DC Comics solicits New 52 Justice League, Green Lantern, Batman Vol. 2 trades, The New 52 Zero

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Just the other day with DC's September 2012 solicitations, we were speculating that it wouldn't be long until the DC New 52 Volume 2 collections would be popping up. Well, today is that day.

* Batman: Night of the Owls
* Green Lantern Vol. 2: Revenge of the Black Hand
* Justice League Vol. 2: The Villain's Journey

* DC Comics: The New 52 Zero

Least controversial of these initial listings are the Justice League and Green Lantern books (both, at the moment, hardcover). While I'm excited about the storyline for each, this is about what we expected for each book's second volume. Justice League (for now) seems to be 160 pages, which would be about issues #7-14; Green Lantern is at 192 pages (for now), which might suggest the inclusion of the annual.

More controversial is the Batman: Night of the Owls hardcover (specifically, or maybe just an oversight, not called "volume 2" in the listing). At 360 pages, this hardcover would seem to collect more than just the next Batman issues, but also at least some of the "Night of the Owls" tie-in issues. Whether DC should collect the crossover in one volume or separate books has already been a point of some debate on this site -- undoubtedly this is just more fuel for the flame until the official solicitation copy arrives.

Finally, we also see here that talk of the zero issue omnibus was more than just idle speculation; even before these issues arrive, there's already a solicit for this 1,328 book (more than the original first issue omnibus), arriving just in time for your Christmas tree in December.

It's great to finally be back in solicitation season -- more news coming soon!
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  1. Batman, Green Lantern, and maybe JLA looks good. The Omnibus doesn't excite me though.

  2. The "Volume 2" is missing on the Batman cover, too, not only in the listing. Could be deliberate.

  3. Even at 360 pages, there won't be room to collect all tie-ins in the Night of the Owls HC. Of course I never expected it to include All-Star Western #9, but considering it will have to include Batman Annual #1 and the backup stories from Batman #8-11, it seems at least two other tie-in issues will get the shaft.

    And that's assuming it won't also collect Nightwing #8 (a prelude to the crossover) and Batman #12 (a stand-alone issue focusing on a supporting character, plus yet another backup tale)

  4. Here are some details for upcoming collections from DC's blog:


    Lists everything that will be in the Night of Owls trade as well as a "Batman Vol. 2: The City of Owls HC" which will collect issues #8-12.

  5. Nice, so the Night of the Owls HC will only collect the ancillary tie-ins (even All-Star Western #9), while the main story will be in Batman vol. 2. DC went with "route 2" after all.

    I'll wait for CE's next post before commenting on the other upcoming collections, some of which are very surprising.

  6. Batman: The Night of the Owls HC

    Also listed:
    - Superman: The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus HC
    - Absolute Top 10 HC
    - The New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 3
    - Tales of the Batman: Archie Goodwin HC

  7. Wait, so there are NO Nightwing issues in the NotO collection? Kyle Higgins is still listed as a writer and Eddy Barrows is listed as an artist.

  8. I'm most excited to see Hard Time Volume 2 listed. Issues #7-12 of the first series are finally being collected! I have the first trade (#s 1-6) and the single issues (#s 1-7) of the second series, so now I can finally read the whole story.

  9. All the first volumes of the new 53 will be out by November (except for some stragglers), the second ones will start in January.
    It's going to be a quiet December.

  10. it seems like the night of owls HC doesn't include nightwing OR catwoman... WHY? it has everything else, this is a shame. surprised it would not include these, but still have all star western.

  11. Looking at the page count and writers and artists involved, it seems like there are some errors to be found here.

    Guillem March, the artist of Catwoman, is listed in the Night of the Owls collection, as well as Kyle Higgins, the author of Nightwing, which would imply that the Nightwing issues and Catwoman issue would be included here.

    Also, when you look at Batman vol. 2: City of the Owls, you see that James Tynion IV is listed as a writer, and as far as I know, he only did the annual, which would imply that the annual is inluded in this collection (192 pages sounds a bit much for only 5 issues).

    It could be that the annual is inlcuded in both collections, or that it will be moved from the NotO collection to the Batman vol. 2 one. I think I would prefer to have it this way:

    Night of the Owls:
    All-Star Western 9, Batgirl 9, Batman & Robin 9, Batman: The Dark Knight 9, Batwing 9, Birds of Prey 9, Catwoman 9, Detective Comics 9, Nightwing 8 & 9 and Red Hood and the Outlaws 9

    Batman vol. 2: City of the Owls:
    Batman 8-12 + Annual

  12. i agree with above post :)

    (side note, does anyone know if the zero issues will be collected at all in the next trades? it doesn't look like it according to the solicits i've seen, which is annoying as i don't want to buy the big collection of all of them and only want to read the ones for the series i follow - looks like i might have to just buy the single issues: expensive£)

  13. Some of the solicits mention issue #0, but it's confusing:

    Batwoman - the 0 issue is the original one, not the New 52 one (this series will have 2 #0 issues!)
    Batgirl - It says the Vol 1 TP will have issues 1-13 and 0, but I'm pretty sure that's a typo, as the Vol 1 HC had issues 1-6 and Vol 2 has 7-12.
    Voodoo - Vol 2 says 7-12 and #0. I can see that.
    Worlds' Finest - Vol 1 has issues 0-5, which makes sense, as I believe #0 will be out between issues 2-3?

    So I have a feeling that most of the #0 issues will be leading off the Vol 3 books, except for those "second wave" books (Worlds Finest, Earth 2, etc.), where they'll probably be in the first volume. I can't see DC leaving them uncollected (outside of the #0 omnibus).

  14. @Nick: Tynion also co-wrote Batman #8-10. Also, Fabok isn't listed with Batman Vol. 2. It doesn't look like the annual is in there.
    But I'd definitely prefer your suggestion.

    @NewKid: The #0 issues will probably be included in the third wave of HCs/TPs. Voodoo and World's Finest already include the #0s and for the rest those origin stories would be a good way to start the next collection.

  15. @Spooky: I looked through the Batman issues (8-10) and saw that Tynion wrote the back-up stories with Snyder, had completely overlooked that part.

  16. Ah, finally!
    The Night of the owls TPB!