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Rich Johnston had yesterday's big scoop on Bleeding Cool, that rumor has it due to retailer pressure DC Comics will release the Flashpoint hardcover in October.

The release time is actually not all that monumental in comparison to Blackest Night. That series ended in May 2010, and the collections came out in July; Flashpoint will end in August, and the collection may be out in October. With Blackest Night, however, we knew about DC's collection plans the previous November, while here we are staring down the end of Flashpoint with no official word, and speculation has been that it could be into next year before the Flashpoint collections emerge. Seeing this in October -- with, hopefully, the other miniseries collections alongside -- would be a fantastic development.

Flashpoint's main lead-in trade Flash: The Road to Flashpoint is scheduled for the end of October. DC has been generally good about releasing these books in order, so potentially that last week in October might be where we should look for the main Flashpoint collection to emerge.

At random, I also thought it was interesting that Rich had some scheduled DC Relaunch writers who didn't quite make it, including one "C. O. Austen" on Blackhawks. Is it ... ? Could it have been ... ? I remember well the Chuck Austen flap from a few years ago, and I'd have been very curious to see DC give the writer a second chance (albeit under a paper-thin new moniker) and the fan reaction thereof, but unfortunately it seems not to be.

That's what I've got for today. Visit Bleeding Cool for lots more great insights into the DC Relaunch, and be back here Monday for our review of the classic Time Masters miniseries, before we cover the Flashpoint-connected Time Masters: Vanishing Point trade later in the week. See you then!

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  1. This is great news. Now if DC can close the gap to 2 months from comic to trade on all the ongoing series', then happy days!

  2. I wonder if there will be a general move to rush many pre-Flashpoint collections out the door so that DC has a clear slate for the new 52 collections in 2nd qtr 2012.

  3. You know what, I added Chuck Austen on Facebook, because I loved his Marvel work on X-Men....look, irrespective of whatever flak he got, Marvel has preserved all his work - it's just not in print. In the movies, there is Azazel who is Nightcrawler's daddy,Polaris being Magneto's daughter among others. And there he said (as late as June 22) that he had been doing non comic work, majority on TV and that he didn't expect to do any work on DC/Marvel characters soon.

    Check out this article on Azazel returning to the movie.

    Of course, I'm all for Austen returning, I think the first volume of his run on X-Men was the best I've ever seen, considering I've followed X-Men religiously from Lee & Thomas through Drake, Claremont,Lobdell, Davis, Morrison, Carey, Brubaker & Fraction, I think that's the highest praise that can come from someone like me.

  4. I really think both Marvel and DC should close the gap for their collections - Marvel are much better than DC already at this, but time and time again you anticipate a collection for song long, by the time it arrives alot of a the buzz has worn off.

    Thats why for flashpoint i have been reading the single issues - its a great series so far in my mind with plenty of good tie-ins. I will for sure also want the HC and dpeending how they collect the tie ins, defintiely a few of those HCs too.

  5. I'm hearing this more and more -- despite that Flashpoint is set outside the mainstream DC Universe, despite that the tie-ins are more like origin stories, people *really* like it. I'm eager for the collection in October (hopefully).

  6. I'm way angry about the Blackest Night Hardcovers going off the presses just around when the paperbacks trickle in.

    What gives? Infinite Crisis as well as Identity Crisis are available in HC.....still. What constitutes the decision to pull a format from the presses? Can't be solely sales, as all of Johns' stuff sells, especially the Blackest Night issues.

  7. The Final Crisis HC has been out of print for a long time, too. Good thing I got mine as soon as it came out.


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