DC Trade Solicitations for January 2013 - Absolute Blackest Night, Batman: Night of the Owls, Animal Man Vol. 4, and more


Earlier this week DC Comics released their January 2013 solicitations, including trade releases.

* Absolute Blackest Night HC

The big headline we've already talked about (see "Is the DC Absolute Program Dead?") -- in a nutshell, Absolute Blackest Night is a book that I can't see how it adds to the Blackest Night canon or really fills a need in the marketplace. If you've been waiting to read Blackest Night and you dig the over-sized format, please enjoy, but this cements for me that Omnibuses, not Absolutes, is where the real progress is being made.

(Anyone think this is a digital thing? The Blackest Night issues are ubiquitous enough online that DC doesn't think anyone really wants an omnibus, but what readers can't get from their computer screens is Absolute size?)

* Batman Vol. 2: City of Owls HC

The solicitations (which, unfortunately, sometimes change) say this volume will collect Batman #8-12 and Annual #1. This means, unless it changes, that there's nothing in the previously-solicited Batman: Night of the Owls collection that can't be found in the individual Batman-family collections. I guess this makes the Night of the Owls collection for those who don't specifically follow all of the Bat-titles, and City of Owls for those who do.

* Catwoman Vol. 2: Dollhouse TP
* Earth 2 Vol. 1: The Gathering HC
* Stormwatch Vol. 2: Enemies of The Earth TP
* Suicide Squad Vol. 2: Basilisk Rising TP
* Voodoo Vol. 2: The Killer in Me TP
* Batgirl Vol. 1: The Darkest Reflection TP

On the "Zero issue count," the Suicide Squad and Voodoo collections both include #0 issues -- Suicide Squad, probably to wrap things up before the next, "Death of the Family"-centric collection, and Voodoo because it marks the end of the series.

The first Batgirl collection gets its paperback here, solicited for release in February at the same time as the hardcover Batgirl Vol. 2: Knightfall Descends. Different solicitations -- from DC -- have Batgirl Vol. 2 ending at issues #12 or #0, or at #13. My guess is that Knightfall Descends will not collect Batgirl #13, making Knightfall Descends a "Night of the Owls"-centric collection and leaving the "Death in the Family" material for Vol. 3.

I'm pretty excited about that first Earth 2 collection, myself. Y'know, Earth 2 got a nod in DC's Free Comic Book Day book this past year; I wonder if that's going to be collected in the first Phantom Stranger book, maybe, or with Justice League: Villain's Journey?

* Animan Man Vol. 4: Born to be Wild TP

If, like me, you've owned the first three Grant Morrison Animal Man trades, this new fourth collection of the Peter Milligan stories that followed is a testament that everything ends up in trade if you just wait long enough. I'm sure I don't even have to say that I would have preferred an omnibus that collected the Morrison, Milligan, and additional materials, but even the hint of more classic Animal Man books to come is good enough.

* Superman: The Death and Return of Superman Omnibus HC
* Superman: For Tomorrow TP
* Superman Vs. Shazam! TP

All the Superman material DC can reprint, it seems, in preparation for the movie.

The solicitation copy for the new Death of Superman omnibus claims the book now contains "chapters of 'World Without a Superman'" that had been missing from previous editions. In the list of the comics included, however, the only difference is Justice League #69, the League's battle with Doomsday prior to Superman's arrival (where Booster Gold's uniform is shredded and Blue Beetle is comatose) and Legacy of Superman #1 (which included a story about Sinbad, the character in the Chris Roberson story that DC wouldn't publish). This isn't much from "World without a Superman" -- hopefully when DC says the contents are "including," that means "not limited to" and there's still more to come.

* Impulse Vol. 1: Runs in The Family TP

Also hard to say what warrants a new Impulse collection right now, except perhaps the character's current appearance in the Young Justice cartoon, though that's seemingly tanked for a while. Still, for those lamenting the lack of all-ages or humor comics in DC's current line, this was a bit of both, and one of my favorites. Hopefully we'll see a second volume following.

* Green Arrow: Salvation TP
* Wonder Woman: Odyssey Vol. 2 TP

I theorized on Every Day is Like Wednesday that Green Arrow: Salvation might be one of these "throw it at the wall and see if it sticks" trades -- maybe they're gauging pre-orders and if there aren't enough, it'll be cancelled before publication. Then again, despite that this book isn't coming out until January, if it's marketed right -- "Teaming Green Arrow, inspiration for TV's Arrow, with fan-favorite Swamp Thing!" -- maybe it will sell. Otherwise I don't see much market for the pre-New 52 adventures of Oliver Queen.

* The Shade TP

Glad this got a trade, but I'm darn sorry it's not a hardcover to match the Starman omnibuses.

That's what I'm thinking -- what's on your buying list for January?

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  1. Batman Vol. 2 will collect #8-12 and Annual #1. Thank you DC for saving me from buying the Night of the Owls HC. I will say my love for Snyder convinced me try all the tie in issues and I really wasn't blown away. I'll be happy just having the ones in the trades of the series I already buy. But it is a nice collection for someone who wants to own the whole thing.

