DC Trade Solicitations for May 2017 - Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, Superboy and the Legion, Action Comics Rebirth Deluxe, New Teen Titans Omnibus New Edition


Notable books from the May 2017 DC Comics trade paperback and collections solicitations include some notable hardcovers: Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, the Superman: Action Comics deluxe Rebirth hardcover, and a new edition of the New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 1. But what kind of double-dipping might you have to do for the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad hardcover? Will the new Teen Titans omnibus fix the errors of the past? Read on for more discussion.

Plus, a complete Batwoman by Greg Rucka, some never-before-collected Legion of Super-Heroes material, Hawkman, Young Animal's Cave Carson, and more. Let's take a look!

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad HC
Suicide Squad Vol. 2: Going Sane TP

Not surprising Justice League vs. Suicide Squad is in hardcover.

As we noted in earlier solicitations, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad includes the full miniseries plus the Justice League #12-13 and Suicide Squad #8-10 tie-in issues. Previously we thought that Suicide Squad Vol. 2: Going Sane collection would include issues #7-12 of that series, so if you wanted to read the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad miniseries but you were also a regular Suicide Squad reader, you'd be buying the second collection for only issues #8, 11, and 12.

However, it turned out that the first Suicide Squad volume only collected issues #1-4 (due to the addition of backup stories, I think), so the second volume now collects issues #5-8 plus the Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad April Fool's Special. So this has four regular issues, one of which is also collected in Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, and if we figure the next volume is issues #9-12, then half of the third volume will also be collected in Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.

Though I understand from DC's perspective they want to publish one Justice League vs. Suicide Squad volume with the complete event, it would be preferable at least from my perspective not to have included the tie-ins and to just let those be in the individual books. Now we have not one but two volumes that lose some issues to double-dipping, which is worse I think than when just one volume was affected.

New Teen Titans Vol. 1 Omnibus HC New Edition

Some years back the New Teen Titans Omnibus series started out auspiciously, with a nice-looking (if maybe problematically-bound) first volume that collected almost the entirety of the previously-released Archive editions. The second omnibus collected even past the Archives, though things got a little weird when DC omitted a single issue from the consecutive collecting order. And then things really got bad when New Teen Titans Omnibus Vol. 3 jumped way ahead and collected a bunch of different issues from various eras (as I recounted at the link) mainly so as to collect just Marv Wolfman and George Perez's issues, which is not what we expected at the start of the omnibus series.

Which brings us now to a New Teen Titans Vol. 1 Omnibus new edition.

It might simply be that because the original Vol. 1 omnibus is out of print, this is a "new edition" of that book. But the other possibility is that maybe DC is looking to release this series right this time, and while it's hard to tell from the first volume (the solicitation lacks some issues from the original, but we know those solicitations can change), we'll really be able to tell once the second volume comes along if this is the same or different. If it's the same, I can't imagine a much better reaction than the first time around.

Superman: Action Comics – The Rebirth Deluxe Collection Book 1 HC

The first of DC's deluxe combination hardcovers of the Rebirth trades arrives with Action Comics - The Rebirth Deluxe Collection Vol. 1, collecting issues #957-966 and Justice League #52. It's curious that these are being released in a different order than the original Rebirth trades themselves, where Action Comics trailed Batman, Green Arrow, and even Superman, but I guess the point is it arrives at about the time of Action Comics Vol. 3.

Size is listed as 7.0625” x 10.875”; I think that means this is deluxe-sized, larger than a regular hardcover, but if you know differently, let me know.

Batman Beyond Vol. 1: Escaping the Grave TP

Collects the Rebirth special and the first five issues. If/when DC Comics brings back the Legion of Super-Heroes, I hope their future-looking also takes into account Batman Beyond. I can't claim a lot of interest in this series because it really doesn't tie into the DC Universe proper despite that it's supposed to be in-continuity. However DC might hack it, I'd mainly be interested in a series like this only if Terry McG regularly interacted with the present DCU; I've long-since thought the same would be true for the Legion. For these future-set titles, time ought be infinitely permeable, and the characters ought jaunt to Metropolis as easily as going outside, rather than wrapping up time travel in all sorts of rules and regulations that only limit the book's storytelling potential itself.

