DC Trade Solicits for February 2012: Flashpoint details, Absolute Final Crisis, Batman Incorporated, New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 2

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Still enjoying DC Comics's new habit of teasing out their solicitations all day on the Source blog -- you get single-issue appetizers throughout the day, and then a big helping of trade collections at 5 pm. It's a good day -- and an interesting set of collected comics this month. Here's what caught my eye:

* Absolute Final Crisis

Some will be disappointed that this book does not include the Batman tie-in issues; I am not one of those people. Different than Superman Beyond, the Batman story is a tertiary part of Final Crisis better left to another volume, just like you wouldn't include Black Lantern Terra attacking the Outsiders in the Blackest Night collection -- you don't need it to get the gist of the main story. This is controversial, I know.

(Related, didja see the solicitation for All-Star Western #6 in the same month? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Hex fighting Darkseid's Final Crisis/Batman-related Hyper Adapter in that issue? Did DC hand writers Gray and Palmiotti a copy of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne and say "Here, don't come back until you've squeezed every last story out of this?")

* Flashpoint
* Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Batman
* Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Superman
* Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Wonder Woman
* Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Green Lantern
* Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring The Flash

When all is said and done, I guess DC's Flashpoint collection plans kind of, sort of make some sense. The good news here is that every single Flashpoint miniseries and special finds its way into one of these collections, including the Booster Gold tie-in issues. I might still wish these were hardcovers, but my wallet's probably better off that they're not. It's a nice touch that the tie-in books arrive in stores at the same time as the main Flashpoint paperback, and it's all prior to when the New 52 collections start arriving ... so I guess I'm making my peace with this.

* New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 2

In my opinion, perhaps the coolest thing on this list is the second New Teen Titans omnibus, for which we now have confirmation that this'll include the final DC Archives: New Titans edition, the Terra Incognito collection, Judas Contract, and a handful of never collection New Teen Titans issues plus material from Batman and the Outsiders. New question: how much do we think this omnibus series will collect -- through Tales of the New Teen Titans #59, or also the New Teen Titans volume two series?

* Batman: Birth of the Demon
* Batman Incorporated Vol. 1 Deluxe Edition

Birth of the Demon is just a darn cool collection of three classic, related stories all together. That's about all I have to say about that, except I wish it was hardcover.

As for the Batman Inc. collection, I knew it was about to be re-solicited, but for some reason I thought it was actually landing in December. No such luck. Oh, well.

* Justice League of America: The Rise of Eclipso

I know we pick on DC a bit when we're not happy with this or that collection, but fair is fair: someone at DC did a really nice thing here. Even as it may not relate to the Eclipso story (or maybe it does) and even as the storyline it was part of is two trades back, DC's including James Robinson's Justice Society of America #43 here, an epilogue issue excluded from the Dark Things trade. This makes the collection of Robinson's Justice League stories complete -- good on you, DC.

* Gotham City Sirens: Division
* Red Robin: Seven Days of Death

Collects the final issues of these series up to Flashpoint. Don't mean to sound cynical, but I wonder if Gotham City Sirens: Division will actually make it to publication or be cancelled due to low pre-orders.

So, who's throwing down $100 for Absolute Final Crisis? What's on your pull list?
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  1. I think it's criminal that Absolute FC doesn't contain the relevant-to-FC Batman Last Rites portions, let alone 701 and 702. I don't mind if they left out the RIP parts, but if you read FC without the relevant Last Rites portions, Batman basically comes out of nowhere (he's been missing for ~200 pages, last seen captured in the Lump machine thingy), deux ex machina, to solve the Darkseid problem. I wish DC would at least pull the tangential bits of the Batman issues into Absolute FC so it's not such a jagged part of a crucial moment in the book. It'd only take an extra 15 pages or so. Ideally, 701 and 702 could then be finagled in there.

    Couldn't be more excited for the Flashpoint trades, and Titans omnibus 2.

  2. I'll agree to disagree with you on Last Rites (Batman #701 and #702 I feel more strongly about, but that's a whole 'nother post about why they're not actually "missing" issues). I actually like that Batman comes out of nowhere after being chained up for a while -- it reminds me of Morrison's JLA: New World Order, in which Batman seems to come out of nowhere (to his enemies, at least) and save the day -- that *is* Morrison's Batman for me.

