DC Rebirth Omnibus Expanded Edition, more Rebirth deluxe hardcovers, Justice League International, Detroit Era, Grayson Omnibuses, Aquaman: Atlantis Chronicles, Absolute Justice League: Origin, more in DC Comics Fall 2017 solicitations


The DC Comics Fall 2017 trade paperback and hardcover collection solicitations bring with them a new expanded edition of the DC Rebirth Omnibus, an omnibus collection of the Grayson series, a long-awaited collection of Aquaman: The Atlantis Chronicles, and much, much more!

Among a list filled with lots of legitimately cool stuff, we see omnibus collections of both Justice League International and the Justice League "Detroit Era"; a second Batman: Knightfall omnibus (getting closer and closer to completion); more trades of Mark Waid's Flash and Legion of Super-Heroes, Marv Wolfman's Deathstroke, Chuck Dixon's Robin, Peter David's Supergirl, Mike Grell's Green Arrow, and John Ostrander's Suicide Squad -- plus the first collection of Karl Kesel's Superboy and Jim Balent's Catwoman; and deluxe Rebirth hardcovers of Batman, Detective Comics, Green Arrow, Harley Quinn, Justice League of America, Nightwing, Suicide Squad, Superman, Action Comics (Vol. 2 already!), and Wonder Woman.

A couple quick things I've noticed:

• Whereas the paperback collections of Batman, Nightwing, and Detective all omitted their "Night of the Monster Men" crossover issues, the deluxe hardcovers include them. That's interesting and I think a legitimate way to handle the crossover tie-ins in Rebirth -- pull them out to their own collection alongside the paperbacks, but include them inline for true deluxe edition completists. I'll be curious to see if this pattern continues.

• Case in point, the third Superman and Action Comics Rebirth volumes stop just short of the "Superman Reborn" crossover issues, collected here in their own hardcover; however, we see that the deluxe hardcover Action Comics Vol. 2 collects its own "Superman Reborn" issues sequentially with the rest.

• The word "re-cut" or "recut" shows up 6 times in these solicitations, in regards to Batgirl: The Bronze Age Omnibus Vol. 1, Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner Vol. 1, JSA by Geoff Johns Book One, Invisibles Book Two, Sandman Mystery Theatre Book 4, Superboy Book One. Some of you have already speculated that maybe this means there will be some, but not all, of the tertiary material in these books (like just the Kyle parts of a REBELS issue), which I hope isn't the case; I feel books that DC's done this with, like the ye old Batman: Murderer/Fugitive books, read very choppily. I'm hoping it's just a turn of phrase, or in the case of Invisibles and Sandman Mystery Theatre, it simply means these issues have been previously collected but it's a "re-cut" in terms of where the collections begin and end.

Let's take a look at the full list:

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Note that all of this information is subject to change before publication. Not all links may yet be functional.

Absolute Authority Vol. 1 New Edition

Absolute Justice League: Origin

Even as we expect some conflating of post-Crisis and New 52 continuities once Rebirth comes to a head, books like this suggest to me that this Justice League origin is going to remain canon, including the fact that the lineup matches the movies.

Absolute Justice League: The World's Greatest Superheroes by Alex Ross & Paul Dini (New Edition)

Absolute WildC.A.T.S.

All-Star Batman Vol. 1: My Own Worst Enemy (Rebirth)

Paperback collection of issues #1-5.

All-Star Batman Vol. 2: Ends of the Earth (Rebirth)

Hardcover of issues #6-9, Scott Snyder with Jock and Giuseppe Camuncoli, among others.

Anarky: The Complete Collection

Among a couple of previously-cancelled trades on this list, here's the Anarky collection again, including Detective Comics #608-609, Batman Chronicles #1, Batman: Shadow of the Bat #40-41, Anarky #1-8. This is plenty "complete," though of course all appearances would include a Robin annual, among other things here and there.

Aquaman Vol. 4 (Rebirth)

Issues #23-28. In the first year are we already halfway to issue #50 on some of these titles?