Batwoman by Greg Rucka and J.H. Williams III TP

A lot of this material was in the Batwoman: Elegy collection, but notably not the "Cutter" story (see my "Uncollected Editions" review) by Greg Rucka and Jock, among others. So whereas there's a lot of great JH Williams art in this book, for Batwoman completists the real draw is a non-Williams story that fills in some gaps on Kate Kane and Flamebird Bette Kane's partnership, among other things.

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye Vol. 1: Going Underground TP

I'll probably sample all of the first Young Animal trades at some point, but Cave Carson is possibly the one I'm anticipating least, just because I feel no real connection to it aside that, oddly, it seems to have Wild Dog in it. The Doom Patrol is a team I enjoy, Mother Panic is set in Gotham, and Shade seems nicely quirky; Cave is the only one that hasn't grabbed me per se.

DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics: Batman vs. Predator TP

It's so wonderful that DC and Dark Horse are giving these artifacts of the 1990s new life in trade. And the creative teams are no slouch, either: Dave Gibbons, Andy Kubert, Doug Moench, and Chuck Dixon. Collects Batman vs. Predator #1-3, Batman vs. Predator II: Bloodmatch #1-4, and Batman vs. Predator III: Blood Ties #1-4.

Death of Hawkman TP
Hawkman by Geoff Johns Book One TP

The miniseries collection, perhaps tellingly, arrives in the same solicitations as a new paperback edition of the Hawkman by Geoff Johns series. I'd be happy to see DC revitalize Hawkman, and Geoff Johns's Indiana Jones approach would be a fine way to do that; it's so at odds with my perception of what Marc Andreyko's miniseries is about, at least, that I wonder how DC can reconcile the two.

Harley Quinn Vol. 2: Joker Loves Harley TP

Collects issues #8-13 of the Rebirth series.

Legion of Super-Heroes: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 1 HC
Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 1 HC

Some notable Legion material this month. The Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes collection includes the 1970s issue #234-240, ending just before the well-known "Earthwar" storyline that'll presumably be in the second volume; it does not appear much if any of this has been collected before.

Alternatively, it looks like most of the Legion of Super-Heroes: The Silver Age material previously appeared in Archives volumes, but not all together as in this omnibus.

New Super-Man Vol. 1: Made in China TP

The first collection of New Super-Man feels delayed, but I'm perhaps a little spoiled by it being only June and so much Rebirth material has come out in trade already. Doing a little back-of-the-napkin math, the next volume of New Super-Man should reflect some events of "Superman Reborn," but Superman and Action Comics won't get there until their fourth trades, and their thirds are still unscheduled. Given how quickly the twice-monthly books' trades are coming out, however, maybe Superman and Action will have a a third in the interim and then a fourth in time for New Super-Man Vol. 2.

Nightwing Vol. 2: Back to Bludhaven TP

Collects issues #9-15. We can now be assured this book skips the "Night of the Monster Men" crossover altogether.

Tales of The Batman: Gerry Conway HC

The solicitation for this mentions Two-Face, Deadshot, Killer Croc, and Jason Todd; I'm not 100% certain but I think those are mistaken listings, as glancing through the contents I don't think Croc or Jason show up here, at least.

Teen Titans Vol. 1: Damian Knows Best TP

Collects the Rebirth special and issues #1-5.