    Batman's escape from Darkseid's machine is so abstract -- happens on the mental place and not in the here-and-now -- that I think it would interrupt the flow of Final Crisis without adding anything but confusion; whereas Superman Beyond, for instance, introduces characters necessary to understand the end of the book.

    To each their own, no doubt -- maybe I'd have accepted the Last Rites issues added at the end of the Final Crisis collection rather than interspersed. Thanks for chiming in!

  3. Not sure either.

    Final Crisis do have gorgeous art and stuff, but I think it'll be a no brainer for me if they include a compendium in an extra booklet (a la Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths) explaining things here and there, and also with the original outline Grant Morrison had prepared for the series. Page spread cover art would also be tres cool!

  4. Another good suggestion. Wonder if they could have included a compendium and kept the price under $99. Absolute JLA/Avengers has one, too, and it's full of all sorts of cool stuff.

  5. Very disappointed about the lack of Flashpoint miniseries in hardcover. But hey, it looks like the new business model will see fewer hardcovers collected, at least as far as the New 52. Such is life, I suppose, but it would be nice to have more choice. What was wrong with the hardcover-now, softcover-later model? Everybody got what they wanted, and if you wanted stuff early you just paid a little more for it, or waited until the cheaper edition was released. I was happy, and was surprised DC wasn't too.

    Then again, I am stunned that so many classic stories aren't in hardcover either. Anything by Morrison would be an immediate buy, especially Doom Patrol or Animal Man.

  6. Even with the inclusion of Justice Society of America #43 (which sets up some stuff this last arc picks up on), I think the Rise of Eclipso HC will still feel somewhat incomplete without Superman/Batman Annual #5, which continues one of the cliffhangers at the end of Justice League of America #55. I know this annual has already been collected in the Superman: Return of Doomsday TPB, but it was written by Robinson and stars two members of his JLA team.

    I was quite surprised at the announcement of Absolute Final Crisis. Content-wise, for someone who already owns the regular-sized hardcover, the only advantage of "double-dipping" would be the 3D version of Superman Beyond and the extra sketchbook material. That's just not enough for me, but I guess it's good news for those who missed out on the hardcover, which is out of print.

  7. Not to mention, unless the 3D glasses come de-attached from the book, I tend to try to keep my books in such pristine condition that I wouldn't punch them out if they were attached, so the 3D section is only worthwhile if you have other 3D glasses lying around. Or is that just me ... ?

    I hear you on Superman/Batman Annual #5, though I'd as soon not pay to get that same issue twice in two books since I'm buying both. Doesn't help people just interested in Justice League, I know.

  8. Excited about Absolute FC, can't wait. This is pushing it but it would be nice if the art can be redone so it looks better.

    I was hoping for an Infinite Crisis absolute as DC published COIE and Identity, I figured Infinite would be next followed by 52, and then FC. But I'm still happy.

    Excited that Dark Victory will be out in May in absolute format, will look nice next to absolute LH.

  9. Super excited about AFC and I agree with you about the Bats issues. We have all read them and know what happens so we it doesn't matter to me. What I do wish is that the 3d sections would be also printed in 2d as extras. I have the HC but would love a bigger book.

  10. Robinboywonderarmour11/17/2011 12:32:00 AM

    do you reckon they'll do absolute infinite crisis next? to me that was the best crisis of the lot and it'll be the only one they're missing from the set

  11. I am quite satisfied with the new Trade Solicits. The Flashpoint Paperbacks are very extensive, containing 10 to 12 issues each. I preordered Batman (because of Azzarello), Superman (because of Snyder and Booster) and Flash (just for the heck of it). Still unsure about the other two.

    I will pass on Absolute FC. I already have the normal sized hardcover, plus the single issues of Superman Beyond 3D. But in my opinion the Superman Beyond chapters are the weakest of Morrison's FC work and I found the 3D effect to be more of a distraction than an enhancement of the story. Could just be me, though.

    Still don't know what to think about the Red Robin paperback, which includes #20 and Teen Titans #92, which I already got in Teen Titans: Team Building. Oh well, better than not have them collected at all.

