Ad incorrectly states hardcover Flashpoint tie-ins

Monday, March 12, 2012

Those of us who like hardcover collections almost (but not quite) got their way this month.

Back when DC first announced the Flashpoint tie-in collections, they were listed as hardcovers, though we quickly learned they'd actually be paperbacks. The Flashpoint hardcover was released last October, and the Flashpoint paperback would be released in March with the tie-in paperbacks.

I like uniformity on my shelf and I was happy to have hardcover tie-in collections along with the main event, as with Blackest Night. I was disappointed when these changed to paperback, though it makes financial sense for DC Comics given how little impact the "Flashpoint universe" has had so far and how Flashpoint has been greatly overshadowed by the DC New 52 books that followed.

We got a glimmer of hope that maybe things had changed back again with an advertisement in recent DC issues that promised "six hardcover collections" of Flashpoint and its tie-ins (scan pending). I was skeptical because for those who might have pre-ordered the Flashpoint books, DC would either have to cancel or deliver hardcovers for paperback price, neither of which seemed likely -- though I was still hopeful.

Alas, it seems it was just a typo, because more recent copies of the same advertisement have the phrase changed to "six paperback collections." Here's the corrected advertisement:

Corrected Flashpoint collections advertisement

As you can see, a single word change, and we're back where we were before. The Flashpoint paperback and tie-in collections will be out later this month.

* Flashpoint
* Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Batman
* Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Superman
* Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Wonder Woman
* Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring Green Lantern
* Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Featuring The Flash

I'm picking 'em up, but I know they're not real popular at this point. Anyone else going in for these?

(Thanks to Speed Force for the tip and Kent Hare for the scans!)
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  1. I will. I got the Flashpoint Hardover but haven't read it yet. No sense in doing it without the tie-ins.

  2. I've already got the hardcover of Flashpoint but will also be picking up the ones featuring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. I think those are the strongest of the tie-ins.

  3. I read the event when it came out, then picked up the HC. Wont pick up the TPBs as i didnt think many of them were great, plus i HATE such lack of consistency on my shelf too! Nothing annoys me more when half of something is put out in HC and half in TPB.

    DC really need to work on this - they are catering for collectors afterall. Dont even get me started on the Gotham city sirens last colleciton coming out in TPB...

  4. I have the Flashpoint HC (which I haven't read yet), but I think I'll probably pass on the tie-in TPB's. Might buy the interesting ones digitally instead. Here's hoping for a $0.99 sale!

  5. 'been personally waiting to pick this up in Softcovers down the line.

    Yeah, I'm personally a big fan of Elseworlds, alternate universe stories, etc.
    Be it Elseworlds in one-shot, graphic novels, issue special, etc..
    I loved "Tangent", for example! Anyone remember that?

  6. I got the hardcover and liked it, so I will also get the Batman and Superman paperbacks. From what I read, the quality of the collected titles are extremly different. But I really want to read Batman by Azzarello, Superman by Snyder and the Booster Gold issues.
    Still on the fence about Frankenstein by Lemire. I want to read it, but I doubt it will be worth buying the whole GL paperback!?

  7. Remember Tangent? Heck, I wrote five different reviews about Tangent! I really liked that universe, at least the original volumes.

    Tom, I'm with you on mid-series format changes; still feeling a little burned about when Green Lantern Corps did that, myself.

    Spooky's got it right that some of the Flashpoint tie-in books I want to read are because of how they relate to or precede the same creative teams in the DC New 52, like Frankenstein, Legion of Doom/Suicide Squad, Secret Seven/Jusitce League Dark, and whether "Flashpoint survivors" like Element Woman might some day make it to the New 52. Plus also the Booster Gold issues, for sure.

  8. CE - Are you working on a FP reading order like you did with BN? If so, I found this site to be pretty detailed:

    I think I'll probably pick up most if not all the trades cause they're so cheap. Sucks that they're not in HC but the bright side is I'll be saving money. Plus, I'm taking the New 52 as an opportunity to jump off DC for the time being and try other stuff.

    I did like FP but I haven't read it since the HC release. But I remember feeling out of the loop which I'm sure the tie-ins will make the second read-through more enjoyable.

  9. I knew you'd read Tangent and would have a review around here ;)
    I was adressing my co-commenters mostly! XD

    I'm interested in seeig how these little characters pieces - written by different persons and using different tones - fit in an overall new "Elseworld-universe". Sort of. Kinda.

    But, yeah, mostly interested by Booster, Deadman and the Rogues in there.

  10. I'm working on some reading guidance for Flashpoint and I'll keep that site in mind, abu george, though I notice it hasn't been updated in forever. I might have a few corrections for them.