Aquaman: The Atlantis Chronicles Deluxe Edition

This is literally probably the collection I get asked about most, Peter David's Atlantis Chronicles miniseries that predated David's four-year Aquaman run. Really, really excited to see this see print. My hope is that a new printing of Time and Tide will follow, and from there collections of David's Aquaman series.

Aquaman: The Waterbearer Vol. 2

It's wild to see "Waterbearer Vol. 2"; the first volume was released in 2004, over ten years ago. Given that DC has started releasing the Will Pfeifer/Patrick Gleason issues with #15 of this series, and Waterbearer Vol. 1 ended with issue #4, let's call this #5-14 (probably best to end it all in one volume, since Rick Veitch's run wasn't super-well-received). Now I want to see new collections of Kurt Busiek's Sword of Atlantis.

Art of The Dark Knight III: The Master Race Deluxe Edition

Astro City Vol. 14: Reflections

Astro City Vol. 15: Everyday Heroes

Batgirl & the Birds of Prey Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

Issues #7-12.

Batgirl Vol. 2: Son of Penguin (Rebirth)

Issues #7-11 and "stories from" Batgirl Annual #1. I didn't know the annual had multiple stories, but as my sense is that most of the annual leads into something that will take place in the Supergirl series, maybe there's a Batgirl-centric backup.

Batgirl: The Bronze Age Omnibus Vol. 1

There's a word going around these solicitations; apparently "these hard-to-find 1970s tales featuring Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl, are now re-cut and collected in their entirety," whatever "re-cut" means in this context.

Batman '66 Meets Steed & Mrs. Peel

Batman '66 Meets Wonder Woman '77

Batman & Robin Adventures Vol. 2

Batman & Robin by Peter Tomasi & Patrick Gleason Omnibus

Tony Laplume, this one's for you. Seriously, Tomasi and Gleason are a great team, and their Batman and Robin run deserves it's own whole collection, and will probably read more cohesively that way, too. This is said to be Vol. 1, collecting issues #1-20; if so, that stops in the middle of Requiem for Damian, basically bisecting the series.

Batman Arkham: Joker's Daughter

Feels a little bit like scraping the barrel for villains with this one, but despite a promo image that shows the New 52 Joker's Daughter, the solicitation talks about her working with the Teen Titans (and being Two-Face's daughter?), so there ought be some classic Duela Dent material here. I wouldn't mind seeing the recent special by Marguerite Bennett included though, just for completeness.

Batman Beyond Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

Issues #7-12.

Batman in The Brave & the Bold: The Bronze Age Vol. 1

Brave and the Bold #74-91, teaming Batman with the Metal Men, Spectre, Plastic Man, Atom, Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Deadman, Creeper, Flash, Aquaman, Teen Titans, Green Arrow, Sgt. Rock, Wildcat, Phantom Stranger, Adam Strange, and Black Canary (whew!).

Batman Knightfall Omnibus Vol. 2: Knightquest

Collects Justice League Task Force #5-6, Detective Comics #667-675, Robin #1, Batman: Shadow of the Bat #19-28, Batman #501-508, and Catwoman #6-7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that's most of the never-collected "Search" there, short of Legends of the Dark Knight. That Robin issue is probably #7, not #1. (Robin #1 follows from Detective #668.)

Batman Noir: The Court of Owls

Batman Unwrapped: Death of the Family

Batman Vol. 3: I Am Bane (Rebirth)

Said to collect issues #13-18, but "I Am Bane" actually goes to issue #20.

Batman Vol. 4: The War of Jokes and Riddles (Rebirth)

Spoiler alert ... apparently the next Batman story after I Am Bane is a flashback to a battle between the Joker and the Riddler after Zero Year. This is supposed to collect issues #25-32, which leaves a gap from issue #18 or #20 in the previous volume to #24 here. Issues #21-22 are the "Button" crossover with Flash; #23-24 seem to be "I Am Bane" aftermath stories that'll hopefully be collected here or there.

Batman: A Lot of Li'l Gotham

Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 3: League of Shadows (Rebirth)

Issues #950-956.

Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 4 (Rebirth)

Issues #957-961.

Batman: Detective Comics: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1 (Rebirth)

The deluxe collection includes issues #934-949, so as you'll see elsewhere, the "Night of the Monster Men" issues that weren't in the paperback are included sequentially in the hardcover.

Batman: His Greatest Adventures

Among a couple of $9.99 "starter" graphic novels here. Sounds like something for the year-end holiday list ...

Batman: Hush 15th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Fifteen years since Hush ... it's kind of hard to believe ...

Batman: Night of the Monster Men (Rebirth)

Paperback collection of the crossover.

Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol. 2

Issues #13-24 and the Annual #1, which a little awkwardly are mostly Knightfall tie-in issues, though in a variety of self-contained arcs (starring both Bruce Wayne and Jean-Paul Valley). The annual is a Bloodlines book introducing Joe Public, who also appears in one of the regular issues.

Batman: Shadow of the Bat Vol. 3

This is issue #0, #24-34, and the Annual #2. I appreciate the completeness, but also a bit awkwardly, a lot of this is still parts of Knightsend, a Zero Hour tie-in, and then parts of Prodigal. It's all legitimately by Alan Grant, but I'm not sure how it'll read issue-by-issue in trade.

Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 4

Batman: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1 (Rebirth)

Collects issues #1-12, with the "Night of the Monster Men" crossover issues included.

Batman: Year One (New Edition)

Batman: Year One Deluxe Edition

Batman: Year Two 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

I unabashedly love the doomed romance of Batman: Year Two and I'm glad to see it get a deluxe edition, though I wish the Full Circle follow-up was included.

Batwoman Vol. 1: The Many Arms of Death (Rebirth)

The Rebirth special and issues #1-6.

Blue Beetle Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

Issues #6-12.

Books of Magic Book Two

Captain Atom: The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom

The six-issue miniseries. "Even if you think you know what happened to [Captain Atom] ... you're wrong!"

Catwoman by Jim Balent Book One

I mean, what kind of wonderful world do we live in where we're even getting collections of as deep a 1990s dive as Jim Balent's Catwoman series, with writing by Jo Duffy, Doug Moench, and Chuck Dixon? Lots of Knightfall material in this first one, plus Zero Hour tie-ins.

Checkmate By Greg Rucka Book 2

Collects issues #13-25 of the Greg Rucka/Eric Trautmann series, stories that were published previously in Fall of the Wall and Kobra: Resurrection.

Cyborg Vol. 3 (Rebirth)

Issues #12-18.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race

DC Comics: Bombshells Vol. 5

DC Horror: House of Mystery Vol. 1

DC Meets Hanna Barbera

Collects the upcoming crossover annuals specials.

DC Rebirth Omnibus Expanded Edition

Got to say, if I'd already spent $75 on the DC Rebirth Omnibus, only to have another one come out that collected the same stuff plus the Justice League of America Rebirth specials, Batwoman, Super Sons, and the DC Rebirth Holiday Special for $99, I might be a little miffed. Of course, if you held off on the omnibus the first time around, all the more content for you now.

DC Spotlight: Wonder Girl

Previously solicited and now coming around again. This is Wonder Woman #105 (Wonder Woman as "Wonder Girl"), The Brave and the Bold #60 (first appearance of Donna Troy), Teen Titans #22 (origin of Donna Troy), Adventure Comics #461 (Wonder Woman and Donna Troy team-up), Wonder Woman #105 (the other one) and #113 (Cassandra Sandsmark stories by John Byrne), Wonder Woman: Donna Troy #1 ("GirlFrenzy" one-shot), and Wonder Girl #1 (Cassie special in the midst of J.T. Krul's pre-Flashpoint Teen Titans run.