Trinity Vol. 1: Better Together HC

Francis Manapul is a big name, no doubt, but I'm surprised to see Trinity arriving in hardcover only because it doesn't seem to have been positioned very centrally to the Rebirth DCU despite its title characters; rather the big stuff seems to be happening in Justice League, etc. Also the book seems (without my actually reading it) to be taking a very long time on a Black Mercy storyline totally devoted to the heroes' fantasies, which is never my cup of tea. Anyway, like All-Star Batman, Trinity will be hardcover-first (All-Star I totally get as hardcover-first).

Wonder Woman By George Perez Vol. 2 TP

Late last year DC solicited the second Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus, due out in May, which will collect previously-uncollected issues from Perez's run. Not to be confused, this is just the next small paperback Wonder Woman by George Perez volume, collecting issues #15-24 and an annual that are already in the hardcover Wonder Woman by George Perez Omnibus Vol. 1.

How will you solve the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad double-dip dilemma? What are you buying this month?

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up that the SUPERBOY AND THE LEGION collection is uncollected material. I had assumed it was rehashing the Archives, but didn't really look at it. It seems it actually picks up where the last Archive (vol. 13) left off.

    1. And I've got enough on my plate with current stuff, but the fact that it's going into "Earthwar," which I've heard about for a long time, and etc. means I might put it on my long list for a glance.

    2. Well, I just preordered it. If it get cancelled, it's not gonna be my fault!

  2. Matt HaltemanFebruary 24, 2017

    Re: "Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye". You're going to want to get it, definitely. I'm reading all the Young Animal books and enjoying them all, but "CCHACE" may be my favorite (a close tie with "Doom Patrol"). It's Edgar Rice Burroughs-style adventure filtered through William S. Burroughs weirdness, with fantastic art by Michael Avon Oeming. And Wild Dog is one of the best parts of the book. Highly recommended.

    1. I've also heard the "Super Powers" back-up is wonderfully absurd.

    2. I second everything Matt said about CCHASE. I picked it up on whim and it quickly became my favorite series of the Young Animal line and one of my overall top picks each month. Fantastic book!

  3. The Superboy Legion book is a must buy. It does pick up right after the archives end.

    The Legion omnibus is a strong maybe. I have the material in the archives but after discounts this omnibus should be about $37.50. Tough to pass up. Especially if this continues and a 2nd + 3rd omnibus volume comes out. Some of my later Legion archives were bought used and are not in the best condition. Would be nice to upgrade.

    Sandman Mystery Theater vol 3

    The Thor Omnibus vol 3 fills a huge gap in my Thor collected editions run.

    Epic Spiderman: Kravens Last Hunt. In my opinion, the last great Spiderman story. The frustrating thing is that this collection continues the Marvel tradition of publishing around the Spiderman Gang War story arc.

    1. I should have mentioned Sandman Mystery Theatre Vol. 3, which includes a team-up with Hourman and also Neil Gaiman's Sandman Midnight Theatre special.

    2. Does it have the Starman tie in story?

    3. This collection is issues #25-36; the "Mist" story starts with issue #37, so it should be in the next one.

  4. I'm glad to see the Legion book, too, but I'm a bit surprised DC isn't going the same direction they are with Justice League of America, Teen Titans, and Brave and the Bold by releasing a Legion Bronze Age Omnibus. I'm hoping that when the current Flash, Batman, Superman, GL, etc. Silver Age omnibi are finished, we'll get Bronze Age omnibi of those books. A Bronze Age LSH would have been perfect from Archives 13 up to Levitz's second run as writer. Admittedly, some of those issues were not that great, particularly the Conway/Staton stuff, but what the hell. At least we're getting this and hope it continues up to the The Curse Deluxe book starts. I think the only thing that has reprinted previously between the end of Archive 13 and the Curse book are the Steve Ditko-penciled issues that were in one of his omnibus volumes.

    I'm looking forward to the Death of Hawkman trade, because I love Hawkman in space, true to his Silver Age roots. But DC needs to do something with the character. He's really in dire need of a strong reboot/character correction. One of the many things that Crisis on Infinite Earths messed up terribly.

