Programming note: Flashpoint and the DC New 52


It's an exciting time here at Collected Editions. Next week, we begin our run-up to the first Collected Editions review of the DC New 52 -- Justice League: Origin, due out at the beginning of May.

To prepare, this Monday begins our look at the Flashpoint tie-in collections -- we'll have reviews of all five collections, plus some great special features. And when those are complete, we'll launch our first series of DC New 52 reviews with Justice League and more.

So stick around -- news, reviews, and the DC New 52, all coming up. Thanks for being a Collected Editions reader.

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  1. Glad you're excited! Me, too!

  2. Been waiting for this! Fantastic work! I only have Kid Flash: Lost and Flashpoint #5 left to read, rather enjoying it so far!

  3. You know what that means ... I'll be expecting lots of commenting! :-)

  4. Darn it, another set of reviews I'll miss out on (until later) because I'm behind in my TPB reading!

    I've switched to digital for the New 52 though, so for once I'll be able to read a fresh review of something I've already read! No more commenting on 1-year old reviews! ;-)

    Wait...if I'm not buying the TPB's anymore, am I still welcome among the wait-for-traders? I promise I'll read them six consecutive issues at a time! :-)

  5. If you like reading complete comic stories (and hey, who wants to read an incomplete story?), you can still be a Collected Editioner. :-)

    I'll be bumping some of the DC New 52 collections to the head of the reading list so you'll get them right around when the books arrive in stores. That'll leave us going back and forth between the old and new DCU for a while, but I expected that would be the case.



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