DC Rebirth Deluxe Hardcovers, Batgirl Stephanie Brown, Batman Year Two, Zero Year, Batwoman by Rucka, Wonder Woman by Byrne, Aquaman by Johns, Justice League of America: Road to Rebirth, more in DC Comics Summer 2017 solicitations

December 2, 2016


The weather outside is frightful, but inside it's DC Comics's Summer 2017 trade paperback and hardcover collection solicitations!

As we just learned the other day, DC will be collecting the first two volumes of their Rebirth paperbacks in hardcover on the same day as the third volumes are released -- Superman, Batman, Justice League, Hal Jordan and the Green Lanterns, Flash, and Action Comics are all listed below.

There's not a lot on this list that I found very surprising, but we do see the next reprint collections of Dennis O'Neil's Azrael, Marv Wolfman's Deathstroke, the Terminator, Chuck Dixon's Nightwing and Robin, and the post-Crisis Green Lantern series, as well as Supergirl books both from the Peter David run and the later Kara Zor-El stories, and the next volume of Greg Rucka's pre-Flashpoint Wonder Woman.

There's also a new collection of John Byrne's Wonder Woman, a Batman: Zero Hour collection, new collections of Stephanie Brown as Batgirl and Greg Rucka's complete Batwoman stories, more post-Crisis Batman, the end of the "Sub Diego"-era Aquaman stories, Jack Kirby's Super Powers, and a Legion Lost collection that also includes the "Legion of the Damned" issues.

So not a bad take altogether. Let's take a look!

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Note that all of this information is subject to change before publication. Not all links may yet be functional.

Adam Strange: Planet Heist (New Edition)
Adam Strange: The Silver Age Omnibus

I liked this Adam Strange miniseries when it came out, a prelude to Infinite Crisis's Rann-Thanagar War, by Andy Diggle and Pasqual Ferry, though the miniseries both other creative teams that followed fizzled after a while. This plus the Silver Age Omnibus and Death of Hawkman suggests to me some new emphasis on Adam Strange coming up in Rebirth, maybe a dedicated cosmic DC title besides the Green Lantern franchise.

Aquaman by Geoff Johns Omnibus

Solicitations still have this book collecting issues #0-16 plus Justice League #14-16, through "Throne of Atlantis." That's surely the most notable part of this run, but to call this an "Aquaman by Geoff Johns Omnibus," it would seem most logical to also include issues #17-25, Johns's "Death of a King" storyline.

Aquaman Vol. 1 & 2 Deluxe Edition (Rebirth)

As discussed, this is a hardcover collection of the first two paperback volumes of the Rebirth series. Solicitations say issues #1-12 and the Rebirth special, which probably isn't right because that doesn't match the contents of the original collections themselves. This does arrive in stories at the same time as the third paperback volume, and includes "variant covers, concept sketches and other bonus material."

Aquaman Vol. 3 (Rebirth)

Said to collect issues #11-16. Please tell me the villainous organization here isn't really called NEMO.

Aquaman: Kingdom Lost

The "Sub Diego" era of Aquaman was most notable, I think, for the initial Will Pfiefer/Patrick Gleason story and not for what came after, though for completeness I'm glad that DC is continuing through the John Arcudi run that ends this series where it collided with Infinite Crisis, with issues #32-39. It only troubles me a bit that there's now just ten issues of this series never collected, issues #5-14 by Rick Veitch (the last two by John Ostrander); not wholly well-remembered, but it leaves a hole where completeness is concerned.

Azrael Vol. 3

We're still not sure on the contents of these, but if Azrael Vol. 2: Requiem went to issue #12, then this could collect issues #13-20, a slightly large trade but it would collect the "Demon Time" story (with Nightwing), the Contagion crossovers, and the four part "Angel in Flames." Barry Kitson continues on art with Dennis O'Neil until issue #28, which is when this eccentric series was at its best; upcoming stories will tie in to Cataclysm, No Man's Land, Day of Judgment, Joker: Last Laugh, and Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Fugitive.

Batgirl: Stephanie Brown Vol. 1

Finally, a collection of Bryan Q. Miller's superlative run on Batgirl starring former-Spoiler Stephanie Brown, among the most entertaining and tonally perfect series I've read about a teen vigilante superhero. This is said to collect issues #1-13, so the Batgirl Rising and Flood collections, with the next volume presumably reprinting the Lesson collection (which ended with the Flashpoint/New 52 changeover).

