DC Trade Solicitations for April 2013 - I, Vampire and Impulse cancelled, Deluxe Solo, Stormwatch Vol. 2


Before we get in to DC Comics's April 2013 trade collection solicitations (some of which we've already talked about), two cancellations to note.

First of all, Joshua Hale Fialkov's I, Vampire, the first trade of which I really enjoyed, was announced as cancelled yesterday. Not only did Fialkov write an intricate story, but artist Andrea Sorrentino bucked the trend of weirdly oversexualized New 52 art (I had just read New Guardians with art by Tyler Kirkham right before it), making the book a gem I enjoyed for a number of reasons.

Sorrentino will work on Green Arrow with Jeff Lemire, which is great (could be the best Green Arrow has been in years) and Fialkov hinted on Twitter that he might have more DC stuff coming up -- here's hoping! I'd also be glad to see I, Vampire's Andrew Bennett show up somewhere else in the DC Universe, as they've done with OMAC and others.

The other cancellation is that of Impulse: Runs in the Family, meant to be the start of a new series of collections of the Mark Waid series. This is another one solicited but cancelled before release due to low pre-orders. Speed Force said exactly what I was thinking, that it's not hard to see why this collection struggled when it collects just ten issues of Impulse (with no promise of a volume two necessarily) and alternatively almost 50 issues of Impulse are available with no waiting over on Comixology.

Irrespective of how digital and print compete month to month on single issues, I wouldn't be surprised if we see strong reaction to digital availability among collection releases -- between releasing a second collection of John Ostrander's Suicide Squad or Roy Thomas's Infinity Inc. in print or making them available digitally with much less risk, I imagine digital will win. I expect what we will start to see in collections is either new, immediate books like the New 52 titles, or else more spectacular collections like the Absolutes and omnibuses (and the April 2013 collections are no exception), with less of the middle ground.

(Also I think it's worth considering whether, if the Young Justice cartoon hadn't gone on a sudden hiatus at the end of the year, whether Impulse's prominence on that series might've helped any; it seems to me that's why DC floated this collection in the first place.)

(Also also, I should mention that Superman Family Adventures is cancelled too, unfortunately. Anj eulogizes it well at Comic Box Commentary.)

* Absolute Superman/Batman Vol. 1 HC
* Solo Deluxe Edition HC
* Watchmen Deluxe Edition HC

* Stormwatch Vol. 2 HC

Case in point, among DC's April listings is the Absolute Superman/Batman and two deluxe books, both Solo and Watchmen, as well as the start of a Golden Age Superman omnibus series.

Like many of you, I was holding out hope that this final, official solicitation for the second hardcover collection of Warren Ellis's Stormwatch series would finally include WildCATS/Aliens, but no dice. And that's even with a solicitation that says "When disaster strikes in the form of alien creatures, can the team survive?" Ah, well.

* Batman and Robin Vol. 2: Pearl HC
* Demon Knights Vol. 2: The Avalon Trap TP
* Grifter Vol. 2: Newfound Power TP
* Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 2: The Dominators TP
* Superboy Vol. 2: Extraction TP
* Superman Vol. 2: Secrets and Lies HC
* The Phantom Stranger Vol. 1: A Stranger Among Us TP
* The Ravagers Vol. 1: The Kids From N.O.W.H.E.R.E. TP

For those playing along at home, the Batman and Robin, Demon Knights, Grifter, Legion, Superboy, and Phantom Stranger collections all include their zero issue. Both Superman and Ravagers had one, but they're not included here.

Comings and goings: Demon Knights Vol. 2 doesn't finish out Paul Cornell's run (it collects through issue #12, Cornell remained to #15), but I wouldn't be surprised if DC upped the contents so as not to have the next trade only contain three of Cornell's issues. On the other hand, the Jurgens/Giffen Superman collection also includes Scott Lobdell's Superman Annual, so technically his run starts with this trade.

