DC solicits deluxe Legion of Super-Heroes: Great Darkness Saga hardcover


Ever since DC Comics announced online the balance of their 2010 trade paperback solicitations, the collections have rolled out online mostly according to plan. Collected Editions reader Chris Hilker caught one previously unannounced, however, and it's a doozy: a deluxe oversized edition of Legion of Super-heroes: The Great Darkness Saga.

A hardcover Great Darkness isn't a great suprise, given that the original book is out of print, that Levitz is about to begin a new run on Legion, and that DC already announced a new Legion of Super-Heroes: Prologue to Darkness paperback that leads in to Great Darkness. What is a surprise is the deluxe format, which makes the hardcover a bit bigger and, in my opinion, adds some extra value for the reader even if they already own an old, dog-eared copy of Darkness.

Great Darkness always makes me think of Teen Titans: Judas Contract, maybe because both are classic 1980s lynchpins of a true understanding of the DC Universe. Which makes me wonder: with a deluxe Great Darkness coming out, and also New Titans: Games, can a deluxe hardcover Judas Contract be too far behind?

UPDATE: Julia of Confessions of a Retconned Fangirl (@mizelle) notes that Prologue to Darkess seems to have disappeared from online. Maybe DC thought a Great Darkness hardcover would sell better, or maybe the deluxe edition contains the Prologue issues, too (at an announced 416 pages, the deluxe edition is about twice the size of the original Great Darkness trade paperback)?

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  1. huh, it's a shame cause I really wanted that prologue paperback to match my regular darkness pb on the shelf.

    maybe the paperback will come out after?

  2. At 416 pages it's almost certain the "prologue" stuff will be included.

  3. No Batman Reborn review?

  4. Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn is sitting right here next to me; it's on the short list for review, not to worry.

    Offhand, anyone know how many issues we're talking about total if the deluxe Great Darkness includes both the prelude and the previously-collected story?

  5. 416 / 20 would equal 20 issues approximately - I'm thinking we'll see at least one annual collected in this edition.

  6. I hate this HC thing,coz it's just a Levitz material explosion.....this is one guy whose material on Legion hasn't been collected in a decent manner...like,THE GREAT DARKNESS is somewhat after around 10 issues of his run,the next trade being EYE FOR AN EYE, reprinting the first 6 issues from the Baxter format book. The next trade THE MORE THINGS CHANGE, is printed (according to me) only because there's a team of Legionnaires trapped in Limbo by the LSV at the end of the EYE FOR AN EYE. It does contain a classic Levitz story though (or that's what they solicit,at least), featuring a return to the original crooks who were responsible for the teaming up of the original three legionnaires & creating the LSH. I have it in single isssue format
    I'd like to see your take on the Legion's Levitz & the short lived Reboot THE LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES:THE BEGINNING OF TOMORROW


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