Comic Book Holiday Gift Guide 2008

November 20, 2008


Last year Collected Editions suggested a host of great holiday trade paperback gifts for the comic book lover in your life.

Everyone knows the economy is rougher and times are tighter, so this year, Collected Editions presents eleven comic book gifts under $25 -- and we'll even show you how to get free shipping with them, too! With these package deals, your holiday shipping is almost done.

* The Joker by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo
With the new Dark Knight movie, I predict this graphic novel is going to be the season's biggest seller. And at a 40% discount, the hardcover is cheaper even than some paperbacks. Pair with Batman: Hush Vol. 1 and the Artemis Fowl Promotional Edition (see below) for free shipping.

* Batman: Hush Vol. 1
Hush remains a high-powered, brilliantly illustrated tour de force through Batman's greatest villains. There's all sorts of expensive versions of this out there, but the paperback of the first volume remains a great stocking stuffer. Pair with The Joker as a treat for your favorite Batman fan, and include the Artemis Fowl Promotional Edition (see below) for free shipping.

* The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes and Nocturnes
Neil Gaiman's Sandman volume that started it all is still available in an inexpensive paperback version, perfect for the horror fan that might be interested in comics. Pair this with just about any other title on this list for free shipping.

* The Complete Persepolis
Now an upcoming movie, The Complete Persepolis is a literate graphic novel memoir of the author's family during the Islamic Revolution in Iran. If you've got an avid reader who's been on the fence about trying graphic novels, this comprehensive volume could be just the ticket. Pair this with any other book on this list for free shipping.

* In the Shadow of No Towers
Pulitzer Prize-winning writer/artist Art Spiegelman offers this over-sized graphic novel that follows both his own and the country's experiences after September 11. This is a can't miss with fans of non-fiction graphic novels, and 14 inches x 9 inches, this book is an impressive gift for a relatively low price. Pair with The Complete Persepolis for free shipping.

* Wanted
This acclaimed comic about the super-villain side of superheroics was also a film with Angelina Jolie this past summer. For a comics fan interested in rich characterization who primarily reads DC or Marvel, this might be a worthwhile diversion. Pair with Watchmen for free shipping.

* Watchmen
Buzz for the new Watchmen movie is already in high gear, but you don't have to spend a fortune to share this story with your favorite comics fan. A 400+ page paperback collection is still available for just over ten dollars. Pair with The Joker for some gritty fun, and include the Nutcracker stickers for free shipping.

* Ultimate Iron Man Volume 1
Fans of this year's Iron Man movie will appreciate science-fiction legend Orson Scott Card's alternate take on the origins of Iron Man. This is another impressive hardcover for a low price. Pair with Sandman or Wanted for free shipping.

* Wolverine: Blood and Sorrow
This self-contained collection of Wolverine stories is an inexpensive comics gift you can give to your favorite X-Men fan, and they won't have to buy twelve other comics in order to understand it. Pair with Ultimate Iron Man Volume 1 for free shipping.

* Indiana Jones Omnibus, Vol. 1
This over 300-page volume is perfectly timed for a fan of the Indiana Jones movies, or someone who just started enjoying them this year with Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Pair with the Artemis Fowl Promotional Edition (see below) for free shipping.

* Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
With the new Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon and rumors of a live-action series on the way, there's growing buzz about Star Wars again. This graphic novel ties in with a new video game by the same name, and might be just the thing for the gamer on your list. Pair with Batman: Hush Vol. 1, and include include the Trolls, Elves, and Fairies coloring book (see below) for free shipping.

And to bring your order just over $25 for free shipping, include ...

* Artemis Fowl Promotional Edition
This cheap introduction into the world of Artemis Fowl clocks in at over 300 pages, making it an excellent value this holiday season. Buy this for your favorite young reader, or get free shipping and donate this to your local library.

* Nutcracker stickers
Nothing says Christmas like The Nutcracker, and these stickers are cheap enough to put your order over the top to help you get free shipping. A great stocking stuffer for the child in your life, or buy them for the free shipping and give them to a needy family in your community.

* Trolls, Elves, and Fairies coloring book
Another cheap alternative to help you reach free shipping. This is a fun relaxation gift for the fantasy fan in your life, or buy this for the free shipping and then give to Goodwill.

Have a great (and not too costly) holiday season!

(Lots of bloggers, by the way, have Amazon links like the ones above, and when you buy anything after clicking on these links, that blogger gets a few cents. This holiday season, if you're buying gifts through Amazon, consider clicking on someone's link before you buy; I know I will. There are lots of hard-working bloggers out there, and this is a great, easy way to support them.)

Comments ( 4 )

  1. I love Maus as much as the next guy, but I'm going to have seriously question In the Shadow of No Towers as a good gift choice - I don't agree with it being a masterpiece by any means. Persepolis is definitely a better choice.

    Wolverine: Blood and Sorrow is a decent book, as well, good catch there.

  2. Way a head of ya, CEB. I'm handing out a copy of Watchmen to my three brothers-in-law and an extra one for the Secret Santa Family Grab Bag.

  3. Maus vs. In the Shadow of Two Tours ... I agree that Maus is better, a tour de force really, though I thought Shadow was worth a mention. I'll try to post a review for it not too long from now.

    What struck me, in a "forget the holiday spirit, I just want to give good gifts" way, is how impressive In the Shadow of Two Towers looks as a gift, big as it is, for such little money. Shadows and Persepolis isn't the cheeriest gift someone could give, but it's a good package for your on-the-fence graphics novel reader.

    Any other gift suggestions?

  4. I'd go with Love and Rockets, especially ever since they started collecting the old series in the much fatter volumes.


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