Superboy: Extraction's contents are a little weird -- issues #0, 8-12, and Teen Titans #10. Titans #10 is not a "Culling" crossover issue necessarily, and since Extraction lacks the other "Culling" issues anyway (so it'll need text pages or something to explain what's going on), it's strange that Titans #10 is included and not just explained away, until it has some specific tie to the Superboy issues that I don't realize. I'm bugged a bit how DC is repeating some issues in multiple collections, something I'll get into another time.

That's my take on DC's collected editions for April 2013 -- what're you buying?

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  1. the Captain Comet Archives took me by surprise. that one has me excited.

  2. I'm a big Impulse fan but I didn't buy the trade because I already had those issues. Besides I, Vampire, Saucer Country is also getting cancelled.

  3. I have the Impulse issues, but since dropping all floppies and switching to trades, I'd rather replace them. Was looking forward to having a nice run of Impulse on my shelf. Bah! More annoyed at I, Vampire and Saucer Country being cancelled tho. Seems every week there's more bad news coming from DC at the moment...

    Saying that, I'm still enjoying the bulk of the New 52, so will be picking up all the trades mentioned above with the exception of Grifter. Am I missing anything there? The character has never particularly interested me before...

  4. I'm really on the fence about Superboy.

    On the one hand, I'm fairly loyal to the character and I did enjoy Teen Titans, which seems to go hand-in-hand with Superboy; however, the first volume of Superboy, Incubation, was more uneven. I did enjoy Silva's art (the cartoon-y style seems to work better for the Young Justice titles) and I think Lobdell had some interesting ideas. Unfortunately, I never bought Superboy's transformation from amoral clone to superhero. It seems almost as if Lobdell really wanted to write an anti-hero, but was afraid to commit at the last minute and reversed course (in Incubation, Superboy goes from wreaking havoc by burning the city Christmas tree to foiling bad guys in a matter of a few pages).

    In light of the repeated issues, I'm considering just dropping the title altogether (and maybe Teen Titans as well) and just picking up the Culling crossover. If there's anyone who has been reading either of the titles monthly, can you tell me if Teen Titans still needs to be read alongside Superboy, even after the Culling crossover?

  5. They may be holding the Superman #0 for the next volume, seeing that Lobdell and Rocafort begin their run in that issue.

  6. It make sense to include Teen Titans #10 in the second Superboy volume, since that issue is a direct continuation of Superboy #10, but I really don't see the point of including issues #8-9 without the rest of The Culling.

    Even stranger is the decision not to collect the first Teen Titans annual in the book's second volume, even though it was co-written by Lobdell and pencilled by Booth.

    As for Scott Beattie's question, Superboy stopped being heavily interconnected with Teen Titans after Lobdell left the book with issue #11, but now it's in the middle of a crossover with Superman and Supergirl. I'm curious to see how DC will collect that one.

  7. Consider I, Vampire has had poor sales from the start, I'm really surprised it lasted this long. DC gave it a ton of chances and breathing room, great critical acclaim, and a small strong fanbase. So I don't blame DC finally cancelling it. Blame people for not buying it on that one. but it really will be missed.

    Saucer Country and DC Universe Presents were also great books. Cornell even said he was going to continue SC even after leaving DC. Looks like DC changed their minds. I also read on a site Cornell has openly admitted the sudden ending of SC and that many plot points will be left hanging come volume 2. So for that, he promised he'd finish his comic in some shape or form in the future for fans.

    And DC Universe Presents was great because it aloud for lesser known DC characters to get some spotlight. The Deadman issues from Paul Jenkins was phenomenal and James Robinson's Vandal Savage mini-series was great too. So much potential from this series is going to waste.

    And I am bummed out and greatly angry from the cancelled Impulse collection. They cancelled because of lack of pre-orders? Really? Is that how low DC has gotten themselves now, that they judge sales from pre-orders? C'mon guys. A lot of people don't even know about what trades get released until...guess what? Release.

    I can understand DC and any other business in that a product does not make money you gave to cut the line, but not giving a product a chance before it is even released is absurd.

    I still love DC and the New 52 but the current news is just depressing.

  8. http://www.amazon.com/Impulse-Vol-1-Runs-Family/dp/1401238262/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358435037&sr=8-1&keywords=IMPULSE+VOL.+1%3A+RUNS+IN+THE+FAMILY ?