Batman Arkham: Clayface

Batman Beyond Vol. 1: The Return (Rebirth)

The first six-issues of the Rebirth series by Dan Jurgens, plus the Rebirth special.

Batman by Azzarello & Risso Deluxe Edition

Collects "Broken City," plus their Flashpoint miniseries, Wednesday Comics, and a black-and-white story from Gotham Knights #8.

Batman by Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo Box Set 2

The second box set collects Vols. 4-6, Zero Year: Secret City and Dark City plus Graveyard Shift. Obviously Snyder and Capullo's Batman doesn't divide evenly by three, but Vol. 10 is short so I suspect the next box set will have the final four volumes. Other runs you all think deserve this box set treatment?

Batman in The Court of Owls: An Adult Coloring Book

Batman Noir: Dark Victory

Batman The Caped Crusader Vol. 1

Collects Mike W. Barr's Batman: Year Two and the sequel Full Circle graphic novel. Being "Vol. 1," my hope is that this continues to collect the immediate-post-Crisis Batman issues, which are only collected spottily and especially on the Detective Comics side. Year Two isn't everyone's cup of tea but I liked it, and it directly inspired one of the best Batman movies ever, the animated Mask of the Phantasm.

Batman Vol. 1 & 2 Deluxe Edition (Rebirth)

Batman Vol. 3: I Am Bane (Rebirth)

Batman -- Detective Comics Vol. 9: Gordon at War

Batman: Haunted Knight (New Edition)

Batman: The Golden Age Vol. 3

Batman: Year One (New Edition)

Batman: Zero Hour

As we had suspected, this is a collection both all the Zero Hour tie-ins across the Batman line and then also the "Zero Month" issues from the same. Sort of a random collection, but a nice slice of history at the same time. The Zero Hour issues feature a time-lost Batgirl Barbara Gordon at the time she was still Oracle, the Golden Age Alfred, and Robin Tim Drake meeting Robin Dick Grayson. The "Zero Month" issues will serve as a cute, short primer on Batman, though of course not a few continuities removed at this point.

Batman/Superman Vol. 6

Batman/TMNT Vol. 1

Batwoman by Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III

Most notable about this collection of Greg Rucka and JH WIlliams's Detective Comics Batwoman stories is, with no offense to Williams, the three previously uncollected issues drawn by Jock and Scott Kolins, "Cutter." This completes the pre-Flashpoint collection of Batwoman stories in her "own" title.

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye Vol. 1: Going Underground

Cave Carson: The Silver Age

This appears to be listed as already cancelled.

Checkmate by Greg Rucka Vol. 2

The first volume was supposed to collect issues #1-12, but seems actually to have the lead-in OMAC Project material. If this has #1-12, then again it would be the original Vols. 1 and 2, A King's Game and Pawn Breaks, with issues #16-22 left to essentially reprint the original Vol. 3, Fall of the Wall.

Cyborg Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

Daring Adventures of Supergirl Vol. 2

The second volume of Daring Adventures of Supergirl collects issues #14-23, which is actually when this title became just Supergirl around the Helen Slater movie. This collection includes an Ambush Bug appearance; also shortly after the end of this series is when this Supergirl would die in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

DC Comics/Dark Horse: Batman vs. Predator

Collects the first, second, and third Batman vs. Predator miniseries.

DC Covergirls: An Adult Coloring Book

DC Horror: House of Secrets Vol. 1

Collects House of Secrets #92-97, including the first appearance of Swamp Thing.

DC Spotlight: Wonder Girl

The cover art shows Cassie Sandsmark, but this "Spotlight" collection seems to equally favor some classic and current Donna Troy adventures. A curious collection -- I wonder if we'll see some other DC Spotlight collections soon or if this also suggests some major happening for one Wonder Girl or another.

DC Super Hero Girls: A Kids Coloring Book

DC Super Hero Girls: Summer Olympus

Deadman by Kelley Jones: The Complete Collection

By Mike Baron with art by Kelley Jones, this is Deadman: Love After Death and Deadman: Exorcism. I wish they had also included Deadman's Batman appearances from about this time by Doug Moench and Jones.

Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love

Death of Hawkman

Deathstroke The Terminator Vol. 4

Collects issues #27-34, the "World Tour" storyline, by Marv Wolfman and penciller Steve Erwin, plus the "Bloodlines" tie-in annual that introduced Gunfire, a New Blood heroes who actually got his own thirteen-issue series.

Deathstroke Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

Doom Patrol Vol. 1: Brick by Brick

Doom Patrol: The Silver Age Omnibus

Earth 2: Society Vol. 4

This will be the final collection of the New 52 Earth 2: Society series.

Elseworlds: Justice League Vol. 2

Collects Conjurors #1-3, Flashpoint #1-3 (a Flash Elseworlds, not the reality-changing event), JLA: Act of God #1-3, Superman’s Metropolis, Batman: Nosferatu, and Wonder Woman: Blue Amazon.

Elseworlds: Superman Vol. 2

The solicitation has the contents of Vol. 1, so it remains to be seen what will be here.

Flash by Francis Manapul Unwrapped

Flash Vol. 1 & 2 Deluxe Edition (Rebirth)

Flash Vol. 3: Rogues Reloaded (Rebirth)

Flash Vol. 9

Flash: The Silver Age Vol. 2

Gotham Academy: Second Semester Vol. 1

Issues #1-6 and the Annual #1.

Graphic Ink: Eduardo Risso

Also already listed as cancelled.

Green Arrow Vol. 3 (Rebirth)

Green Lantern: Hal Jordan Vol. 2

These books fill a nice previously-uncollected hole. The first volume was the two Emerald Dawn miniseries and this is issues #1-12 of the immediately post-Crisis series. These issues follow Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and G'nort, following the events of Cosmic Odyssey. At this point, the Green Lantern Corps title had been cancelled; Green Lantern: Mosaic, for which I still hope for a collection, began concurrent to issue #25 of this series. The next collection of this series would reflect the events of Justice League International: Breakdowns.

Green Lantern: The Silver Age Vol. 2

Green Lanterns Vol. 3 (Rebirth)

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 1 & 2 (Rebirth) Deluxe Edition

Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 3 (Rebirth)

Harley and Her Gang of Harleys Vol. 2

... How does this have a second volume?

Harley Quinn Vol. 2: Joker Loves Harley (Rebirth)

Harley Quinn Vol. 6: Black, White and Red All Over

Hawkman by Geoff Johns Book One

The flip side of the Adam Strange collections here is that this maybe suggests we're going to get a more recognizable Johns-era Hawkman Carter Hall back.


House of Mystery: The Bronze Age Vol. 1

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five Vol. 2

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Five Vol. 3

Injustice: Ground Zero Vol. 1

It's a Bird...(New Edition)

Jack Kirby's Kamandi Omnibus

Collects Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth in what seems to be an omnibus format similar to the Jack Kirby's Fourth World omnibuses.

Justice League of America Vol. 1 (Rebirth)

The first six issues of the Steve Orlando series spinning out of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.

Justice League of America: The Road to Rebirth (Rebirth)

Collects the Justice League of America: Rebirth, Ray: Rebirth, Vixen: Rebirth, Atom: Rebirth, and Killer Frost: Rebirth specials.

Justice League Vol. 1 & 2 Deluxe Edition (Rebirth)

Justice League Vol. 3 (Rebirth)

This collection of Bryan Hitch's Rebirth Justice League issues #12-17 includes issues #12-13 that tie into Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, and also apparently a story that continues from Hitch's New 52 Justice League series.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad

As someone here pointed out, the fact of this in hardcover further suggests that DC's event collections will be hardcover-first. This collects the six-issue miniseries plus Suicide Squad #8-10 and Justice League #12-13. The individual Justice League and Suicide Squad collections each include their own issues but not the event miniseries, suggesting that one would most likely have to double-dip to read the miniseries event proper.

Justice League/Power Rangers

Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo Vol. 3

Legion Lost: The Complete Saga

Collects the superlative Legion Lost miniseries by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, plus for the first time the "Legion of the Damned" lead-in issues. This is a great read, no doubt, but a miniseries called Legion Worlds followed Legion Lost's somewhat uncertain ending, and I wouldn't have minded if those were included too (DC pre-solicited a Legion Worlds collection in 2013 but later cancelled it).

