Heroes of the DC Universe Puzzle - Part One


Colder weather means it's time to break out a puzzle ...

Things I've learned so far from the Heroes of the DC Universe puzzle:
1) Plastic Man is really annoying; he's hard to find, and he gets into everything.
2) Wonder Woman's cleavage never ceases to make a mess of things.
3) It's almost as if Batman isn't there at all!
4) Aquaman's hair looks frighteningly like Supergirl's.

Updates to come ...

(* Anyone have an image of what this puzzle is supposed to look like? I couldn't find one online ...)

Comments ( 3 )

  1. I bought that puzzle in 1998. I've put it together a few times. Good stuff.

  2. Who's the art by?

    I have the Silver Age Marvel Comics Covers Puzzle. I even framed it and hanged it in my son's room.

  3. Haven't found the piece with the signature yet :) but I think it's Dan Jurgens or Jerry Ordway. Maybe Jurgens, because it's got Jurgens's Teen Titans on it.


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