Judas Contract in hardcover with New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 2 solicitation

August 3, 2011


We've seen DC Comics 2012 trade solicitations for the Flashpoint hardcovers, for a pseudo-Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus, a bunch of massive Wildstorm collections, and the second volume of the Flash by Geoff Johns Omnibus.

What comes next is the second volume of the New Teen Titans Omnibus, notable because it could be the first hardcover release of one of DC Comics's most famous storylines, "The Judas Contract."

The first New Teen Titans Omnibus collected issues #1-16 of the New Teen Titans series, plus their debut in DC Comics Presents #26 -- that is, most of the previously released DC Archives: New Teen Titans volumes one and two (see Death of the DC Archives?").

It stands to reason that the next volume would collect issues #17-32 -- more than DC Archives: New Teen Titans volumes three and four, but not quite through the "Judas Contract" storyline, which had its prologue in New Teen Titans #28-34 (the storyline later dubbed "Terra Incognito") but is most specifically in New Teen Titans #39-44 and their third annual.

However, DC's initial solicitation for the New Teen Titans Omnibus volume two reads:
The New Teen Titans -- consisting of the sidekicks to heroes from across the DCU, including Robin, Kid Flash, Donna Troy and more--battle threats large and small and from outside and in. Betrayal comes from one of their own when it's revealed that their teammate Terra is secretly working the Titans' deadly enemy Deathstroke. [Unfortunate typo there, but no less true.]
Two possibilities:

One, that the New Teen Titans Omnibus volume two is massive, collecting issues #17-40 of New Teen Titans, over twenty issues, plus an annual. That's pretty darn well unheard of, but not impossible -- note that the Starman Omnibus volume six itself collects twenty issues.

Two, given that "Terra Incognito" has only of late been added to the "Judas Contract" canon, it might be that DC has decided to split this storyline up in the omnibus editions. Not terribly controversial, I don't think, but notable -- whereas "Judas Contract" has historically been New Teen Titans #39-44, now it's #28-44, just as DC recently expanded Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga to include earlier issues in their new deluxe collection. Alternatively, maybe the distinction of the "Judas Contract" storyline falls away completely now in our new post-trade, omnibus edition, DC Relaunch reality, and "Judas Contract" is just another aspect of the overall collected New Teen Titans story.

Either way, "Judas Contract" is certainly deserving of hardcover treatment, and it's been a long time coming from DC. Whatever form the second New Teen Titans Omnibus volume takes, the fans win.

And more ...
* Batman: Venom

Still working those movie tie-ins, we see a re-release of Dennis O'Neil's Venom storyline that later factored into Bane and Knightfall.

* Superman: The Secrets of the Fortress of Solitude

This strikes me as a weird release, what seems to be a collection of Golden Age Fortress of Solitude back-up stories, given that the Superman and Fortress features here doesn't exist any more after September. Given that some stories here are written by Jerry Siegel, maybe this is DC flexing its post-court case muscles (or otherwise paying restitution!).

* Showcase Presents: All-Star Squadron Vol. 1

I'll need a little help with this one, but I believe All-Star Squadron dovetails somewhat with Infinity Inc., making this a companion to the new line of Infinity Inc. hardcovers.

* Teen Titans: Prime of Life

My guess is this will go up to issue #100 of the series, making it the final Teen Titans collection before the DC Relaunch.

* Legion of Super-Heroes: When Evil Calls

Initial solicitations have this in paperback, and I'd say I'm disappointed; I'd rather this be in hardcover to sit beside The Choice. Chances are the next DC Relaunch volume will be in hardcover.

* Batman: No Man's Land Vol. 2

The current solicitation for this is wild, and wildly inaccurate. Take a look:
After suffering a cataclysmic earthquake, the U.S. government has deemed Gotham City uninhabitable and ordered all citizens to leave. It is now months later and those that have refused to vacate "No Man's Land" live amidst a citywide turf war in which the strongest prey on the weak.

Batman and his allies continue their fight to save Gotham during its darkest hour. Taking on a new costume and persona as Batgirl, the Huntress joins forces with Barbara Gordon, the former Batgirl, while Nightwing, the former Robin, tries to help the city's remaining citizens in any way he can. But as Batman begins to realize that he is fighting a fight he can't win, he collapses into a state of despair from which he may never recover.
A state of despair? I don't remember that from No Man's Land ...

Again, three cheers for "Judas Contract" in hardcover! What'll you be picking up?