    That older Animal Man series has always been on my wish list, but have never gotten them. I noticed that the trade also dips into Veitch's issues as well. I'm assuming if this one sells they will finish his run which goes to #50.

    Any why? Why isn't DC going to continue collecting Brubaker's Catwoman? Every month I hope to see volume 2 on their list. It's like they teased us with that one bigger new volume. You would think even though he's working for the competitor his name is still big enough to sell these. Did the first volume not do well? I would be fine finishing it out with the older trades, but they never even finished collecting those.

  2. The current content for Absolute Blackest Night is ridiculous, so I'll pass.

    Death of Superman Omnibus catch my attention, but honestly, that "...PORTIONS of
    World Without Superman" is making me think of wait until the first reviews comes up with the REAL content of the book. The paper stock they're going to use is another point. Last time they used the same paper quality as the trades. If is going to be like that... No DC books for me in those dates.

  3. Evan MeadowOctober 19, 2012

    No mention of the Silver Age Teen Titans Archives Vol 2?

    I'd been hoping DC was going to put that out for the longest time thinking they might not since they had Showcased all the material previously.

    Now to just see if I have enough things I can trade in to match the $75 price tag.

  4. While Batgirl #13 was labeled a "Death of the Family" prologue, its also features the actual conclusion to the "Knightfall Descends" arc, resolving the cliffhanger from issue #12. I think not including it in vol. 2 would be a mistake.

  5. @Kelly H - I and many other people are with you on the Vol.2 Catwoman from Brubaker's run. DC can make 2 or 3 volumes worth under Brubaker's name. My OCD wants that complete collection!

    @Xavico - I think everyone feels identical with your concerns about the Death/Return Omnibus when it mentioned "portions". If they skimped out of issues and the book truly isn't complete, DC won't see any money from people if that happens (and yours truly). Not to mention the paper quality you mentioned, as well as pay $100 for this book is asking A LOT from people. And lastly, I've seen some sites list DC is AGAIN re-printing Death, World Without, and Return softcovers at reasonable prices. DC better get this omnibus right, as well as plenty of incentives to make the HC worth it's weight.

    In terms of the Batman Vol.2: City of Owls trade--I'm fine with that. People who bought Vol.1 Court of Owls (which judging from sales figures, EVERYONE has bought it) don't have to buy Night of the Owls HC (it adds to the event, but it's not essential) and just stick to Batman Vol.2. That part makes sense, in my opinion. But again, I still propose my idea of upping up the Night of the Owls HC, by including CATWOMAN #9, and all of the content from Batman Vol.2, as well as making the price $40 or $50. This way it leaves buyers the option of sticking to Snyder's Batman and ONLY batman's Court of Owls story to get the essential plot...or pay a little more and get the entire event (both essential and supplemental material with a conclusion) for the completionist out there. And just call it Batman Vol.2 DELUXE EDITION: Night of the Owls.

  6. In the interest of fairness, here's the Marvel solicits and what I'm interested in getting. http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/10/18/marvel-comics-january-2013-solicitations?page=2

    First X-Men--It's Neal Adams and Christos Gage on an untold X-Men story with Adams on art. I loved "X-Men/Spider-Man", and the art may make it worth buying the HC.

    Wolverine and the X-Men Volume 2 TPB--WaTX is one of Marvel's best titles (I'll be reviewing at least one volume in January).

    Avenging Spider-Man: The Good, The Green and The Ugly--I haven't read the first AvSM volume yet, but if it's similar in tone to Wells' Carnage work, I'm on board.

    Iron Man by Joe Quesada--This is a reprinting/new version of "Mask in the Iron Man", plus the return of Wong Chu. This is the "sentient Iron Man" armor story and I might take a look at it.

    Avengers vs. Thanos--This is the the first part of the Infinity Gems saga, so it'll go right alongside Silver Surfer: Return of Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Now where's that IG Omnibus...

    Spider-Man: The Death of Jean DeWolff--Classic Peter David Spidey. It's a story I've been meaning to read.

    X-Men: Mutant Massacre and Fall of the Mutants Vol. 1--They're publishing sections of the omnibi as trades, so that works for me. I eventually want to get to Inferno, and these are crucial stops along the way.

    Avengers: The Once and Future Kang--I'm not sure if my brain can handle the Council of Kang story. This volume also contains the first part of Phoenix Rising, where they find Jean's pod.

    Nothing from Dark Horse is striking me, but I'll post the link here: http://www.newsarama.com/comics/dark-horse-january-2013-solicitations.html

    Here are the IDW solicits: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2012/10/19/exclusive-idw-solicitations-for-january-2013-transformers-my-little-pony-doctor-who-gi-joe-star-trek-and-more/

    Doctor Who Omnibus Vol. 1--This contains "The Forgotten", so I can get that plus some other good Who stories for a few dollars more.

    Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who: Assimilation Squared Vol. 2--Volume 1 is getting reviewed next month, and this is definitely getting a review when it comes out.