    I'll probably get all of the Young Animal and Hanna-Barbera trades, but I'm really on the fence about Rebirth. There's so much I still want to read pre-Flashpoint (Golden Age through 2011) from both DC and Marvel, as well as comic strips, that I think I need to break off from current comics. Just don't have the money or space to buy everything and older comics really have my attention at the moment. I'll get the Titans books just because, and if the Legion or JSA ever return, I'll pick them up, but that's kinda where I am on those. The New 52 really burned me, as I think it started off well, then just got bad, and I'm afraid of the same thing happening with Rebirth. I dunno, I guess I"ll figure it out, but right now just taking a pass.

    1. There's certainly a lot coming out from DC if you don't want to read the current stuff; someone who missed the 1990s the first time around has plenty good books to choose from.

      Isn't the Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes hardcover collecting the Bronze Age stuff you're talking about?

    2. Not all of it. There are about 50 issues not collected previously of Superboy & the LSH and the subsequent LSH series: #234 in this volume up to #283 (I think), not including the Ditko issues. That's when the Great Darkness Saga deluxe book comes in with issue #284, and the next book, the Curse, ends at #313. Issues #314 - #325 were published as Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes before the book reprinted the Baxter Direct only book. I think there were a couple of trades for that book, but still a lot of Pre-COIE material from that run, also, that haven't been collected.

      So, to me, two Omnibus editions with 25 issues each would take us through the second Levitz GDS era, and would have followed in the previously mentioned JLA and TT Bronze Age omnibi format. Just seemed logical to me, but then the Ed Brubaker and Brian K Vaughan Batman books were in paperback, and not like the "Tales of the Batman" HCs featuring Len Wein, Archie Goodwin, etc. I don't understand the inconsistency of format, I guess.

      Either way, I'm excited, as the Legion is my favorite book ever, along with Teen Titans. Yay!

      (In the above comment, I kept mentioning The Curse, but I meant Great Darkness Saga.)

      I wasn't reading comics from about 1988-2011, except for a few runs in and then out around Zero Hour and a few books around 2000-2001. Definitely enjoying reading the comics I read before but also enjoying so much good material that came out in the time I had stopped reading.

    3. Pretend Superboy and Legion vol. 1 is Legion Archives vol. 14. Then you have the Silver Age Omnibi that are about to start that will recollected the Archives. At some point the Silver Age subtitle will change into Bronze Age and it will continue recollecting Legion, including this (and following) Superboy and Legion collection. How is that different from what's up with JLA or Titans?

    4. Because the Bronze Age started some 40 or so issues before the contents of this book. Admittedly, the Bronze Age starts for TT and JLA are arbitrary, but Legion's Bronze Age clearly starts with the arrival of Dave Cockrum as artist in Superboy 195 or whichever. My main point was in the manner in which the books were collected. It just seems odd that DC is putting out some excellent Omnibi right now with common dress and all that, but not doing it here. I think it's possible they had contents for Archives 14 ready before that line was canceled and that's why we are getting this book.

      I think a Cockrum/Grell BA LSH omni would sell fairly well (Superboy 195 - archives 13). This seven issue HC seems slim by recent non-current collections, and would have made sense to collect up to 251 when Brainy goes insane and blows up the HQ. Then collect all the terrible Conway/Thomas stories together up to GDS.

  5. **Marvel: http://www.cbr.com/marvel-comics-solicitations-for-may-2017/

    *Star Wars: Yoda's Secret War TPB--In the aftermath of the Final Incursion, Dagobah was incorporated into the Battleworld... okay, obvious joke out of the way, this sounds like a bit of a "Times Past" arc with an Obi-Wan and Yoda team-up.

    *Punisher by Garth Ennis Omnibus HC--I'm still no fan of Ennis' take on the Punisher, but this does serve as a showcase of the late Steve Dillon's artwork. We're going to see a lot more Punisher collections in the lead-up to his Netflix series and his likely appearance in the Netflix "Defenders" series.

