Sunday Talkback for 12-25-11


If you're spending a little time in front of the computer this holiday, or if holidaying isn't your thing, we've got a Collected Editions open thread for your chatting enjoyment.

Suggested topic? Tell us about all the loot you got today, or this past week, or heck, any time you got a gift -- or talk about anything at all. It's a Sunday Talkback post -- go at it!

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  1. Happy Christmas CE! Thanks for increasing my enjoyment of Collected Editions this past year. On the gift front I recieved Batman: Noel and Joe the Barbarian deluxe editions. Also i'm sure my bookshop employers will be disappointed to hear i recieved a couple of Amazon vouchers aswell. Hope you have a good one! And Happy Holidays from England.

  2. I got a huge stack for Christmas

    1. X-Babies: Stars Reborn
    2. All three trades of Bryan Q. Miller's Batgirl
    3. Red Wing
    4. Darkwing Duck: Crisis on Infinite Darkwing
    5. Walt Simonson's Thor Omnibus
    6. Doctor 13: Architecture and Morality
    7. Absolute Batman Hush
    8. The Nam Vol.1 (Murray and Golden)
    9. Officer Downe - Bigger Better Bastard Edition
    10. A God Somewhere
    11. Witch Doctor: Under the Knife
    12. Mystery Society
    13. Wolverine Ultimate Collection By Greg Rucka

  3. I received Batman: The Dark Mirror, and I'll be picking up Super Pro K.O. volume 2 with my Amazon gift cards. I may also order Tales of the Batman: Don Newton.

  4. Nobody got me any comics, but my brother gave me Batman: Arkham City, which is my newest obsession.

    Of all collections I ordered before Christmas, the only one I received was Supergirl: Who is Superwoman, now out of print and starting to go for some ridiculous prices. Still waiting for my X-Statix omnibus, my Joe the Barbarian deluxe HC and some New Krypton and Loeb/Sale Batman TPBs.

  5. I got MARTIAN CONFEDERACY vol2 (the only tpb on my Amazon Wishlist) and two pieces of Original Art: a Michael Lark page from TERMINAL CITY #4 and a Cameron Stewart page from CATWOMAN #13. (Both with lettering!)

  6. I ordered CHEW the first two omnivore editions from Image Comics. I also got the Whedon/Cassady Astonishing X-Men run from comiXology's sale.

    Happy Christmas!

  7. I got several comics from my Amazon wishlist:

    Batman: The Black Mirror
    The Phantom: Gold Key Years, Vol. 1
    Saga of the Swamp Thing, Vol. 6
    Scalped, Vol. 8: You Gotta Sin to Get Saved
    Who is Jake Ellis, Vol. 1
    X-Factor, Vol. 13: Hard Labor
    Zatanna, Vol. 2: Shades of the Past

    I also got Hallmark ornaments of Thor, Indiana Jones, Batman, and one depicting the cover of Avengers #4 with Cap breaking through. Nice!

    Thanks for another year of great coverage here, CE. I look forward to visiting often in 2012.

  8. am wondering about the INVISIBLES OMNIBUSand thinking which of the following is it likely to have?
    a. The last page of Trade no 4
    b. Unwieldy spine
    c. Glued binding
    d. Glossy paper

    Hell, if they were going to make stuff this size (I remember when collecting ATLANTIS CHRONICLES was a big issue, as talked about in the letter pages of the AQUAMAN: TIME & TIDE miniseries) maybe the Starman series could have been done in 2 (or maximum 3) books. Same goes for all the other Omnibus lines that DC has. Now they think of rising to meet the competition, when Marvel already has their belt overstuffed with Omnibuses, and beaten DC at the game - with THOR BY WALTER SIMONSON, X-STATIX BY MILLIGAN & ALLRED, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN BY MICHELINIE & MCFARLANE, FANTASTIC FOUR BY JOHN BYRNE & X-MEN BY JIM LEE OMNIBUS I'm having my loyalties tested bitterly.

  9. Speaking of omnibi, I finally received my X-Statix omnibus today. Boy, is that book heavy, but it looks beautiful, both on the inside and the outside. Can't wait to start reading it, but I have 3 other books in the queue before it.

  10. Robert YoungDecember 27, 2011

    Last 2 Starman Omnibuses, last 2 Saga of the Swamp Thing hc's, Walking Dead 15, Flashpoint, New Teen Titans Games, Knight & Squire, Doctor 13, Red Robin Hit List, Catwoman Wild Ride, Alex Ross World's Greatest Superheroes, Batman Noel, couple of Simone Birds of Prey.

    My in-laws are a little obsessive over killing my Amazon wishlist.


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