Answers on New Teen Titans Vol. 2 Omnibus missing issue #38

Saturday, April 28, 2012

DC Comics released the New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 2 last week, the first-ever hardcover collection of the famous "Judas Contract" story. By all accounts the binding of this volume is better than the first volume, though DC's collections still have a little ways to go before they're up to Marvel standards.

The only problem is, this book that was originally solicited to include issues #21-45, actually contains #21-37 and #39-45. No issue #38.

Fortunately, via our friends at ComicList, DC has announced to retailers that issue #38 will be in the New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 3 (so there's your confirmation on that) "along with other issues in the same storyline."

Couple of things this could mean:

Issue #38 is a "Who is Wonder Girl?" story. New Teen Titans (at that point actually Tales of the New Teen Titans) #50, which would more than likely appear in the next omnibus volume, is the wedding of Donna Troy and Terry Long. So, it might be that DC skipped over #38 here and will include it before a string of issues in the next volume.

For me, this would be the best-case scenario. I don't really like that DC took #38 out of the second omnibus -- I like reading these stories in their original publication order, just like they were meant to be read -- but if DC picks up with Tales #46 and keeps going from there and just sticks #38 in the beginning, everything turns out OK in the end.

However, we should note that before these omnibuses, DC released the Terra Incognito trade collecting Titans #28-34, and then the Judas Contract trade collecting Titans #39-44, and then the Who is Donna Troy trade collecting #38, #50, and New Teen Titans #51-54 -- the latter, essentially, is a trade that jumps all over the place. What I really hope DC will not do is make New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 3 some kind of crazy Donna Troy-spotlight collection that varies from the "collecting in order" pattern.

What I like about these omnibuses is that they're collecting stories that have never been collected before (Titans #35-37, among others) and collecting the stories in order. Reprinting, essentially, the Who is Donna Troy collection verbatim in volume three omnibus would be a big disappointment.

Relieved? Worried? What do you think?

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  1. On one hand, I agree it's weird to jump around. On the other, I'd prefer a third edition that only features Wolfman/Perez issues, not Wolfman and others. That would amount to:

    New Teen Titans #38
    Tales of the Teen Titans #46-50
    New Teen Titans v.2 #1-5
    New Titans #50-61

    Plus Batman #440-442 (tie in to 60-61)

  2. I don't think it's that big a deal. So long as it's collected. I don't agree with the above comment on just keeping Perez issues. It's not like the book sucked whenever Perez wasn't on tap.

    Hope these things start hitting softcover, or at least get on schedule for one, at some point in the near future.

  3. I agree with dl316bh. The lag time between DC hardcovers and softcovers is way too long.

  4. Just double checking, but does it contain the Batman and the Outsiders issue that crossed over with 37?

  5. It does. Batman and the Outsiders #5.

  6. Though I bought the trades for "The Judas Contract" and "The Terror of Trigon" and skipped "Terra Incognito" and "Who is Donna Troy?" when they announced the Omnibus set, I own the single issue 38 and I personally did not think that it ought have been skipped. I do not know how Vol 3 will continue, whether it will contain the non Perez issues, or about the other issues contained in "Who is Donna Troy" trade. Hopefully, DC will fix things.

  7. Another vote, again, for collecting sequentially, not skipping around to only collect the Wolfman/Perez issues. I have no interest in reading a collection where the characters refer to "Remember what happened last time (issue)?" and I don't know what they're talking about because the trade skipped the issue. They're omnibuses, they're big, they're hardcover -- isn't it time these books just collected the issues without jumping around and complicating things?

  8. As long as it's collected in vol 3, I don't mind much, though I wish they could have just left it in order. I think they should just keep going in sequential order, so once they get to tales #58, move on to NTT(vol 2) #1, and keep going til New Titans #130 (assuming they make that many books) and continue on with Titans (I say skip the 96-98 Teen Titans since that was a completely different set of characters). Overall though, if DC thinks it'd be better to collect things in a slightly altered order, that's fine by me as long as they eventually complete the set, and don't leave anything out.

  9. There's no way they would keep publishing Omnibus collections of New Titans up to #130. The tail end of the Wolfman Titans - from a bit before #100 on - is "Evil Lesbian Raven" territory. It's DC's "Clone Saga" in that they'd really like to pretend it never happened and so would readers.

    If the sales permit the collections to get that far, I'd say they should stop at Titans Hunt. After that the series starts on a steady decline to depths the team wouldn't recover from until Volume 3 started.

  10. I agree a New Titans Omnibus collection up to #130 is unlikely. I had hoped, however, it might go roundabouts to Terror of Trigon, at least (opening arc of the second volume of New Teen Titans); that storyline has been collected before, so it's "safe" collecting territory for the Omnibuses as well.

    (This said, I'll never give up hoping for a Titans Hunt collection. Or Total Chaos. Or Siege of the Zi Charam. But that's just me.)

  11. I agree with the comment about the book declining after Titans Hunt, but that wasn't the writer's fault as much as it was DC's. The company was making all the "sidekick" characters either unavailable for the book, or not existing as they had previously. The sad truth about New Teen Titans is it was the flagship title at DC for several years, but was constantly treated as if it could be cancelled at any time. "It's our top seller, but Wonder Woman's continuity is more important, even though we're considering cancelling WW as a title." Wow!