    *Punisher: Back To The War Omnibus HC--This is a handy all-in-one collection of the Punisher's stories from his creation up to his character's popularity explosion in the mid-80s. A lot of this has been covered in trade format over the past year or so, but it's still good stuff.

    *Hulk: Planet Hulk Omnibus HC--The upcoming "Thor: Ragnarok" has elements of this character-changing arc, so if you haven't read it, here's another opportunity. It does have some nice bonus issues collected like a Handbook and a What If? for some added value.

    *Marvel Masterworks: Marvel Two-In-One Vol 2 HC--I don't have much to say about this specific collection apart from the number of weird guest stars and villains. Along with the introduction of Prester John, who showed up again decades later in Cable and Deadpool to my utter confusion, the Thing and friends fight the Basilisk (whose real name is Basil Elks) and Braggadoom (who I hope is going to show up in "Monsters Unleashed" at some point).

    *Avengers: Four TPB--I'm largely not going to talk about trades of ongoing titles since I'm endeavoring to avoid spoilers, but this series-within-a-series deserves mention. Mark Waid and Barry Kitson reunite to give the Avengers the "JLA: Year One" treatment, concentrating specifically on the Kooky Quartet of Captain America, Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

    **Dark Horse: http://www.cbr.com/dark-horse-comics-may-2017-solicitations/

    *Angel Catbird Volume 3: The Catbird Roars HC--I'm waiting until the whole trilogy comes out in paperback before getting it, but "A graphic novel by Margaret Atwood" isn't something I ever imagined typing.

    *The Black Sinister HC--There's a lot of "evil Batman" stories out there, but we don't get a lot of OGNs anymore. Plus it's written by Kaare Andrews and the premise sounds interesting if not entirely original.

    *Kill All Monsters! Omnibus Volume 1 HC--Like "Weapon Brown", this is a webcomic-turned-graphic novel thanks to a Kickstarter and huge fan support. And much like "Kaijumax" and "Pacific Rim", it's about people in mecha fighting kaiju. I'll have to take a look at the webcomic first but it sounds neat.

    *Ether Volume 1: Death of the Last Golden Blaze TPB--Matt Kindt is always reliable for a neat series hook, and "scientist on a world of magic" fits the bill.

  6. **IDW: http://www.cbr.com/idw-publishing-solicitations-for-may-2017/

    *Transformers: Most Epic Battles TPB--This should have an asterisk because it doesn't include any battles from IDW's series! This is, unless I'm mistaken, entirely stories from the Marvel comic, which is fine but stuff we've seen before. I'd be surprised if anything from Dreamwave ends up in here.

    *Transformers: Optimus Prime TPB--This weirdly isn't listed as a "volume 1", even though the title is continuing past this first trade. Formerly this book was "Robots in Disguise", and then it became "Adjectiveless Transformers" when the new animated show got that moniker.

    **Image: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/02/22/full-image-comics-solicits-may-2017-launching-regression-youngblood-eternal-empire-paklis-samaritan-25c-saga-grrl-scouts-renato-jones-dying-dead/

    **Valiant: http://www.newsarama.com/33244-valiant-entertainment-may-2017-solicitations.html

    **Boom Studios: http://www.theouthousers.com/index.php/news/137488-boom-studios-may-2017-solicitations.html

    I don't have any thoughts about trades from these companies for May but links are included for posterity.

  7. I don't think Suicide Squad vol 3 will collect #9-12 because the storyline after Jl vs SS is Burning down the House in #11-15. DC wouldn't split the story in half. Also, I don't think #8 is double-dipping because I'd heard that only the backup to #8 tied into JL vs SS and that the main story was just the end of the previous storyline, which means that Suicide Squad vol 2 will probably only collect the main story while the JL vs SS hardcover will have the backup.

