Watch this (DC TPB Timeline) space!


Next Tuesday, Collected Editions will announce something new regarding the DC Universe Trade Paperback Timeline and Reading Order. This will be accompanied by a much-requested Timeline update.

I'm quite excited by this announcement and what it heralds for Collected Editions. I hope you'll come back here next Tuesday (Valentine's Day!) to check it out.

Writers and bloggers, if you'd like a special sneak peek of what's coming, please email me at the Yahoo account (collectededitions).

New reviews tomorrow ... and see you next week!

UPDATE: The announcement was made in this post.

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  1. New announcement? What could it be? Your going to be the new DC Comics collecting trade VP??!!

    Crossing my fingers!!!

  2. I love the reviews and news coverage, but the DC TPB Timeline is the thing that brought me here and my favorite thing about the site. It's the most extensive, user friendly list of its kind I've ever found online. Looking forward to the update.

  3. Love the site, especially the timeline. Can't wait for the update and the announcement. Keep up the good work guys.

  4. That's my 8yr wedding anniversey on valintines day!!!! BUT I WILL BE HERE!!! RJ Haas//Illinois

  5. So... The anouncement's coming soon, yes?

  6. There was a glitch completely unrelated to us. Hopefully the announcement will be tomorrow morning.


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