ComicsPRO says Absolute Green Lantern Rebirth in 2010


The title says it all. According to Matt Price blogging from the ComicsPro meeting going on right now in Memphis, TN, Bob Wayne says there's an Absolute Green Lantern Rebirth coming up in 2010.

I've mixed emotions about this. On one hand, I'd really like to own it; I think it's just going to look cool. But is it necessary? Does it oversaturate the market? Does it now set a precedent for Flash: Rebirth to have an Absolute edition, too? Final Crisis? Does it make the Absolute format less special?

I knew, for instance, that Justice would come out in an Absolute edition, so I didn't buy the original hardcovers or paperbacks. Doing the same thing with All-Star Superman, because I know an Absolute edition is on its way. Both of those are, in their own ways, big self-contained events, worthy of an Absolute edition. So is Batman: Hush and Superman for Tomorrow, I think, even though they're in continuity.

But Green Lantern: Rebirth, now in Absolute edition, six years later? I don't know ... it doesn't quite sit right with me.

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  1. I agree to an extent, but at the same time, I can see some of the logic. It was a huge series done by a big name creator and a big name artist, where the art is just as important as the story (due to the intricate level of detail).

    Furthermore, it's probably the biggest Green Lantern story of recent times, and it makes a certain amount of sense, at least to me, to offer at least one Absolute collection for each major character, assuming that worthwhile stories are available.

    Moving on from that, it's also one of the few recent stories that instantly became a must-read for a character or franchise. Very rarely does that happen.

    Personally, I probably won't buy it, at least anytime soon--I own the hardcover, and I'm attempting to catch up on some of the Absolute editions I missed, so something like this isn't a priority for me. But I know people that would love to buy it.

  2. Why would Hush or Superman: For Tomorrow be more worthy of Absolute treatment than GL: Rebirth?

  3. Well, dumb question; I see what your reasoning was. But I guess I meant why did they feel more "epic" or "event-like"? Do you think either of those stories was better than GL: Rebirth?

  4. I kinda see the logic behind Absolute-ing Rebirth, especially with the renewed popularity of the Green Lantern franchise, and Blackest Night just around the corner.

    But... Rebirth? Really? I liked it just fine, but I don't recall hearing any demands to see it oversized or anything. And I'm not sure if Ethan Van Sciver's art would hold up all that well in an oversized format; he draws pretty pictures, but his anatomy's pretty screwy.

    Strictly, strictly for the hardcore fans, no doubt.

  5. Today was the day Ethan Van Sciver joined a select group of artists (Jim Lee and Alex Ross, namely) who can get their work published in $100 editions, no matter how mediocre the accompanying writing may be.

    So anyway, when's Absolute ASSman coming out, Bob Wayne?

  6. So far, the only Absolute I have purchased is the World's Greatest Super-Heroes, simply because it is the only collected edition of these stories. Honestly I find these books unwieldy and not particularily practical. As long as I can get the regular hardcover or tpb I'm good with it. Already own Rebirth in trade format, no need for an additional copy.

  7. Although your critera for collection is sensible - that the story be a self-contained event - it likely does not match up to DC's critera. Which begins with, what sold really well that has a fairly high pedigree of story, writer and artist?

    With that criteria, Rebirth is a no-brainer. It's 'the' Green Lantern story. Beyond that, it's also a good story, with interesting art (especially the coloring) worthy of the oversized pages.

    And there will likely be a wealth of extras. Rebirth is littered with subtle touches and easter eggs. I imagine the Absolute will include the 7 page retrospective Johns and Van Sciver did, where they revealed all the little symbols, homages and hints in the story.

    Though all that sounds cool, I'm not really all that into Absolutes. I've bought 3, and kept just one: Absolute DC: The New Frontier.

  8. For Absolute Green Lantern: Rebirth, I understand the advertising reasons: it is the Green Lantern story of the recent era, it will be just after a major Green Lantern DVD movie ... but like Jeffrey says, this one seems to me forced.

    I like Ethan Van Sciver's art (not sold on him on Flash), but I don't necessarily equate him with Darwyn Cooke or Jim Lee, especially not in oversized format. And Rebirth was the Green Lantern story, but it's been so superceded since then by Sinestro Corps War, and now Blackest Night ... it's a story, but it's not a historical event like we have to admit Hush was, something comicsdom just hadn't seen before.