Legion of Super Heroes: The Silver Age Omnibus

Looney Tunes: Greatest Hits Vol. 3

Midnighter and Apollo

Apparently I mistakenly thought this miniseries was drawn by Midnighter's Aco, when it's actually Fernando Blanco. I believe Blanco's style will probably work here but it's still a disappointment not to get more Aco.

Midnighter: The Complete Wildstorm Series

For whatever reason this one has come through before, but here it is again, and this time the listing really does look more "complete," with issues #1-20 of the Wildstorm series plus Midnighter: Armageddon from the Wildstorm crossover series. The solicitation just mentions Garth Ennis but there's plenty other writers here, including Brian K. Vaughn, Christos Gage, Keith Giffen, Justin Gray, and Jimmy Palmiotti. All of this has been collected before, though not together.

Mother Panic Vol. 1: Work in Progress

I recognize that as a mature imprint, the Young Animal books are separate, but it seems too good an opportunity to have Mother Panic in Gothan and not have Batman show up.

New Super-Man Vol. 1: Made In China (Rebirth)

New Teen Titans Vol. 1 Omnibus (New Edition)

A new printing of the omnibus but the contents seem the same (this listing omits the New Teen Titans Annual #1, but I'd bet it's in there). The real question is whether they'll reprint the next volumes and if Vol. 3 will remain as is or collect sequential issues instead.

New Teen Titans Vol. 7

Collecting "Judas Contract," these paperbacks are still within material that's been collected before.

Newsboy Legion Vol. 2

Nightwing Vol. 2: Bludhaven (Rebirth)

Nightwing Vol. 6

Issues #47-60, so parts of the Big Guns and On the Razor's Edge collections. This does mark the end of the previously-collected Chuck Dixon material; issues #61-99 by Dixon and then Devin Grayson are uncollected, so anything beyond this point will be new to trade.

Planetary Book One

Issues #1-12, including material from the Absolute edition.

Robin Vol. 4

Said to be Robin #0, #7-13, and the Annual #1. Not sure how that'll read in trade; it's the Robin parts of "Knightsquest" and "Knightsend," a Zero Hour tie-in and "Zero Month" story, and then the Robin parts of "Prodigal." The Annual is an Eclipso: The Darkness Within tie-in.

Shade the Changing Girl Vol. 1: Earth Girl Made Easy

Sixpack & Dogwelder: Hard Travelin' Heroz

Suicide Squad Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

The Justice League vs. Suicide Squad tie-in issues are here, though not the miniseries itself.

Suicide Squad: A Celebration of 30 Years

Glad to see this. Well deserved. And absolutely no disrespect meant to John Ostrander. But this does weirdly mark the Squad's beginning at 1987 rather than 1959 with Brave and the Bold #25 by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru, even if that iteration is somewhat removed from the present one.

Super Powers (Backlist)

Collecting all three of the Super Powers miniseries that Jack Kirby took part in. As the solicitation said, this is Kirby's only work with the Justice League; I'm surprised frankly this isn't listed for hardcover.

Super Powers Vol. 1

The new Art Baltazar and Franco series, which looks awesome and happily follows the Superman Family Adventures continuity.

Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 1

Supergirl Book Three

Happily, more of the Peter David/Leonard Kirk Supergirl series. Issues #21-32 delve into the mystery of Comet (former super-horse) and include appearances by the Matrix Supergirl and the Female Furies.

Supergirl Vol. 3

Additionally, a collection of Kara Zor-El's modern adventures in Action Comics #850 and Supergirl #23-33 by Kelley Puckett (of Batgirl Cassandra Cain fame). This reprints the Beyond Good and Evil and Way of the World collections just before Sterling Gates's run.

Supergirl: The Silver Age Vol. 1

Superman For All Seasons (New Edition)

Superman Reborn

As we now know, the first post-Rebirth Superman crossover, with Superman #18-19 and Action Comics #975-976. A short crossover at that, one month and weekly I think, which is kind of nice, though being collected in a $25 hardcover.

Superman Vol. 1 & 2 Deluxe Edition (Rebirth)

Superman Vol. 3: Multiplicity (Rebirth)

Superman -- Action Comics Vol. 1 & 2 Deluxe Edition

Superman -- Action Comics Vol. 3

Superman-Action Comics Vol. 9

Superman: Savage Dawn

Superman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 4

Superman: The Golden Age Vol. 3

Tales of the Batman: Gerry Conway

Teen Titans Vol. 1: Damian Knows Best (Rebirth)

Teen Titans: Rebirth and issues #1-6.