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  1. "The Judas Contract" originally appeared in issues #42-44 and Annual #3, so if DC is reprinting 16+ issues in each Omnibus I wouldn't expect it until Omnibus Vol. 3. Instead, I imagine Vol. 2 will include issues 17-26 (or so), plus Annual #1 and the four-issue origin-story miniseries Tales of the New Teen Titans. That would leave the bulk of the Terra stories for Vol. 3, which could conclude with "TJC's" final chapter in Annual #3.

  2. Interesting. #17-26 would give us a Terra cameo appearance, but really not much on-screen time until the third omnibus. I'd have thought nothing of it, except for DC's solicitation that specifically mentions Terra and Deathstroke, though the solicitation could just as soon be jumping the gun (it's happened before).

  3. I have to say I didn't expect the legion of superheroes trade to contain both the end of the current LOSH run AND what looks like the entire legion academy adventure comics run. I'm pretty psyched for that collection. I'm also kind of glad this is in paperback, as i have yet to purchase the choice and will now probably wait for the pb now. I can't keep spending money on hardbacks!

  4. All-Star Squadron in black and white?! Nooooo! Why isn't this series getting the hardback treatment like Infinity Inc?

  5. Hate to say it, Mike, but hardcovers may be all you're spending your money on soon, at least if you want to stay current with the DC Universe. I'd be very surprised if all the initial DC Relaunch collections weren't first run in hardcover -- my guess is hardcovers are here to stay.

  6. Yeah, It's the same with any other genre of book. I don't mind buying hardcovers for say...event books. My major issue is the HC to TPB timeframe. Being 12 months for most dc books but at marvel, it's been cut down to like 6. Is there any reason why DC books take so long to transition from HC to TPB?

  7. Regarding No Man's Land, I think the guy who wrote "State of Despair" must refer to the last chapters of the story, where in retrospective, Bruce Wayne lost it in London (after the government declare Gotham No Man's Land).

    Regarding The New Teen Titans Omnibus, I think That (if Dan DiDio didn't lie, the solicitation for book 1 is incomplete. Remember the original take was a book with 464 pages?. Now the book is announced as a 684 pages omnibus. When I asked DiDio on his Facebook Page if this was a mistake, he said that they're fattening up the omnibuses. So I guess there's a few more chapters in book 1. Terra Incognito maybe?.

    I'm interesed in No Man's Land 2, New Teen Titans 2, Batman: Venom, Teen Titans: Prime of Life and LOSH

  8. I'm excited to see Judas Contract being re-released. It was one of my favorite Titans arcs. And the typo? Unfortunate, if true.

  9. Yeah, Terra sure was "working" Deathstroke. And Xavico is right about the first New Teen Titans Omnibus. At 684 pages, it could collect the series up to issue #27, right before "Terra Incognito".

  10. I mean, doesn't somebody at some point need to raise their hand and say, by the way, *this* is what's in this book? Certainly there are people out there who've ordered the New Teen Titans Omnibus, and I can't imagine they're going to be disappointed to find out they're getting a book with more issues, but every solicitation I can find says the book collects just issues #1-16.

    If it collects to issue #27, let's say, that's surprise! ten extra issues in the book. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but in what other industry can you order a book that's supposed to cover, say, this much material, and then it turns out to have almost ten percent more in it, even if every other advertisement says otherwise. Baffling, maddening -- good, but baffling.

  11. Completely agree with you, but that's DC Comics for you, mate!.

    I love the fact of getting a 684 pages book, but it makes me uneasy not to know EXACTLY what I'm buying.

  12. Andrew KolvekAugust 03, 2011

    Looking at the amazon page, it is listed as 736 pages. I know this might change, but that might cover all of those issues.

  13. Robert YoungAugust 03, 2011

    DC's accuracy regarding its trade solicits is horrible. Every iteration of upcoming books has at least a couple of obvious mistakes regarding content. It's baffling that it continues the way it does.

  14. @Andrew: What book is listed as 736 pages on Amazon?

  15. ATTENTION: Batman Incorporated Vol. 1 solicitation is going to change!!!.

    I complained to Dan DiDio regarding the volume just including the first 7 issues instead the whole 10 of them. His exact reply was "hmmmm let me check on that... doesn't sound right, and I think we changed the plan on how those issues were being collected".

    So, the guy will make one big volume with the entire run (a la Crisis of Infinite Earths) or he'll divide the run in 2 or 3 hardcovers (killing my desire to buy them).

    Let's wait and hope!.

