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Next week, Collected Editions goes live -- yes, LIVE -- for the release of Superman: Earth One!

In November, the Collected Editions blog will hand over the microphone to a great group of writers for our mostly-annual Guest Review Month. But before that happens, we'll end the month with a bang with the first-ever Collected Editions live event!

To celebrate the release of DC Comics's new line of Earth One original graphic novels, Collected Editions will host a live Superman: Earth One reading event on October 27, 2010, the day the book arrives in stores. Drop by the site at 8:00 pm Eastern when I'll start reading Superman: Earth One and posting my thoughts as I read. It's all brought to you through a special live interface -- no reloading necessary.

And of course, comments will be welcome! Come read along with Collected Editions and add your thoughts as we go.

Then, the next day, visit the site again for the official Collected Editions Superman: Earth One review. It'll be our grand finale before we usher in a great group of guest reviewers for your reading pleasure.

The Collected Editions two-day Superman: Earth One event begins with the live Superman: Earth One reading on October 27 at 8:00 pm Eastern -- share, retweet, tell your friends, and don't miss it!

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  1. Wow. I was on the fence about this one, especially in light of the trashy reviews Straczynski's stuff has been getting, but this might just push me to get it. (I'm more excited about Batman: Earth One, if that's ever happening.)

  2. At least if it turns out the book is a bust, we'll all experience it together. Of course, there's no requirement for buying the book to tune in to the live event -- everyone is welcome.

  3. Cool!

    Thats 01:00am Thursday for people in the UK.... I just thought I'd have read it by then, but went on to realise it won't land here in the UK comic book shops till thursday morning!

    I'm still very much looking forward to walking into a CBS and buying this on release day then reading it straight away! Even if it is a day after your lot will get it :)

  4. Yeah; I tried to pick a "common" time and zone that might appeal to a bunch of readers, but I know the Collected Editions readership is international and some readers might be asleep, otherwise occupied, or won't have their books yet!

    Again, you're welcome to stop by (if you're awake) even if you haven't read the book; spoilers may abound, but it'll be nice to have everyone together in a live-type setting.

  5. I'm also more interested in the Geoff Johns-written Batman: Earth One. But I've never been a big Superman fan anyway. HOWEVER, if your review is glowing enough, I may consider picking it up!

    I will say again though, that I for one have enjoyed JMS' writing on Brave & the Bold. I haven't read any of his other work.

  6. You still need a guest reviewer, man? If you've got a slot, I've got a trade I could review. If it's too late, that's fine.

    Look forward to hearing how Earth One is.

  7. The more the merrier on guest reviews -- if there's too many ultimately for next month, I can always work a guest review into the regular schedule as I go. How about send me an email at the Yahoo account and we'll discuss further?

    One week till the Collected Editions live event!

  8. Whoa. This is the first review I read and it's not very positive:

    Now I'm wondering if I should still buy it... :-/

  9. I heard rumblings of that negative IGN review, though knowing I'm going to purchase Superman: Earth One anyway for the "moment in the history of long-form comics" value if nothing else, I'm going to hold off reading IGN's take until after I've gone into the book fresh on my own.

    I daresay there's plenty of precedence for reviews of books, comics, movies in advance of their release, and of course the chance a media company takes in offering something for advance review is that the review could be negative -- but at the same time giving a book a big thumbs down a week before it even arrives in stores would give me some pause. Again, I haven't read the review; it could be entirely fair, and IGN has enough of a reputation to do what it wants.

  10. I take a lot of the reviews at IGN with a grain of salt. There's been enough questionable reviews in the past - recent past, even - that it's sometimes tough to really put stock in their reviews. But I will say that I put more stock in the comic guys than any other section of the site; they seem to know what they're talking about more often than not.

    Superman: Earth One will be interesting in more ways than one, at least. The creators seem free to cut loose with them and do what they want with these. So will this follow the pattern as the last time DC tried this? Last time around we got All Star Superman out of the deal - widely regarded a modern classic - and All Star Batman & Robin, which is as reviled as it is loved.


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