    Concerning the Batman INC HC, I am relieved that it will also contain the concuding one shot, but am a little disappointed that we will have to wait till April.

  12. I also find it surprising that Final Crisis is getting the Absolute treatment before Infinite Crisis, which was more commercially successful and is more in need of a more comprehensive collection, since the hardcover doesn't include any of the four specials that tell relevant portions of the story, such as the Spectre's defeat, Jade's death and Brother Eye's fate.

  13. Haven't thought about Infinit Crisis.

    Indeed I would like the most having an Infinite Crisis Absolute than Final Crisis. The current content for Final Crisis doesn't really move me. Instead of the sketches they should include tie-ins, scripts and outlines. Stuff that explain where things and people in the story come from and where they went.

  14. I'm not so sure about Absolute Final Crisis. I want to buy it, but I haven't made up my mind yet.

    How about this: Put together "Final Crisis" and "Final Crisis Companion", add "Last Rites", "Batman" #701-702 and the original outline (as somebody posted before me), cover sketches and production notes, and $100 wont seem such a bad deal :)

  15. I am on the same page in regards to the Batman Last Rites issues. I like FC as previously collected. I've read Last Rites and I don't think it's as vital to FC as it's made out to be. I would rather see DC include some commentary & other bonus material rather than Last Rites.
    I also agree that the 3D glasses should be de-attached from the book; otherwise, I'll have to buy a pair of 3D glasses separate. I refuse to punch out 3D glasses when they are attached. It feels like I'm defacing the book. I also hope the 3D glasses aren't the only "bonus" we get in this Absolute. I bought Absolute Identity Crisis and the bonus content is identical to the trade with the addition of a first draft of the first issue script. That was a disappointment. So far the solicitation for Absolute FC sounds identical to the trade. I'd really like to see some new bonus content.

  16. I'm looking for an Absolute Edition a la Sandman....we have additional stuff like statue designs, galleries, short stories, commentaries, the works. Collecting around 2-3 paperbacks each, the Absolute Sandman and Absolute DC The New Frontier are, to me the best based on value (next in line being Absolute Superman For Tomorrow & Batman The Long Halloween) page count wise, though I'm stumped for extras on the rest as I don't own them yet, plan to remedy that soon.

    It doesn't bother me that 'Last Rites' and 701/702 aren't collected but I'd really have liked the companion issues here. The Peter Tomasi one (can't recall the name) is a fitting coda to the Martian Manhunter's death.

  17. This is the time of the week when we get a new DC Comics extended forecast:


    Not only they finally confirmed the cancellation of Supergirl: Good-Looking Corpse, but also cancelled T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Chronicles Vol. 1. At least they didn't cancel the Spencer/Cafu series' TPB just as the sequel's first issue came out.

  18. Yup, five weeks after we first let you know about Supergirl: Corpse, DC acknowledges cancellation (I was thinking they'd announce over holidays when some might miss it, or the book simply wouldn't appear in stores a la Suicide Squad: Nightshade Odyssey). Another one down ...

    DC seems very enthusiastic about THUNDER Agents, to their credit, but I haven't found much to entice me to read it, and the various reprints of old material, etc., never seem to make it to light. Anyone really behind this book, want to make a pitch for it?

  19. CONFIRMED!!!!!!

    Written by GRANT MORRISON
    Cover by J.G. JONES
    RESOLICIT * On sale OCTOBER 31, 464 pg, FC, 8.25" x 12.5", $99.99 US
    Retailers: This title is resolicited. All previous orders are cancelled.
    * Collecting the mind-blowing event including FINAL CRISIS #1-7, FINAL CRISIS: SUBMIT #1, FINAL CRISIS: SUPERMAN BEYOND #1-2, and the FINAL CRISIS SKETCHBOOK, plus the newly added FINAL CRISIS #1 DIRECTOR'S CUT and BATMAN #682-683!
    * Superman, Batman, the Justice League and every other super being in the DC Universe must face when Darkseid and his otherworldly legion of followers in the war between light and dark!
    * This oversized, slipcased hardcover comes with its own pair of 3-D glasses!

    I'm SOOOOO getting this now!!!!!!!