Teen Titans: Earth One Vol. 2

Teen Titans: The Bronze Age Omnibus

Sandman: The Golden Age Vol. 1

Also apparently already cancelled.

Trinity (New Edition)

This is a new paperback edition of the Matt Wagner out-of-continuity miniseries.

Trinity Vol. 1: Better Together (Rebirth)

Wasteland Vol. 1

Watchmen: The Annotated Edition

Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka Vol. 2

Collects issues #206-217, the Eyes of the Gorgon and Land of the Dead collections. Strange how this keeps happening, but the final volume should basically just reprint the Misson's End trade in full, maybe with the addition of Rucka's Blackest Night: Wonder Woman miniseries.

Wonder Woman by John Byrne Book One

Here's something unexpected, a collection of John Byrne's Wonder Woman, written and drawn, issues #101-113. This run is notable not just for the Wonder Woman work but also for introducing Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark, for revising Donna Troy's origin, for teaming Hippolyta with the Justice Society, appearances by Darkseid, and for leading into the Genesis event. Issues #101 to #112 are previously collected, but #113 is not; Byrne's run went to issue #136.

Wonder Woman Vol. 3: The Truth (Rebirth)

Wonder Woman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 2

Absolute Y: The Last Man Vol. 3

American Vampire Vol. 9

American Way 10th Anniversary Edition

Clean Room Vol. 3

Dark Night: A True Batman Story


House of Secrets Book One (Vertigo)

Lost Boys Vol. 1

Lucifer Vol. 3

Sandman Mystery Theatre Book 3

DC calls this a "re-cut collection," which is maybe what these new Nightwing, Robin, etc. books are. This is issues #25-36 and the Sandman Midnight Theatre special, which spans the original Vol. 5 and Vol. 6 collections with "Night of the Butcher," "The Hourman," and "The Python."

Scalped Book One

Unfollow Vol. 3: Stop Following Me

Comments ( 32 )

  1. Hmm... not seeing Flash by Geoff Johns Book 4. Is that still likely to be released? I don't want to buy Books 1-3 if the whole run won't be completed.

    1. Haven't heard anything, sorry. I actually didn't realize the contents of the hardcover omnibuses didn't track to the paperbacks.

    2. I wouldn't worry about DC not finishing a series of TPBs of anything by Johns. It's just that there's a lot of older material being collected right now, which makes the wait between volumes longer in some cases.

      And even if it takes a year for DC to release The Flash by Geoff Johns Vol. 4, it still won't be as long as the wait between the first and second Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka TPBs.

  2. Yay for all the Legion stuff, Jim Aparo vol 3 and....

    OMG: BRONZE ERA TEEN TITANS!! Although the solicit says it goes to issue #52, and it ended at #53....

    Soooo many goodies here.

    1. Pitch it to me, what excites you about the Bronze Age Titans collection?

    2. First, none of these issues have been collected in color. Some were reprinted in the Showcase Presents second volume, in b&w. The Silver Age Omni goes beyond the two Archives, plus collected the entire Hawk and Dove series. Previously, just the two Ditko drawn issues appeared in his DC Omni.

      There's a lot of nostalgia for this era in my heart. The second TT series, issues 44-53, were some of the first ones I bought at age 10. Nick Cardy did a lot of the art on issues 25-43, including all the covers, and his work is just a joy to me.

      This volume will give us first appearances of Lilith, Gnarrk, Mal Duncan (and also his Hornblower and Guardian identities), Karen (Bumblebee) Beecher, and featured returns of the original Bat-Girl, Betty Kane, as well as Beast Boy and Golden Eagle. The original Joker's Daughter joined the team, becoming Harlequin pretty quickly, but then the book was canceled and we saw very little of these characters again.

      Additionally, the first time I know of where there was an East and West coast division of a team was in Teen Titans, where there was a brief TT East and TT West.