    In truth, I actually think Absolute Rebirth is a good thing for the wait-for-trade cause; I'm just having trouble getting personally excited about it.

    Now Absolute All-Star Superman, on the other hand ...

  9. I so agree with Paul DeBenedetto...Hust and For Tomorrow got treatments (and let's face it, where would they REALLY fall in line for Superman / Batman treatments that deserve "Absolute Editions"?)

    Did you really hear "Critial Acclaim" for EITHER of those two?

    And Hey, I loved Rebirth, LOVED it. And would love to see it oversized...and next to "Sinestro Crops War" is THE Green Lantern story...ever! (well, let's see what Blackest Night Does)...anyway, I'm onboard and know about 15 other buddies that are going to be buying as well....

  10. Is it even long enough to warrant the Absolute treatment?

    Its only 6 issues long...

  11. Only six issues ... you know, I didn't even think of that. That's a great point. Is it long enough?

  12. Well, New Frontier was only six issues. But I don't really think that length should be a pre-requisite for an Absolute edition; the work should stand on it's own. Let's call a spade a spade: Hush was just ok and and For Tomorrow was a bad book. Now I'm in no way saying Rebirth was as good as Watchmen or New Frontier but as a mainstream superhero tale it was arguably flawless. If we're going to critique comics as a whole it can't just be Promethea, Ronin, and the Authority that are deserving of Absolute editions. Comics encompass a plethora of genres, and in it's genre Rebirth is a modern classic. It will absolutely stand the test of time. Now if you argue against that, fair enough; it's only my opinion. But I'd gather it's the opinion of a lot of people, no? It can't be so outrageous that this book deserves an Absolute edition. I'd say, as far as capes, it outdoes the aforementioned Bats and Supes books, The Long Halloween, and even the incredibly self indulgent Kingdom Come.

  13. You also have to call into question the Absolute brands credibility with the patch job that they gave "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Black Dossier". The original graphic novel had been out for less than two years and the Absolute was out.

    It came with no extras/supplements what so ever...
    Some of the stuff that should have been included was a 45 record by Alan Moore that had been talked about being included for years...
    So in essence, people paid 100 bucks to get an oversized copy of a source book... Brilliant...

  14. "Well, New Frontier was only six issues."

    Yeah, but each New Frontier issue was 50+ pages

    Green Lantern Rebirth were standard length comics

  15. I can't speak to that one way or another, since I have both in trade, but the jist of my point still absolutely stands.

  16. How about reprinting New Frontier and Planetary and other older Absolutes so I can actually buy them this time around?

    I'd much prefer that over a Rebirth version, which was just a dirty retcon story that did the best it could to reset the status quo of the GL titles and hardly the pinnacle of DC storytelling or deserving of an Absolute.

    However, if it paves the way for some kind of Sinestro Corps War oversized omnibus/absolute set, it'll be worth it.

  17. Rebirth was fun, but calling it a "modern classic" is stretching it. Kingdom Come I believe continues to sell well for DC, which at least has that going for it. I doubt Rebirth is selling all that well in DC's backlist.

    As for the length, I remember that each Rebirth issue was extra-sized, though probably not on the scale of New Frontier's issues. Even with extras I can't imagine it being priced higher than, say, 50 bucks. (The same price as Absolute Hush.)

  18. In the light of day, while I don't agree with Paul completely, the statement "as a mainstream superhero tale it was arguably flawless" is fairly convincing. Again, ultimately I think Absolute Rebirth is good for the "trade cause" overall.

    But I love the plethora of opinions here; thanks all for your comments.

    Now it must be asked, given Absolute Rebirth, what else, uncollected in Absolute format, would you want to see as an Absoloute?

  19. If they throw in Sinestro Corps War and Recharge in there, would it warrant a Absolute then?

    Alone I think "HELL NO", but with SCW, it looks a lot better. And even then, I'd rather have some more time to go by before announcing something like this...They must be really happy with Blackest Night, and plan on milking Lantern fans for all their worth.

  20. If they are going to do GL: Rebirth, I don't see why they wouldn't just go and do BOTH Green Lantern AND Flash Rebirth...all in one Set. Hell, you could have one book be Green, one Red...and have each one collect each story...kinda like the JLA / Avengers Set with Two books....

