Odds and Ends for 7-1-09

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And we're back!

A big round of applause to Scott Cederlund, Adam Noble, Angela Paman, Erika Peterman, Bob Schoonover, and Kelson Vibber all for contributing guest reviews this past month. You're welcome any time! I love the different perspective that all of them brought to the blog, and we'll have more guest reviews coming up interspersed with the regular fare.

Collected Editions is back in full force starting tomorrow with reviews of Justice Society of America: Thy Kingdom Come volumes two and three. Coming up we've got Superman, Legion of Super-Heroes ... and the much-anticipated Collected Editions review of Final Crisis! We're also looking forward to some new features and a major update to the DC Trade Paperback Timeline, so don't go anywhere!

We love writing Collected Editions and we appreciate everyone who reads it. Stay tuned ... great things to come!

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  1. Ditto on the guest reviews; I actually enjoyed every one of them. Fantastic reads.


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