      Writer Bob Rozakis did a lot of the second run of these stories, and they are pretty standard DC stuff, but rather solid. Good mysteries, good characterization, and a few subplots along the way. Rozakis was resistant to the revamped royalty set up for a long time, I think, so much of his work as been held up from being reprinted. He did so much at DC in this period, writing tons of backups for Action, Adventure, Detective, World's Finest, and many more, as well as the Freedom Fighters first series. Bob Rozakis *is* the Bronze Era DC for me, so I'm glad to get a chance to revisit his work.

      If you're interested in the recent Titans Hunt trade, the two TT Omni will help lay the groundwork for a lot of what goes on there, as well as the main characters. I loved the Wolfman/Perez New TT, but the original team/run will always be my favorite.

    3. Sold me on it, especially the first appearance of a lot of those characters.

    4. The superb Silver Age omni is nice too, and also collects the entire Hawk and Dove series. About a quarter of this book is the less serious SA TT stuff, but around issue 10 or so, Nick Cardy came on board and stories started to improve. Some are a little dated now, but deal with teen issues of the day.

      Also the SA book has the first origin of Donna Troy and features the debut of her red jumpsuit.

      Additional art by Neal Adams and Gil Kane.

  3. Completely missed that Wasteland collection. Loved that book when it was coming out. Looks like DC is getting into its classic horror books, what with House of Mystery and House of Secrets!

    Now let's collect Thriller, DC!

  4. This is making so excited!!! YES! COMICS-HO!

  5. Love that DC is starting to follow in Marvel's footsteps and collect old storylines that have never been reprinted.

  6. The Batgirl: Stephanie Brown Vol. 1 collecting #1-13 wouldn't be to good for me, since I got the first and third book of the previous print. If I'd buy this I'd still be missing issue #14. I'm also wondering if they'll be recollecting Red Robin.
    Batwoman by Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III is collecting the previously 3 missing issues that weren't drawn by J.H. Williams III (I currently got them in single issues). This will certainly be a nice addition to my collection.
    Midnighter and Apollo is one that I'll certainly buy.
    As a Dick Grayson fan I had to control myself to wait for the TPB (and even harder to avoid spoilers), and it doesn't help that I'm excited by the title of the second Nightwing Volume "Nightwing Vol. 2: Bludhaven (Rebirth)".
    Superman Reborn seems to confirm that the crossovers will only (or at least first) be collected in Hardcover.
    Wonder Woman by John Byrne Book One is good to see collected and will be filling up a gap in my collection that I wanted to fill with single Issues, but now I don't have to.
    I'm hoping the Sandman Mystery Theatre reprints will ultimately collect the previous uncollected Issues #53-70.

  7. Elseworlds Superman Vol 2? Didn't they cancel Elseworlds Superman Vol. 1?

    1. As it is, the contents listed are the Vol. 1 contents, so maybe this is a re-list of Vol. 1.

  8. Some additional thoughts:

    Jack Kirby only did the first 2 Super Powers mini series, the other had art by Infantino and Pablo Marcos. The 2 Kirby series were collected in Jack Kirby Omnibus vol 2, in HC. So maybe that's why the paperback version. Personally, I would love to see all 3 series collected, which would be 15 issues, I think.

    The Kamamdi Omni was previously published as two volumes, but is OOP and expensive in the secondary market. This gives me hope that DC will republish the 4 Fourth World omnis, perhaps as two oversized omnis. They are also expensive and I know a lot of people missed out on those.

    I'd love to see that Cave Carson book! Hope it comes back. Also, I bet that the golden age Sandman is the Wesley Dodds gas mask and fedora version. There was one archive volume but we never got a second, instead getting the Simon & Kirby material as a separate HC. This means we still don't have a handful of GA Sandman collected.

    It would be awesome to get more GA comics reprinted. There were a fair number of Archives besides the big three, and I would personally love to see GA stories of the Atom, Hourman, and Doctor Mid-Nite. I've been reading the All-Star Comics Archives, starring the JSA, and they're a lot of fun.

    It would be nice if the Daring Supergirl book also collected the Supergirl movie special, with art by Gray Morrow, but there may be some rights issues that prevent that from happening. The Lois Lane backups were great but I would love to see them in a separate Lois book. Late Silver and Bronze era Lois stories need collecting!

    Love this blog. Thanks for the hard work put into it.

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for saying so.

      That Supergirl book is interesting to me because it's essentially *the* Supergirl, the one mourned for years after Crisis on Infinite Earths. I think she's got just a handful of appearances between that and COIE and I wish those were collected, too. A look at the figurative "day before" the event that Supergirl is arguably most known for would be interesting.

