DC Trade Solicitations for February 2017 - Wonder Woman by Perez Vol. 2, Wonder Woman and JLA, Rebirth Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Titans


Wonder Woman wins the day in DC Comics's February 2017 hardcover and trade paperback solicitations, with much anticipated collections of both her early post-Crisis on Infinite Earths and circa-Zero Hour Justice League days. There's also new reprints of Supergirl and Deathstroke, the Terminator (again!), and a slew of first volume Rebirth collections.

Whether you're reading this with turkey on the mind or not, let's take a look at what's coming soon.

Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus Vol. 2 HC

Rumored for a while, the best news this month is that for the first time, DC will continue collecting George Perez's run on the post-Crisis on Infinite Earths Wonder Woman with issues #25-45 and Annual #2. This isn't it, mind you, as there would still need to be one more volume to complete Perez's issues, including parts of the recently-collected War of the Gods.

Wonder Woman and the Justice League of America Vol. 1 TP

I find equally very exciting this collection of Dan Vado's Justice League America, titled Wonder Woman and the Justice League of America, which not only has Wonder Woman leading the Justice League and a Bloodlines crossover annual, but also a lot of material with Captain Atom, the Ray, Maxima, Blue Beetle, and Booster Gold, leading into the instant classic Extreme Justice. This collection of issues #78-85 stops just short of the "Judgment Day" crossover, but goes so far as to include a Guy Gardner issue(!) for the "Trouble with Guys" crossover, so I'm hopefully the next volume would collect "Judgment Day" in full. If DC really wants to keep going with this, there's plenty of good Gerard Jones material to collect after Zero Hour.

Supergirl by Peter David Book Two TP

Whereas previous collections of Peter David's Supergirl series have focused mainly on the issues drawn by Gary Frank, this second new collection finally gets into the never-collected issues by Leonard Kirk, who would go on to draw most of the series' 80 issues. Included here are issues #10-20, including "Genesis" and "Millenium Giants" cross-over issues, as well as the "Pulp Heroes" Annual #2.

Deathstroke, the Terminator Vol. 3: Nuclear Winter TP

Off and on and on and off the schedule, here again is the Deathstroke: Nuclear Winter collection, reprinting both the great "Nuclear Winter" arc that saw Deathstroke and Arsenal Roy Harper pitted against Cheshire, but also the Deathstroke chapters of the (loose) "Total Chaos" crossover with New Titans.

Batgirl Vol. 1: Beyond Burnside TP
Cyborg Vol. 1: The Imitation of Life TP
Deathstroke Vol. 1: The Professional TP
Harley Quinn Vol. 1: Die Laughing TP
Hellblazer Vol. 1: The Poison Truth TP
Suicide Squad Vol. 1: The Black Vault Part One TP
Titans Vol. 1: The Return of Wally West TP

Of these Rebirth collections, Batgirl collects issues #1-6, Cyborg collects the Rebirth special and issues #1-5, Deathstroke collects the Rebirth special and issues #1-5, Harley Quinn collects issues #1-7, Hellblazer collects the Rebirth special and issues #1-6, and Titans collects the Rebirth special and issues #1-6.

The Suicide Squad collection includes the Rebirth special and just issues #1-4, which I assume includes the back-up stories, and touts a new Jim Lee cover.

Justice League of America: Power and Glory HC

Collects issues #1-4 and #6-10 of the Bryan Hitch series, skipping the issue #5 Martian Manhunter one-shot by that series's team. You'd have to tell me whether issue #10 ends on a cliffhanger and how this'll read necessarily if issues #11-12 aren't published.

Batman by Brian K. Vaughan TP

This collection of Batman #588-590, Detective Comics #787, Wonder Woman #160-161, and a story from the Batman: Gotham City Secret Files is the same contents as Batman: False Faces, just re-branded. For those playing at home, the Batman stories come in the midst of Ed Brubaker's run (filling a hole in the Batman by Ed Brubaker Vol. 1 collection), just after "Officer Down"; the Detective issue also falls in a Brubaker run, a little bit before Paul Dini's run parallel to Grant Morrison's Batman; and Wonder Woman #160-161 is between Eric Luke's and Phil Jimenez's runs. The Gotham City Secret Files introduces a villain called the Skeleton, but Vaughan never had a chance to follow up on that story.

