Official Final Crisis hardcover details revealed


Newsarama's got confirmation from Mega Con on the story you originally heard at the Collected Editions blog, that the Final Crisis hardcover will indeed now contain the seven-issue miniseries, plus Superman Beyond #1-2 and Final Crisis: Submit. The Final Crisis Companion, originally supposed to include Superman Beyond and Submit, will have the Final Crisis #1 Director's Cut and Final Crisis Secret Files, along with Final Crisis: Requiem and Final Crisis: Resist.

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In other Mega Con news, Dan DiDio and Vince Letterio (Direct Sales) downplayed the possibility of a Young Justice trade paperback right now, though the recent upswing in requests for this makes Collected Editions think it's not too far away ...

So the real question is, with the change in the Final Crisis hardcover's contents, will current orders be cancelled, and will be book be resolicited with a new price?

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  1. Amazon has it for $29.99. For 350 pages? I'll take that.

  2. I have Final Crisis in my Amazon pre-order, and so far, it's holding at $16.49 (discount based on the old $24.99) price. We'll see if they honor my preorder price.

    The FC companion is still the same price, though. It's showing up on Amazon as 200 pages, though.

    Where is DC Universe: Last will and testament being collected? Maybe the next Outsiders trade?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Didn't think about DC Universe: Last Will and Testament! Fortunately I bought a copy on the cheap, but yeah, it is disappointing it's not there any more.


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