DC Super Hero Girls: Out of the Bottle

DC Super Hero Girls: Past Times at Super Hero High

DC Universe by John Byrne

An impressive deep dive of material, including Untold Legend of Batman #1 (part one of a 1980 origin miniseries), New Teen Titans Annual #2 (origin of Brother Blood), Outsiders #11 (Halo backup story), Green Lantern Annual #3, Secret Origins Annual #1 (Doom Patrol), World of Smallville #1-4, Superman Annual #2 (Maggie Sawyer backup story), World of Metropolis #1-4, Power of the Atom #6 (Chronos), Christmas with Super Heroes #2, Green Lantern: Ganthet's Tale #1 (graphic novel with Larry Niven), The Flash 80-Page Giant #1 (Flash and the Shade), Batman: Gotham Knights #2, DC Comics Presents: Hawkman #1 (Julie Schwartz tribute story), DCU Brave New World #1 (All-New Atom), and DCU Infinite Holiday Special #1 (Green Lantern and Hector Hammond).

Deadman by Kelley Jones: The Complete Collection

Deadman: Love After Death #1-2 and Exorcism #1-2, by Mike Baron and Kelley Jones. That's fine as it goes, but I'm pretty sure Jones did some Batman work with Deadman, with Doug Moench, that might've been nice for this collection too.

Deathstroke the Terminator Vol. 3: Nuclear Winter

This has been cancelled and resolicited a couple times; I'd really like to see these Marv Wolfman Deathstroke collections continue, and I have a soft spot for "Nuclear Winter," so hopefully it makes it this time. Issues #14-23 and Annual #2.

Deathstroke Vol. 3: Twilight (Rebirth)

The second Power Girl, Tanya Spears, hasn't been written very well in the DC You Teen Titans, and I'm very eager to see how and why Christopher Priest is using her over in the Rebirth Deathstroke. Collects issues #12-17.

Doom Patrol Vol. 2

The second Young Animal Doom Patrol collection, which the solicitation says collects issues #1-6, but we can be pretty sure that's not right. Twice the solicitation mentions that Young Animal "bridges the gap between the DC Universe and Vertigo."

Everafter: From the Pages of Fables Vol. 2

Fables The Deluxe Edition Book 15

Flash by Geoff Johns Book Four

Issues #201-212. Collects about half of the third Flash by Geoff Johns omnibus; we're in Ignition/Secret of Barry Allen territory.

Flash by Mark Waid Book Three

Collects issues #83-94, including the "Reckless Youth" story that introduced Impulse Bart Allen, a Zero Hour tie-in ahead of "Terminal Velocity," and an appearance by Bloodlines's Argus (every character is someone's favorite).

Flash Vol. 4 (Rebirth)

Issues #23-28.

Flintstones & the Jetsons Vol. 2

Flintstones Vol. 2: Bedrock Bedlam

Future Quest Vol. 2

Issues #7-12.

Gotham Academy: Second Semester Vol. 2

Collects issues #9-12 and issue #4, which indeed was held out of the first collection.

Grayson: The Superspy Omnibus

Totally deserved. Collects Grayson #1-20, the Secret Origins #8 story, the Annuals #1-3, the Futures End story, and Robin War #1-2. I envy those who'll be reading it for the first time in this format; what a great ride.

Green Arrow Vol. 4 (Rebirth)

Collects issues #12-17.

Green Arrow Vol. 9 (Backlist)

Fantastic -- this finishes up Mike Grell's Green Arrow run with issues #73-80, plus the origin miniseries The Wonder Year. If this finishes out, then sometimes we do get nice things. I'd like to see DC keep on with this at least through issue #100, with issues by Alan Grant, Kevin Dooley, Doug Moench, and Chuck Dixon, if not continuing on to Dixon's Connor Hawke run.

Green Arrow: Archer's Quest (New Edition)

Green Arrow: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1 (Rebirth)

Did you all really think they wouldn't do this? Collects the Rebirth special and issues #1-12.

Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner Vol. 1

As with the Karl Kesel Superboy collection below, the solicitation calls this a "a new, re-cut graphic novel series." and I'm wondering what that means. Anyway, this collects Green Lantern #51-60, REBELS #1, New Titans #116, and Guy Gardner: Warrior #27-28, which is the main series plus direct crossover issues. A good part of this has not been collected before, and ties into Zero Hour.