    2. Right, she appeared in the Superman team-up book DC Comics Presents, also, shortly before Crisis. Hopefully, there will be a second Bronze Age Supergirl book solicited, to catch all the rest of her Superman Family stories, plus team-ups with Batman and Superman in their respective team-up books. There's also a couple JLA appearances, if they wanted to be complete!

  9. I know this might be a bit late, but whatever happened to the Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion? They still got the Legends Companion solicited.

    1. Cancellation axe happened. :o

  10. "We're still not sure on the contents of these, but if Azrael Vol. 2: Requiem went to issue #12, then this could collect issues #13-20, a slightly large trade"

    8 issues a slightly large trade? Vol. 2 to have only five issues and Annual? Gods of collected editions, please save us from this. :o

    "Batman: Zero Hour (...) Sort of a random collection"

    It's not random, it has all the material between Knightsend and Prodigal.

    "If (Checkmate book) has #1-12, then again it would be the original Vols. 1 and 2, A King's Game and Pawn Breaks, with issues #16-22 left to essentially reprint the original Vol. 3, Fall of the Wall."

    And #23-25. And #13-15. And Outsiders #47-49. And possibly Final Crisis: Resist. All of which Rucka is credited for.

    "By Mike Baron with art by Kelley Jones, this is Deadman: Love After Death and Deadman: Exorcism. I wish they had also included Deadman's Batman appearances from about this time by Doug Moench and Jones."

    Love After Death and Exorcism are 200 pages, the book is supposed to have 400. Plenty of room to include Batman arc and Action Comics Weekly strips by Baron/Jones. Of course, it would make sense to include ACW strips by Baron/Jurgens as well.

    "This is a great read, no doubt, but a miniseries called Legion Worlds followed Legion Lost's somewhat uncertain ending, and I wouldn't have minded if those were included too (DC pre-solicited a Legion Worlds collection in 2013 but later cancelled it)."

    So it make sense that Legion Worlds will be coming later with more Abnett/Lanning issues rather than make this one 600 or 700 page tome. Meanwhile this one actually could use to include the first two issues by Abnett/Lanning rather than starting from their third.

    "New Teen Titans Vol. 7 Collecting "Judas Contract," these paperbacks are still within material that's been collected before."

    But only in Omnibus, because this one will stop somewhere around #48-50.

    "Nightwing Vol. 6 Issues #47-60, so parts of the Big Guns and On the Razor's Edge collections."

    Doubt it will go that far, because there's also 80-Page Giant around #50. But vol. 7 should reach the end of Dixon's run in #70.

    "Robin Vol. 4 Said to be Robin #0, #7-13, and the Annual #1. Not sure how that'll read in trade"

    Not very well, but the same can be said about that Nighting book with parts of Cataclysm and Brotherhood of the Fist, and it wasn't me who insisted on including parts of the stories that are hardly readable on their own and barely connected to the main Nighting series narrative so that folks wouldn't be confused by skipped issues. :o

    With Robin though those issues are quite more important for the whole series. And for example #12, part 8 of Prodigal is a stand-alone story. As for the other problems, less than 20 extra pages from other issues (and honestly, skipping #8) would solve them.

    More annoying is the fact that all of that is already in other books, expect for the Annual (if there is one in this book, it's #3, the Elseworlds story) and Robin/Huntress story from Showcase issues and #6, but you can't escape that when collecting series from shared universe.

    "Supergirl Book Three Happily, more of the Peter David/Leonard Kirk Supergirl series. Issues #21-32 delve into the mystery of Comet (former super-horse) and include appearances by the Matrix Supergirl and the Female Furies."

    And Resurrection Man, whose book crossed-over with Supergirl during that time.

    Many others look fishy too. Batgirl did some cross-over with Red Robin, and I sure hope that Caped Crusader book is just a collection of Barr's run.

    1. About Batman: The Caped Crusader Vol. 1, what makes matters even more confusing is the fact that the placeholder cover image is from Detective Comics #587, a Grant/Breyfogle issue. Right now, my guess it that it will actually collect Detective Comics #568-578, which are the first 11 post-Crisis issues. It would all fit in 300 pages, since #572 was triple-sized, but there wouldn't be room for Full Circle.

