Guest Review Month 2010 prize drawing and thanks

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A gigantic Collected Editions blog thank you to our 2010 guest month reviewers: Azn Badger, Andrew Belcastro, Paul Hicks, Aalok Joshi, Zach King, Damien Lockrow, Chris Marshall, Adam Noble, Kevin Pasquino, Tom Speelman, Tim, and Todd Wagener.

Due to the overwhelmingly wonderful response we received to the call for guest reviewers, some of these reviews you saw this past month, and some will be coming at you over the next few weeks and early next year. Great job everyone, and much thanks.

You can read a wide variety of Collected Editions guest reviews by following the "guest review" post tag.

As I mentioned in the Guest Review Month 2010 introductory post, this year's special event was sponsored by Simon & Schuster's new Pulp History series of illustrated books. Devil Dog and Shadow Knights are both in stores now, and as a thank you to the guest reviewers, Simon & Schuster is sending copies of each book to one lucky reviewer, drawn at random.

And the winner is .... (drumroll, please) ... Andrew Belcastro! Congratulations Andrew -- your books will be on their way.

Thanks again to all our guest reviewers. Coming up on Thursday, a first for Collected Editions as part of our fifth year celebration. Don't miss it!
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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to be big time bloggers! I'm off to hang with my groupies.

  2. Appreciate you letting me submit one even though I'd missed the chance to get in the guest month proper by a country mile.

    Though, honestly, mine's probably not going to be anywhere near as good as many of the others. There were some pretty good reviews this year. Wish "Kill Your Boyfriend" was easier to find, as the review only made me want it more.

  3. InStockTrades seems to have a copy of KYB available.

    I buy from them a lot. They're a pretty good sit and they usually have Amazon beat by a few bucks, sometimes more. They usually tend to have hard to find trades sometimes too. And there packaging is second to none. I can take one of my orders and toss it across the street and it would still be fine.