  16. I saw your post on Dan DiDio's page and I was cheering you on, Xavier. Unfortunately, DiDio's "not sure" is a little worrisome. On one hand, it may not be his direct purview, and I don't blame him for not having the answers; on the other hand, things seem to be changing by the minute in the collections area, and while I hope the changes are for the good, these switch-ups can lead to errors (and leave the fans scratching their heads!).

  17. Now that the last two issues of Batman Incorporated have been indefinitely delayed, I have serious doubts DC will release the hardcover in December as scheduled. As we said before, the page count suggests it will collect all 10 issues instead of just the first 7, so I hope they can pull it off.

  18. Things change so fast, it's tough to keep up. The last two issues of Inc. have been delayed? Do you mean #9 and #10, or #11 and #12? And if #9 and #10 will be out on time, you don't think that would make a December release for the collection?

  19. The Superman Fortress of Solitude and the All-Star Squadron books look really interesting.

    I've always loved DC for its rich history, and now they seem to look to bring that history to light as we move towards the relaunch.


  20. @CE - I meant #9 and #10. Issue #8, which was supposed to come out two months ago, will now ship on 08/24 (unless there's another delay), and DC has yet to announce the new release dates for the last two issues. Even if DC manages to release them before December, the window between the last issue and the hardcover will be way shorter than DC is used to.

  21. Going a bit off topic for a minute - when are we going to see the next DC gift guide?

  22. In response to the Batman Inc delayed issues, there is a article on CBR saying that #9 and #10 of that series are going to be combined together into a one shot entitled: Batman Inc: Leviathon Strikes. The article doesn't however tell us when to expect them...unless of course they come out on the same day as #8 which is scheduled for the 24th...the last week before the reboot.

  23. I was just wondering...since Batman Inc won't be starting up with the other #1's in September, when it does come along (a year later?), will it also start over at #1, or pick up the original numbering? I mean, by that time, the other series that were restarted in September will probably be up into the double digits, right?

  24. "..Second Flash by Grant Morrison omnibus?" Geoff Johns, perhaps?

  25. Thanks, Mike, I missed the news about the Leviathan Strikes one-shot. Hopefully it will show up in the November solicitations.

    As for D. Mark Simms' question, it's not clear whether the second "season" of Batman Incorporated will retain the title or be called Batman: Leviathan instead, but I'm pretty sure it will start with a new #1. It wouldn't make any sense to continue the original numbering after every other series got relaunched.

  26. Comic Book Resources has that Batman Inc. news today; there's the link.

    @Anon1: A gift guide gift guide, like the one for 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010, or another of our character-based top ten lists? The former usually only come out at the end of the year, but I can make suggestions if you want them; if the latter, was there a particular character or title of interest?

    @Anon2: Yeah, Morrison omnibuses on the brain, apparently. Thanks for the correction.

  27. Follow up time - I was leaning more towards character based collections when I said my earlier comment.

  28. Could Batman's "state of despair" be from the prologue chapter, in which Bruce travels to Paris and lets himself be beaten by a street gang before Talia quite literally slaps him out of it? That's the only despair I can remember from our Caped Crusader in NML...

    Super excited about a Venom reprint. I've been dying to read this since my LCS said it was the Batman story he'd recommend to any new reader.

  29. Between the Venom reprint and the new Bane collection, new Knightfall collections, etc., a person could really Bane-out on a lazy weekend. I'm glad the movie is prompting the release of all of this.

  30. I got word that the first volume for New Teen Titans Omnibus will contain this:

    Issues 1-20,
    DC Comics presents #26
    Annual #1
    Best of DC Blue Ribbon #18
    Tales Of The New Teen Titans 1-4

    Does that makes sense?. I'm still confirming with my source.

  31. That almost makes sense. Issues #1-20, DCP #26, Blue Ribbon #18, and Tales #1-4 would comprise the entirety of New Teen Titans Archives #1-3. The Annual #1 was reprinted in New Teen Titans Archives #4, and follows after the events of New Teen Titans #25, so it doesn't make sense for that issue to be there.

    What's considered "Terra Incognito" is issues #28-34, and Judas Contract to issue #44. If, say, Vol. 2 included #21-44 plus Annuals #2 and #3, that's not much more than what you have projected as volume one above.

    If you're right about the contents, that's the material from three volumes of Archives at $50 each, so $150, for $75 minus discounts. Not a bad deal ...

  32. This just in: DC cancelled the first Teen Titans by Geoff Johns Omnibus:


    I wonder what the "different format" will be.


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