      And including Legion Worlds in the Legion Lost: The Complete Saga TPB wouldn't be feasible because that mini had six double-sized issues. If they added that (plus the two issues Marek mentioned, LoSH Secret Files #2 and Legionnaires #78), they might as well make it a hardcover and call it "Legion by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning Omnibus Vol. 1", which I'd pre-order in a heartbeat.

    2. I think Batman The Caped Crusader Vol. 1 has a new price now, which makes me think it's going to be more than 300 pages.

    3. >> Vol. 2 to have only five issues and Annual? Gods of collected editions, please save us from this. :o

      Yeah, I guess as long as they're actually collecting Azrael (so much good stuff lately that it almost doesn't register that they're actually collecting Azrael), grabbing it up in bigger chunks would be better (and make it more likely they'll finish).

      >> It's not random, it has all the material between Knightsend and Prodigal.

      Granted. Though still no Troika (I know, I'm getting the Batman Zero Hour material and I'm asking for more).

      >> And #23-25. And #13-15. And Outsiders #47-49. And possibly Final Crisis: Resist. All of which Rucka is credited for.

      Going all the way to the Final Crisis material would be fantastic.

      >> it wasn't me who insisted on including parts of the stories that are hardly readable on their own and barely connected to the main Nighting series narrative so that folks wouldn't be confused by skipped issues.

      Yeah, I'm one of *those* people. :-)

      >> And Resurrection Man

      Hopefully they include that issue.

      @shagmu, I'd hope any collection of Year Two by default includes Full Circle.

    4. Actually I'm hoping it's just a collection of Batman by Mike W. Barr, with Detective Comics #569-581 as its core, plus Full Circle and whatever else came later excluding Outsiders stuff and Elseworlds (unless there's room in the book). Its current price is $50, which would suggest a 500-page trade.

      On the other hand it might turn into $50 hardcover, similar to upcoming Superman: The Man of Tomorrow and Batman and the Outsiders. But I'm really not a fan of mixing runs by various writers from that period, because they're so different, especially across two Bat-titles. It would be like collecting together Snyder, Morrison, Finch and whoever wrote Detective Comics post-Flashpoint as Batman: New 52.

    5. You know me, I'm looking for completeness. I'm hoping Batman #401 finally gets reprinted in the Legends Companion collection. If Jim Starlin and Max Allen Collins and Mike W. Barr all have to be collected separately, fine, but I'm hoping for something maybe like the Superman: Man of Steel volumes, a tacit effort to collect stories from different titles/authors in continuity-ish order (understanding it was a little easier when it was just John Byrne and/or Jerry Ordway on the Super-titles).

  11. I just picked up Robin vol. 3 yesterday and it collects Annual #1 and 2, Showcase '93 # 5, 6, 11, and 12, and Robin (ongoing series) #1-5, so vol. 4 won't have Annual #1 in it. Maybe it will have Annual #3? Or maybe if it will include #6 of the ongoing series along with Showcase '94 #5 and 6, which was a 3-part story teaming him up with Huntress again, and #13 of the ongoing series, which was kind of an epilogue to Prodigal.

    1. We need an intern that goes into the comics shops each week and verifies the actual contents of some of these trades of older material! :-)

      Lemme be really picky and say I wish all three of these Robin books had the same front cover dress; if I'm not mistaken, Vo1. 1 has a new, kind of pared-down logo, and then Vols. 2 and 3 have the traditional '90s logo.

    2. There's a thread on Marvel Masterworks forums serving that very purpose, because you know how it is with DC and its collections. That Robin volume contents actually showed up week or two before on Amazon (still, compare that with what was solicited), but for example you wouldn't know that Suicide Squad: The Nightshade Oddyssey has Nightshade Secret Origin story unless you saw the book.

  12. Do you think these snyder/Capullo box sets will eventually be released as one oversized box set? I'm considering getting the first one, but they seem quite thin as far as a nice box set actually goes.

    1. Not sure. The photos I've seen of these make the books look pretty thick. Is it common to have a 10-volume box set? That sounds like it would be unwieldy.

    2. I recently got the Sandman ten volume box set. It's very heavy haha, but it's a really nice set. Something like that for Snyder's Batman would be great, though like you questioned, they don't seem at all common..


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