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* We'll borrow a note from our friend Chris Marshall at the Collected Comics Library because Chris will be gracing us with a guest review here tomorrow. Don't miss it!

* A much-belated note that The Weekly Crisis celebrated it's two year anniversary this week. I know I was thrilled a few months ago when their detailed Multiversity post received well-deserved notice from the New York Times. I meant to mention this while Kirk and company were still giving away some fantastic prizes, but nonetheless you should stop by and sample their blog if you're not already a reader.

* Which brings me to my next point, an admission: when I was installing the new Collected Editions template this summer, I accidentally blew away my blogroll, and I don't entirely remember everything that was on there. I've already added back a bunch of websites, but I know I'm missing some.

So to repopulate my blogroll and in the spirit of general comics blog good-naturedness, let me ask any interested parties to mention the name and URL of someone else's blog that you think should be on the blogroll (though I guess I won't know if you pitch your own anonymously), and eventually I'll collect them all and add them to the blogroll. That way we can spread the love and let everyone know about all the hard-working comics bloggers out there.

Aw, heck, plug your own site too if you want.


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  1. Um, Rachelle and Co. @ Living Between Wednesdays, half of my Big Two with Weekly Crisis. I think they're both Canadians, too.

  2. I would check out Betwen the Panels. They do a comic book podcast, but are planning on adding content to the blog in the future.


    Both are pretty good blogs.

  4. Fantastic suggestions all - thanks very much. Don't hesitate to add more to this list anytime.


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