  9. @Anonymous - I know, you can still find listings, but the Impulse book is can-ca-can-can-cancelled.

    @Joseph - What do you like about the Captain Comet Archives? I don't know much about it.

    @Jules - The first three or four issues of Grifter were good, and then it was downhill from there (see my review). I dig the Daemonite story in the New 52 and the ties to Voodoo, etc., so I'll be getting this one, but it's probably merciful the title is cancelled.

    @shagmu - The TT Annual in the Culling book is the only reason I'm getting the Culling book (else I could just read between the TT, Superboy, and Legion Lost trades). If that annual does end up in the TT book, that's what DC should do, but I'll be miffed I bought the Culling trade for nothing.

    @AngryLionheart - Agreed, I don't blame DC for canceling I, Vampire; they're a business and businesses have to make money. Also it's good they let Fialkov bring the story to a close.

    Someone give me the one sentence pitch for Saucer County. What did you enjoy about the series?

  10. Usually I'd wait for the IDW and Image solicits before making the non-DC/non-Marvel trades post, but Dark Horse has some really good stuff in April. http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=43223

    *Adventures of Dr. McNinja Omnibus TP--Yes, you can get the entire thing for free online, but AdMcN is written to be read in trade-format. Plus it's more money in Chris Hastings' pockets, and that's not a bad thing.

    *Bloodhound TP--I remember Bloodhound vaguely; it was starting up just as I was getting into comics back in 2004. Dan Jolley is bringing it back as a creator-owned title for DHP, a company which has had really good luck with publishing old work from other companies, enabling them to get the old stuff in trade in time for the new stuff to start.

    *Conan Vol. 13: The Queen of the Black Coast TPB--With the announcement that Brian Wood is writing an all-female X-Men team come April, this is a good opportunity to see how he writes strong females.

    *Grendel Omnibus Vol. 3: Orion's Reign TPB--More Grendel! This is never a bad thing, even though the later Future-Grendel stuff can get a little odd.

    *Star Wars: Legacy Volume 1 HC--The Star Wars comics situation is tenuous at the moment. With the new films coming out and Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm, I think there will be an entirely new, second Expanded Universe. Until then, this is the furthest into the future the comics have gone, and it's a good read.

  11. I am miffed that the Impulse trade is cancelled. I wasn't very much impressed by the new 52 to continue buying the stuff unless I can get them unbearably cheap...the only ones that impressed me (enough to buy at full price) are Batman,Action,Justice League Dark,Suicide Squad,Swamp Thing,Batwoman and Green Lantern (and I might keep a tiny eye out for All Star Western,Resurrection Man Batman and Robin, Red Hood and Animal Man) so nowadays I really look forward to classic post crisis reprints - will be getting Batman:Prey,Batman:Gotham by Gaslight,I Vampire, Chase,Resurrection Man Vol 1,Day of Judgment in the months to come. Impulse, somehow made me understand that a whole series of Mark Waid Flash trades might be on the way (and I don't understand why,in spite of being in demand is never being solicited...maybe what I consider as demand is too small?) had this done well...but doggone it. Besides, I think there is some credibility to the point that DC doesn't want to line the pockets of creators that are no longer with them and are with other competitors unless the slice of pie is too huge to ignore---a'la Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, Kingdom Come...possibly accounting for no reprints of, among others, Chuck Dixon's non Bane Batman work, Peter David's lengthy runs on Supergirl, Young Justice and Aquaman and Batman: Sword of Azrael, by Dennis O'Neil and Joe Quesada.

  12. That, and the cancellations of Suicide Squad (Ostrander) Vol 2, JLI (Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire) Vol 7, Deathstroke Vol 1 (Wolfman) and the DC/Marvel Crossover Classics Omnibus, coupled with the non continuation of classic Firestorm (Gerry Conway), Sandman Mystery Theatre and Shade The Changing Man (the last two over at Vertigo) has me a little dissatisfied with DC.

