tie-in (hyphen-heaven). My question is, is 128 an arbitary number or are there more Red Lantern stories?

  5. It's probably the 40pg special and the issues that are to follow Secret Origins... which aren't actually out yet.

    I simply can't wait that long for Hal and the boys, I read GL and GLC monthly and trade up when the HC's come out

    '....Man of Tomorrow' HC should be nice though, again with some additional material. Such a great story though and a cool addition to the bookshelf

  6. Wow, my plan's been to stick to paperbacks because they're cheaper/light, plus I'm very OCD'ish when it comes to collecting and it would annoy me to see a few stray hardcovers in a sea of paperbacks on my bookshelf. But I don't think I could wait a year after the hardcover drops to get the paperback!

  7. nhexima: Killing Joke wasn't exactly lengthy either but it got the Deluxe treatment just the same. Though a big part of that book's appeal is that it was recoloured by Brian Bolland himself.

    It's a little weird though that this Deluxe book is retailing for 20 bucks, while the other two regular sized hardcovers mentioned in this entry are going for $25. The fact that I'll probably buy them like a sucker anyway only annoys me further.

  8. FWIW, I don't think the The Killing Joke warranted it either. Again, a classic story, and the recoloring definitely gives it value, but for a story that's essentially the length of two, three floppies or less, it just seems off not to publish in paperback. They can fill it out with black and white sketches, xerox roughs, or script pages, but it's usually just padding to justify an exorbitant price.

    I'm not a huge fan of DC focusing on hardcover editions in general, but especially not with the expense of delayed trades or none at all.

  9. Green Lantern does take forever to come out in paperback, so I've been buying the hardcovers. Essentially I have some series that I buy in hardcover, like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, and then others that I wait for the paperback, like Brave and the Bold or the Flash.

    The way I look at it is, I'll keep buying hardcovers for the series for which I already have hardcovers, but I'm not starting any new series in hardcover, only paperback. Too expensive!

    Nhex, Man of Tomorrow was a three-issue story. Granted, that's still an expensive hardcover for three issues, but it's not just a one-shot. I don't mind DC releasing Man of Tomorrow in a hardcover "archival" version, since it's such a seminal story -- I far more see the value of Man of Tomorrow in hardcover than I do DC taking so long to release Green Lantern in paperback after the hardcover versions!

    It would be nice if they fill out the Man of Tomorrow HC with support materials, I agree.

  10. my copy of man of tomorrow was a one shot.... about 48 pages.... Maybe this was just the original TPB

  11. DC reprinted Man of Tomorrow in a paperback volume a couple years ago; that may be the one-shot you're thinking of, but I think it was originally three issues.

    Or I could be wrong; anyone know for sure?

  12. Hi all, does anybody know if "Batman: under the hood" will be published in HC?? I absolutely loved that arc (both volumes of it in TPB) so it would be great to see them collected (maybe both volumes) in one HC collection but its been a few years since they came out in TPB so not sure. It would just seem a shame if they give other stories the HC treatment which don't clearly deserve it (Batman confidential: lovers & madmen anyone?!) whereas a decent story like under the hood doesn't.

  13. Doubtful "Under the Hood" will come out in HC (though I didn't think we'd ever see Superman: Ending Battle in trade paperback, either, so what do I know?)

    I liked that story a lot, but even though it was somewhat groundbreaking (bringing back you-know-who), DC's moved past that story, and Judd Winick isn't making waves right now ... if Winick were to have a new breakthrough title, maybe DC might see a market for the hardcover -- consider how Stars and STRIPE is now out on trade paperback given Geoff Johns's success.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Ok cheers, thanks for the note. Im just a bit fussy about my collections- all my batman collections i want in HC only! Likewise for Green lantern, whereas i collect my lesser favourite characters in TPB e.g. Moon knight, Captain america, ironman.


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