Batman: Ego and Other Tails Deluxe Edition HC

A deluxe-size reprint of the Darwyn Cooke collection, which includes Cooke's graphic novel Batman: Ego, Catwoman: Selina's Big Score, backup stories from Gotham Knights #23 and #33, plus a Batman/Catwoman story from Solo #1 written by Cooke and drawn by Tim Sale, and Cooke's Solo #5.

Flintstones Vol. 1 TP
Wacky Raceland TP

Hey, I liked Mark Russell's Prez. You say Flintstones is brilliant social commentary, I believe you, though you had to admit it's about the craziest thing anyone's said this year (well, maybe not this year, but you know what I mean).

JSA: The Golden Age Deluxe Edition HC

There's been some talk of whether this one was cancelled or not, so I wanted to point out the deluxe edition of the four-issue miniseries is back on the schedule.

Zatanna by Paul Dini TP

Some time ago this was touted as "all" of Paul Dini's Zatanna stories. Here, it is indeed Zatanna #1-16, the Zatanna series just prior to the New 52, the Everyday Magic graphic novel, a story from the DC Infinite Halloween Special, and a story from the DC Universe Rebirth Holiday Special, which makes this awfully timely (though I thought Dini's story from that book is supposed to be a Harley Quinn story). Missing however is Black Canary/Zatanna: Bloodspell, and you can decide how you feel about that.

I am thankful for you being a loyal reader of Collected Editions. What's your comics-related gratitude for the year? What looks good to you on this list?

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  1. Good month for Wonder Woman fans, and I remain baffled that a TPB called "Zatanna by Paul Dini" will include issues not written by him and omit Bloodspell.

    1. Are those issues from the monthly series that aren't written by him?

    2. Adam Beechen wrote issues #7, #14, #16 and the backup from #9, Matthew Sturges wrote #12 and Derek Fridolfs wrote #15. By cutting all of that, I believe there would be room for Bloodspell in the TPB.

  2. Like you I really wonder how the JLA: Power and Glory trade will look. But amazon and other online shops say: "This trade paperback collects issues #1-3, #5-12 and ANNUAL #1", so I really don't know what to believe (certainly because as you said it is issue #5 that is the stand alone one). I really don't know why DC can't give out correct information on this, this has been going on for ages now. I'd rather they give no information until they're 100% sure.

    From that list of Rebirth books, the Titans one is on top of my list. The title alone would do that, but I'm also curious if they explain a bit more about how they fit in Donna Troy her past. It just doesn't fit with what I remember of the Wonder Woman trades.

    I'm also enjoying these reprints of the old JLA series and their crossovers, but I'm a bit confused as why they jump back and forth with the releases.

    I have major doubts about the release of JSA: The Golden Age, because all reprints that are James Robinson related have been canceled by DC. I just wish whatever is wrong gets solved, these books deserve to be reprinted. You once made a remark and it stayed with me: "I trust James Robinson to write a paper bag and make it interesting".

    I don't mind the Black Canary/Zatanna: Bloodspell story missing from the trade, it was released in the summer of 2015 and it's still in print. I checked that last part because some of Paul Dini his books stop getting reprints, to my regret I'm still missing: "Batman: Death and the City".

    I don't know if you've previously mentioned this book in another Solicitations list, but the 3rd book of the Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison comes out in February (https://www.amazon.com/Doom-Patrol-Three-Grant-Morrison/dp/1401265979/)

    1. Possibly some insight into the Donna Troy situation to be found in Titans Hunt. Will be reviewing that on the soon(ish) horizon.

    2. I was confused because of Titans Hunt, but I only read the 8 single issues. I couldn't wait for the TPB, partially because they said it was a Rebirth intro and partially because I really want to read Dick Grayson in a Titans setting. Writing this, I just remembered myself that I still have to buy it.

  3. Glad to see JSA: The Golden Age resolicited. I hope it stays on the schedule this time.

  4. Highlights from Marvel (for me):

    Epic Collections for X Factor, Excaliber, and New Mutants.

  5. Flinstones has been a wonderful surprise. I wouldn't say it's a great book, but it's definitely one that I'm thankful for trying and staying with.

    What I'm really looking forward to is the Wonder Woman and the Justice League trade since I've been collecting a lot of JL lately. I do hope they continue on this and start filling in more holes of their trades collections.

  6. Still waiting for Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka volume 2


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