    Transformers Regeneration Vol. 1--This takes over from the end of the original Transformers series, complete with Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman. This is a must for Transformers fans.

  7. Ditto on Catwoman, Kelly H. and AngryLionheart. At the point these start going into the previously-uncollected Brubaker Catwoman issues, I'd be buying the whole lot.

    Xavico -- Unfortunately solicitations have become so untrustworthy that some books you just have to check in the store before you buy -- we don't know until we know, essentially. I have the same concern with Batman: City of Owls -- solicitations suggest the Batman Annual will be in there, but what if I buy it and then it's not?

    Evan -- The Silver Age Titans collection isn't my cup of tea, but I'm glad it's yours. This was a Showcase and now it's an Archive? How much is duplicated between the two? I'm surprised to see that jump -- heck, I'm kind of surprised to see a new Archive.

    shagmu -- Good to know. Evidence toward issue #13 to be included, then. Next question is, will reading it spoil any part of "Death of the Family" (that is, should I hold off reading Batgirl Vol. 2 until after I read Batman Vol. 3: Death of the Family? Had that problem with Batman: Dark Knight: Knight Terrors, which includes a "Night of the Owls" issue.

    Love it, Doug. Thanks for including that.

  8. What issues of catwoman are uncollected? I have the original four trades and always assumed they collected the whole run.

  9. I picked up Batgirl 13 and Catwoman 13. To tell the truth, both of them lack any real involvement to the "Death of the Family" arc. Both are teases.

    And there is another question that's has to come up: How will the "Death of the Family" event be collected? You just know this is going to be hell to collect and get right, just like the Night of the Owls event.

  10. Doug -- The number of classic Marvel collections that have been coming out lately is pretty impressive, and January's solicits are yet another testament to that. I think the death of the Premiere Classic line has actually proven itself to be a good thing; it seems like Marvel has been more willing in the last few months to take risks on larger softcover collections as a result.

    Makes sense, too...they probably cost about as much to print (if not less) than the Premiere Classics did, they retail for higher, and since they're effectively "done-in-ones," they don't have to worry about the law of diminishing returns. I'm really looking forward to seeing what reprints they're able to pump out in the next year.

  11. We can definitely thank the films for the huge upswing in reprint materials. A few years back, there were barely any Iron Man trades. Now there are dozens, covering probably 80% of all published material under the main IM title. (Except the Modular Armor era, dammit. I want my "Hands of the Mandarin" trade!) Even "The Crossing" got an omnibus since it was an Avengers crossover.

    I'm definitely happy about the softcovers; I wouldn't have been able to read "Captain America: The Captain" or even "Iron Man: War Machine" (which I'm reviewing next week) without them.

    Even still, the Masterworks are chugging through the 70s with Hulk and Doctor Strange. With the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie coming up, we'll get some trades of that (plus Rocket Raccoon and other ancillary titles of the characters). There isn't as much Ant-Man material that's gone uncollected, but I can assume we'll get a big HC of the Yellowjacket arc and the trial of Hank Pym.

  12. There's still a lot of Iron Man left to cover, but it's gotten a lot better recently. (The Michelinie/Layton Omnibus helps quite a bit.) I would love to see the Busiek run finished out, and the time between "Mask in the Iron Man" and "Avengers Disassembled" covered as well.

    I'm looking forward to the softcover Guardians of the Galaxy collections -- it seems like a better way to package the material than Marvel was doing with the Premiere Classics. They seem to have fast-tracked those, which gives me hope that we'll see Jim Valentino's late-'80s revival collected sooner than later.

  13. @Anonymous: The original four trades collect issues #1-10 und #12-24. But Brubakers run goes on until #37, so that whole second portion never got reprinted.
    Imho #1-24 are the best issues, though. After #24 they changed the art style (with Paul Gulacy drawing most issues) and it wasn't the same anymore.

  14. Evan MeadowOctober 20, 2012

    The next Silver Age TT Archive is collecting issues #7 - 20 and Brave & the Bold #83.

    According to the info I saw for what was in Vol 2 of the Teen Titans Showcase, it continued past that up to TT #36, along with another B&B and a World's Finest issue.

    So maybe there's a Vol 3 Archive that can be in the offering if this sells well. We shall see.

  15. Hi, i have a question and i don't know where else to post it: is there any news on the publication of the new trade collection of brubaker's catwoman run? I mean, the new collection came out in february and I haven't heard of a Vol 2 publication date.

    Thank you in advance.

  16. So, after finally getting all the 80(?)+ issues of Animal Man's run they finally decided to continue releasing his TPBs, heh? Ah!

  17. @ Eyz: They announced the Stars and STRIPE trades about two months after I finished collecting the entire run. I know how you feel.

  18. Similarly, they announced the Geoff Johns Flash Omnibus volumes just days after I completed my TPB collection by purchasing the last out-of-print book on eBay for a "premium price".

  19. Jeral, see some discussion of the expanded Brubaker Catwoman trades above your comment. No known release date for Vol. 2 yet, unfortunately.


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