Final Crisis Relevations, Legion of Three Worlds, Batman: Hush Omnibus solicited


Here's another bunch of collections coming from DC Comics, now in to Summer 2009. Highlights include some Final Crisis crossovers, and the first ever complete Batman: Hush paperback.

Final Crisis

* Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds HC - Hardcover edition of the Geoff Johns/George Perez Final Crisis/Legion crossover.

* Final Crisis: Revelations HC - Hardcover edition of Greg Rucka's Question/Batwoman/Spectre Final Crisis crossover.

New and Notable

* Batman: Hush Omnibus - A paperback edition containing both volumes of Batman: Hush. The first time Hush has been available in one paperback volume; we wonder if DC's finding that releasing books as "volume one" and "volume two" results in fewer sales on the second volume.

* Showcase Presents: Eclipso - Contains stories by Bob Haney, so these are older Eclipso stories. We're still holding out for a collection of the 1990s Keith Giffen series.

* Brave and the Bold Vol. 4 - The next collection of Brave and the Bold with stories by Marv Wolfman. Note that this series goes to paperback, at least according to the solicitations, with this volume.

Series Editions

* Superman: New Krypton Vol. 2 - The next New Krypton volume has stories by Geoff Johns, James Robinson, and Sterling Gates, which means this includes the newest Supergirl relaunch, too.

* Trinity Vol. 2

* Reign in Hell

* Teen Titans: Roll Call

* Secret Six: Unhinged - The first volume of the new Secret Six series.

* Metal Men SC - We've been wondering if DC was letting their Metal Man relaunch fall by the wayside, or if we'd ever see this volume in softcover. Here's your answer.

If we're not mistaken, this now covers all the Final Crisis crossovers (if you figure the one- and two-shots will be in the Final Crisis Companion). Which book are you most looking forward to?

Comments ( 5 )

  1. Have you mentioned the Absolute V For Vendetta elsewhere on the blog? If not, it is also solicited (at least according to Amazon) for August 09.

  2. I saw that, and sorry I neglected to mention it. Strange timing with this one, no? You'd think they would have released it around the time of the movie.

  3. Definitely looking forward to FC: Revelations.

    Do we know if/when there'll be a second Gotham Central HC?

    Sorry, I'd check myself, but my local shop closed and I don't know where else to look.

  4. No word on a second Gotham Central HC so far, Max, sorry. I'm eager to see whether these'll reprint some of the issues left out of the paperbacks.

    Bummer on Rucka's final Checkmate issues not being collected in the last Checkmate trade, no?

  5. Yeah, no kidding. I was sorta counting on those being collected and maybe DC sticking FC: Resist in the Revelations collection. Guess not.

    No local shop, but I guess Amazon does carry single issues...hmm.


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