    As for Justice League, the JL vs SS tie-in issues weren't written by Hitch, (they were written by Tim Seeley) and the next Justice League storyline runs through #15-19. I don't think DC would decide to force readers to double-dip by collecting Justice League #12-19 in Justice League vol 3.

    1. Ah, you beat me to the punch!

    2. It's a good thing that they're finally starting to collect crossovers correctly. I only wonder if those will also be printed in TPB later or if they're only going to be collected in HC.

    3. That's good to hear about the Suicide Squad backups and such; I couldn't tell without benefit of knowing the contents, but it's nice to know there's a way to do it that wouldn't involve double-dipping. I hope that's what DC does. As dography points out below, they did do right (far as I'm concerned, at least) by Night of the Monster Men, so indeed maybe it'll be right here.

  8. The backup in Suicide Squad #8 served as a prologue for Justice League vs. Suicide Squad so it's possible they'll include only #4-7 and the main story of #8 in volume 2, the backup of #8 can then be collected in the JLvSS trade, avoiding duplication if volume 3 continues from #11. Given that the Batman/Detective/Nightwing trades all omit the Night of the Monster Men issues, it seems feasible they'd attempt the same logic in other titles?

  9. Can you explain the deal with the Wonder Woman by Perez collections? I have the paperback vol.1 but I didn't realize there was a hardcover version with more content...

    1. This is not just a WW by Perez thing. DC is doing this with a lot of properties like Golden Age Batman, Silver Age Green Lantern, etc.

      They are releasing big Omnibus editions. A few months after the first omnibus edition, they release a smaller trade paperback. Usually it takes two or three volumes of the paperback to match the one omnibus.

      You are not missing out on any special extras. It is all just how you want to collect the material. The Omnibus editions cover more ground faster but are very bulky. The trades take longer to come out but are easier to manage. Money wise, the omnibus make be the best bang for your buck especially if you get a good discount.

    2. I'd further mention that George Perez's Wonder Woman #1-24 were originally collected in four paperbacks, and then all of that was collected in a hardcover omnibus. What you now know as the Wonder Woman by George Perez Vol. 1 paperback collects those first two trades, and this one will collect the second two trades, completing the omnibus in paperback format.

      By all means, enjoy the format that you like; I only consider the Omnibus Vol. 2 more notable because it collects never-before-collected material, whereas the Vol. 1/Vol. 2 paperback collects material already previously collected twice. But keeping this material in print is surely a good thing.

    3. Super annoyingly the new Perez Wonder Woman collections omit the Perez written Action Comics #600 (Superman and Wonder Woman go on a date), which was included in the original collections.

  10. You are going to be pleasantly surprised by Cave Carson, it's fantastic, and nearly as fun as Doom Patrol. (Mother Panic is unreadable drek, - Shade is great!) - Don't sleep on Cave Carson, hugely enjoyable, great set up, terrific art, and it has Wild Dog in it.

    Oh, and bad news - Trinity is just as boring as you suspect it is. Fantasy stories are meandering and pointless, I dropped this book at issue 5, because after 5 issue it had gone nowhere and accomplished nothing, I'd recommend skipping it.

  11. Re: the titans omnibus... the new green lantern omnibus coming out soon combines the two previous omni in the new (great!) trade dress format... I wonder if the new titans Omni will be the same.
    There is a Bronze Age titans Omni coming in the summer that finishes off the original run. The new printing of "new titans" would pick up after it

  12. What do we think the chances are of DC just continuing on with the Pollack run after Doom Patrol Vol 3 comes out?

    1. I hope they do it! 25 issues, they could do them as a big tpb or two smaller.

    2. Totally! The only thing that gives me hope is the example of Animal Man where they did eventually collect the post-Morrison stuff.

  13. In an ideal world they'd do all the other runs. Pollack, Arcudi, Giffen, even Kupperberg and Byrne which aren't as well regarded. :D

    1. +1 for finishing collecting the Giffen series.


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