DC Trade Solicitations for November 2012 - Nothing in December?


Do I have this wrong, or is DC Comics releasing no new trade collections in all of December 2012?

Here's DC's New 52 Volume 2 releases from their November 2012 solicitations, all scheduled to come out in January:

* Batwoman Vol. 2: To Drown the World
* Green Lantern Vol. 2: Revenge of the Black Hand
* Justice League Vol. 2: The Villain's Journey
* Wonder Woman Vol. 2: Guts

And DC's September and October 2012 solicitations had for October, among others, All-Star Western, Justice League Dark, I, Vampire, Nightwing, Savage Hawkman, and Supergirl, and for November Blackhawks, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, DC Comics Presents, Flash, Red Hood, and Superman.

Usually DC's solicitations list trades that don't come out until a month or two after the solicitation month itself, so it was not unusual to see October books listed in September and November books listed in October. But for November's solicitations, as far as new books are concerned, they're all coming out in January.

This doesn't leave December 2012 bare, per se, but the books coming out are those like Batman Chronicles, Justice League: Omega, and Showcase Presents: Weird War Tales -- reprints of classic DC material or paperbacks of books already released in hardcover, nothing "new in print."

Off the top of my head, maybe DC purposefully didn't list any trades for December on the off chance a New 52 collection ran late, so December would be a catch-up month before the Volume 2s started to roll out. Maybe we'll find some November collections do roll over to December. Maybe all of December is being reserved for the release of the DC New 52 Zero Omnibus, though that's not really convincing for me.

If things remain the way they are, however, I'll be giving my local comics shop a strange break in December, it seems.

One more on the list ...

* Teen Titans By Geoff Johns Omnibus Hc

DC has finally solicited the often-delayed Teen Titans Omnibus (also, mind you, coming out in January). The contents are:
Teen Titans #1/2-26, 29-46 and 50, Legends of the DC Universe #2, Titans Secret Files #2, Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files 2003, Beast Boy #1-4, Teen Titans/Legion of Super Heroes Special #1, Outsiders #24-25, Robin #147-147, Infinite Crisis #5-6 and Teen Titans Annual #1
For those playing along at home, these are the collections A Kid's Game, Family Lost, Beast Boys and Girls (plus Johns's various "Beast Boy" short stories over the years), The Future is Now, Teen Titans/Outsiders: The Insiders, Life and Death (including the Robin and Infinite Crisis issues), Titans Around the World, and then most of Titans East.

Excluded, understandably, is Teen Titans #47, which was a Countdown to Final Crisis crossover found in Titans East. The material from issue #50 is probably just the Johns/Mike McKone story, a couple of pages, that takes place toward the beginning of the series.

Ultimately the Teen Titans Omnibus collects a full story, which is good; there was some concern this book would drop off in the middle of Titans East when Adam Beechen took over from Johns. Titans East ends on a somber note, but the finale includes an appearance by the original Titans, so the book should feel "complete" even if the end is sudden and a little down.

Well ... I know my picks for next January, but December is strangely still up in the air. What are you thinking of buying?

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  1. I'll definably give this Omnibus a shot. Is expensive, but I think the price is right for the page count.

  2. I don't know much about iZombie. What are you enjoying about it?

  3. Sold. Maybe that's what I'll read in December.

  4. Indeed they pushed almost everything for 2013. Even Absolute Batman & Robin by Morrison was pushed from December to January 2013.


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