    I would love to see Sinestro Corps collected...(this time in the right order...I never understood why they put all the one-shots in one book and not with the flow of the story...i.e. the "Superboy" one-shot)....

    And I would think John Bryne's Superman would get it one of these days...more so than "For Tomorrow"...

  21. I don't know about Sinestro Corps War... some of the fill-ins for the GLC chapters don't look good in their current format, never mind an oversized one.

    What I'd like to see, other than Absolute All-Star Superman, which I think is a given at this stage... is Absolute Seaguy, collecting all three books once they're done. You can't tell me that won't be awesome.

  22. collectededitions said - "And Rebirth was the Green Lantern story, but it's been so superceded since then by Sinestro Corps War, and now Blackest Night"

    I'm not sure Sinestro Corps is a better story. It's certainly a bigger, though. Whereas Rebirth is - easily - the best-selling GL comic of the past 15+ years. And it's fully illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver, one of DC's biggest artists. I believe the collected versions have sold very well as well, much better than Johns' succeeding volumes.

    Besides, I'm guessing the Rebirth Absolute will pave the way for more Johns/GL Absolutes: Rebirth leads to Absolute Sinestro Corps then Absolute Blackest Night.

  23. Look, I love the absolute format, but there's no way I'm paying $50 or more for 150 pages of content. I just can't support that. I'd buy an Absolute Sinestro Corps War, though.

  24. If we were going to see Absolute Editions of something current, I'd much rather have an Absolute Edition of Geoff Johns and Gary Franks Superman run

  25. I don't think you will see current "Runs" come out in Absolute Editions...they usually don't do that (unless it's a self-contained "run" like Sandman)...but depending on how good the Orgin story is by Johns and Frank, that may be one.

    I have to wonder if we start seeing stuff my Geoff Johns because he is asking DC to put some of his work in Absolute Format. For as much work (and GOOD work) as he has done for DC over the past years, I think he very much deserves it. I mean, let's face it, he stuff storywise is leaps and bounds better than Superman: For Tomorrow or even Batman: Hust...IMO...

  26. Absolute Superman: Secret Origin or Absolute Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes sound like good ideas to me. It's interesting how much support there is for an Absolute Sinesto Corps War; given how big that was with the fandom, I wonder if it's a possibility.

  27. I wish they would do the Absolute editions first rather than last.... I've usually already got them before they are announced....

  28. I think many of their decisions for Absolutes are about the big names, Miller, Gaiman, and of course Moore -- rather than what books would be enriched with the Absolute treatment.

    Ronin and S:FT seemed to me as poor choices. The Absolute Death seems like insufficient material to make a $100 Absolute out of (seriously, what happened to the $50 and $75 Absolutes?) and it sounds like Absolute Black Dossier was a mess.

    I don't think Rebirth would be a bad choice, though I would likely not buy it.

    SCW seems like a good choice as the detail of the art would stand out in that format.

    I would prefer to see:

    *Absolute Planetary Vol 2 (which might happen!)

    *Absolute Top Ten

    *the aforementioned All Star Superman

  29. I wouldn't be surprised if they threw in the Green Lantern Corps: Recharge into the book, too.

    As for other possible Absolutes:

    Mark Waid's The Return of Barry Allen?

    Maybe Hellblazer?

  30. lol I just read Rebirth last night. I didn't realize it was that old! Great story, but I'm fine with the regular edition.

  31. I'm mid-way through Batman: RIP, and what I'd like to see are more deluxe editions of main series. At least if the book is oversized (but not to the Absolute level), I feel I'm getting more for my hardcover money. Deluxe Green Lantern: Rebirth would have suited me just fine.

  32. It's been suggested that GL: Rebirth is coming out in late 2010 to capitalize on the live-action Green Lantern film scheduled to be released then.

    The film has been pushed back 6 months to June 2011 though. Interesting to see if the Absolute Rebirth will be rescheduled accordingly.

  33. I don't think there is any difference between a modern Batman story and a classic Sherlock Holmes story. And when I hold a heavy Absolute Edition in my hands, with a sleek slipcase and ribbon book mark I feel like comics have finally attained a smidgen of the respect they deserve. I don't want my comics in a comic box...I want them on my self.


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