  13. CE: Saucer Country is best described as X-Files meets the West Wing.

    And what I enjoyed most was the vast weirdness of aliens and politics being very similar in many ways. Are they both real? Can you believe what you really see? Or is one big illusion?

    That's just what I feel about Saucer Country.

  14. Image Solicits: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=43249
    Invincible Ultimate Collection Vol. 8 HC: I really need to catch up on Invincible, especially since it’s on the “to-review” list.

    Marvel Solicits: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=43246

    Iron Man/War Machine: Hands of the Mandarin TPB-- HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLELUJAH! They finally listened to me! Okay, it was really just a matter of time, but MODULAR ARMOR IRON MAN IN TRADE FORM!!!!!!!! Bring on “Crash and Burn”!

    Wolverine by Mark Millar Omnibus—This is an… interesting concept. It collects “Enemy of the State” and “Old Man Logan”, two great arcs, but they’re not really connected except by the writer in question. “OML” is on my purchase list, and if I can get this cheap, I might do so.

    Wolverine: Official Index to the Marvel Universe TPB—If you couldn’t tell, these next few months are going to be very Iron Man and Wolverine intensive. I’ve become a lot more interested in the Canucklehead after Kitty Pryde Month and the Indices are great guides.

    Wolverine and the X-Men Vol. 4 TPB—It’s a bit too late for me on this one; I can wait for the TPBS of Volumes 2 and 3, which come out this and next month, but I might just switch to HCs thereafter.

    Indestructible Hulk: Agent of SHIELD HC—I love this series. It collects the issues before it switches artists to Walt Simonson, which I think will only make the book even better (Leinil Yu is great, but my Simonson fetish is well-documented on this website).

    Journey Into Mystery Featuring Sif Vol. 1: Stronger Than Monsters TPB—Another fantastic book, which is building up Sif just in time for “Thor: The Dark World”. Now if we can just get some more Beta Ray Bill out of it…

    Thunderbolts Vol. 1: No Quarter TPB—The reception on this has been less-than-positive, as if the presence of the Punisher and the Red Hulk in a non-getting-hit-by-Thor context wasn’t dissuading me.

    A+X Vol. 1: =Awesome TPB—It took me about to minute to realize that the title wasn’t a typo, just a pun. This is basically “Marvel Two-In-One” (“Avenging Spider-Man” is the new “Marvel Team-Up”) and it’s some simple fun each month.

    Captain Marvel Vol. 2: Down TPB—This should be a cheat trade* for me once I get my books sorted. Carol Danvers needs a film of her own if she’s not going to be in “Guardians of the Galaxy”. She’s Marvel’s Wonder Woman at this point, at least in terms of how she ranks in the universe (power-wise, Marvel’s Wonder Woman is Sif).

    The Twelve HC—Well here’s a series I never thought I’d see finished. There was a massive gap in publication, but JMS and Chris Weston finally finished it up in 2012; I’ve been waiting for the full collected edition before picking it up. Fans of the JSA will really dig this book.

    FF By Jonathan Hickman Vol. 4 TPB—I mention this not because I intend to get it, but because I want to send out vibes for a “Jonathan Hickman F4/FF Omnibus”.

    Spider-Men TPB—I wonder how differently this will read in a post-ASM 700/”Superior” #1 Marvel Universe. It’s on the “will look at” list for me.

    Squadron Supreme TPB—This Marvel Epic is one of the most influential books in modern comics, as equally responsible as “The Dark Knight Returns” and “Watchmen” when it comes to tone. This is definitely getting a review from me in the near future.

    Castle: Richard Castle’s Deadly Storm TPB—Marvel’s been adapting the fake books from TV’s “Castle” series, and this new one is written by BMB and Kelly Sue DeConnick, two of Marvel’s wittiest writers. This could be a lot of fun.

    X-Men: Fall of the Mutants TPB—This is the moment when the X-Men turned from a phenomenon into Marvel’s greatest driving financial force. Hopefully we’ll be getting the “Inferno” TPBs soon after.

    *A “cheat trade”, for me, is a collection of a book that I’m getting as single issues. As a result, I’ll review those individual issues as I would a trade. You can blame “Hawkeye” for this.


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