Announcing the Collected Editions Flash week!


Starting Monday ... it's Flash week on Collected Editions!

Join us for not one, not two, but four five Flash-centered reviews in a row this coming week on Collected Editions -- including a review two reviews by Kelson Vibber from the fantastic Flash blog Speed Force -- all culminating with the Collected Editions review of Flash: Rebirth!

Lightning strikes four five times on Collected Editions this week -- don't miss it!

UPDATE: In case you missed it ...

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  1. Awesome! Woot!

  2. That's great! Flash and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) are my two favourite heroes. I have Rebirth (I gave in and bought it in singles), but I haven't read it yet because I was waiting until I read Final Crisis first (which JUST came out in softcover); I'm really interested in hearing how people feel about Barry's return, considering that most of us probably grew up with Wally.

  3. At first I wasn't too into Barry's return. I started reading the Flash (wally West) in trades earlier this year and I enjoyed them. The only Barry Allen I've read was COIE.

    I too bought rebirth to know more about Barry and initially I was not into Barry that much. I wanted to see Wally. i was also a little confused with the whole speed force stuff; i never read Waid's run but, I hear he established a lot of the speed force mythos. Wish DC would re-release those. I also wasn't too fond of all the bolts of lighting.

    When I read it again, after reading more into the speed force and forums, I liked it more and when I picked up the secret files issue, I was happy to see barry back. That issue was a lot of fun. I look foward to picking up the trades.

    But I think Wally will be my Flash because that's who I started with. I hope DC doesn't ignore him or kill him.

  4. I wonder if we will ever see The Flash: The Wild Wests in paperback?

  5. I gave up on waiting for The Wild Wests to come out in softcover so I picked up the single issues from Mile High Comics. I figured since they've moved onto Barry it's unlikely they're going to give The Wild Wests the softcover treatment.

    Is the Waid run out of print? In the last year I've bought Born To Run, Return of Barry Allen, Terminal Velocity, and Impulse: Reckless Youth; the local comic stores also have Dead Heat and Race Against Time (both of which I plan on getting at some point); I'm pretty sure that's all the Waid Flash trades? I thought it was only half of the Johns trades that were out of print! Fortunately I was able to track most of them down; it seems only Crossfire and Blitz can't be gotten, and as I mentioned in another posting, the individual issues from Mile High Comics are quite pricey (Something like $70 for the issues that comprise Blitz, and a bit cheaper for Crossfire).

    I'm looking forward to the Rebirth review (and actually reading it as well!), although I heard it wasn't nearly as well liked as Green Lantern: Rebirth.

  6. How about a little love for Jay!

  7. I like Jay too. I have Johns' JSA run and I've grown to really appreciate the golden age characters.

  8. I'm really looking forward to collecting Johns' new run in hardcover - though I wish they'd rerelease some of his back catalog to complement it.

    Am I the only person holding out for an Absolute Rebirth, like I did with Green Lantern? A Flash movie can't be too far away, and my guess is that that'll be what they repackage.

  9. I'm looking forward to it. I have a shelf dedicated to Flash books. Kelson always has something interesting to say also.

  10. An Absolute Flash: Rebirth would set a precedent, I think, for all Rebirths to get the Absolute treatment; with Green Lantern, it's a coincidence, but with Green Lantern and Flash, it'd be a series.

    I won't get too detailed on Flash: Rebirth for now (got to save something for Friday), but I do think a deluxe run of Waid and then Johns Flash stories would be dynamite.

    The Waid hardcovers wouldn't have to collect anything that's not already collected, except maybe "Chain Lightning"; and then the Johns hardcovers would get all the collected stories plus DC First: Superman Vs. Flash, Flash: Our Worlds at War, Iron Heights, and etc. Having read the Johns run more recently, personally I'd be more excited about a Waid collection.

  11. Finally scored a copy of Flash: Crossfire from UK Geoff Johns Flash run is now complete

  12. Iron Heights was collected in the 2nd print run of Blood Will Run:

    Jason do you mind if I ask how much you paid for Crossfire? Amazon says 3rd party sellers have it for $72.99US new.

  13. I picked up Crossfire from uk seller on eBay for $35 AUS delivered. An absolute bargain.

    Seller ultimate_comic_dreams has a copy of Crossfire for sale on ebay right now at $44.99 if your quick...Like new with free USPS Shipping in US

  14. Have a question...

    I remember back in the early 90s that in the Flash comics a book from the future was found written by Iris West this book supposed to be the same as Mark Waids "Life Story of the Flash"?

    If anyone can remember please let me know

  15. The mysterious book in 1994(ish)'s Return of Barry Allen is indeed 1999(ish)'s Life Story of the Flash prose/comics graphic novel. Waid talked about it for a long time, and then it finally came out.

    The book actually ties in to one of Waid's final Flash storylines, Chain Lightning; not the best of Waid's Flash work, but notable for all the time- and dimension-separated Flashes that appear in the story.

    Life Story of the Flash is a recent addition to the DC Trade Paperback Timeline.

  16. $45 for $12 shipping to Canada. Very tempting, I'll have to think about it.

    He's got Blitz for $99.99! Man, why would a paperback collection be considered more rare (and thus pricier) than the issues that it collects?

  17. 'Cause trade paperbacks are just spiffier, Mark! :)


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