Green Lantern: The Silver Age Vol. 2

Green Lanterns Vol. 3 (Rebirth)

Issues #7-14.

Green Lanterns Vol. 4 (Rebirth)

Said to collect issues #22-28, which obviously doesn't match up with the previous solicitation, so there's something still to be worked out here.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 3: Quest for the Blue Lanterns (Rebirth)

Issues #14-21.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps Vol. 4 (Rebirth)

Issues #22-27.

Harley Quinn by Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner Omnibus Vol. 1

The solicitation says "this gigantic compendium series will see Palmiotti and Conner’s run on Harley Quinn collected in full." Contents include Harley Quinn #0-16, Harley Quinn Director's Cut #0, Harley Quinn: Futures End #1, Harley Quinn Invades San Diego Comic Con #1, Harley Quinn Annual #1, Secret Origins #4, Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1, Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special #1, and Harley Quinn & Power Girl #1-6 -- essentially the New 52 Harley Quinn material through Harley Quinn Vol. 3: Kiss Kiss Bang Stab. If you were planning to read this series but haven't yet, this seems like the way to do it.

Harley Quinn by Terry Dodson & Karl Kesel Vol. 1

The Karl Kesel/Terry Dodson Harley Quinn series didn't make as much a splash as the New 52 series, but it has been totally collected. This new collection series starts over, collecting issue #1-9 of 38.

Harley Quinn Vol. 3 (Rebirth)

Should be issues #-13-16.

Harley Quinn Vol. 4 (Rebirth)

Collects issues #17-22.

Harley Quinn: A Celebration of 25 Years

Twenty-five years of Harley Quinn and the character's going stronger than ever. With all the usual suspects -- Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Karl Kesel, Terry Dodson, and so on.

Harley Quinn: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1 (Rebirth)

Collects issues #1-13.

Harley Quinn's Cover Gallery Deluxe Edition

What, you want more Harley? Various depictions on covers from the last 25 years.

Hellblazer Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

Issues #7-12.

House of Secrets Omnibus Vol. 1

Injustice 2 Vol. 1

Issues #1-6 of the prequel to the new game.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three: The Complete Collection

Collects both volumes of the Year Three series by Tom Taylor.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five Vol. 3

The third volume of Year Five; I actually thought DC was done collecting Year Five by now, but apparently it's longer than the previous "seasons."

Injustice: Ground Zero Vol. 1

Injustice: Ground Zero Vol. 2

I do intend to get back to the Injustice books at some point, but I can't say I have much interest in the same story just from Harley Quinn's perspective.

Invisibles Book Two

Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus

This looks to be the entire contents of the four previous Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus books, at $150. The original hardcovers were $50 per, so that's a bargain (aside from being a great story and a historical gem).

JLA: A Midsummer's Nightmare Deluxe Edition

Mark Waid's prelude to Grant Morrison's JLA, now in deluxe format.

JLA: The Nail/Another Nail Deluxe Edition

John Constantine: Hellblazer Vol. 17

John Constantine: Hellblazer Vol. 18: The Gift

Astounding all of the Vertigo Hellblazer isn't collected yet. This gets us into the early #200s, of 300 issues.

JSA by Geoff Johns Book One

Looks to be a paperback collection series of the previous more-issues JSA collections.

Justice League by Geoff Johns Box Set Vol. 1

Following the (good looking) Batman by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo box sets, this one contains Justice League Vols. 1-3: Origin, Villain's Journey, and Throne of Atlantis, with slipcase.

Justice League International Omnibus Vol. 1

All right, so we recently lost the Justice League: Breakdowns collection, but then here's a new JLI omnibus. This collects as much as the first five hardcover/paperback Justice League International collections (the main series through issue #30 and Justice League Europe #1-6, minus an issue of Suicide Squad), so insult to injury over that whole switch to paperback thing, but yay that these are being collected again and here's hoping there's more collections of International and Europe to come.

Justice League of America Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

Issues #7-13.

Justice League of America: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1 (Rebirth)

Kind of surprised to see this already, but this looks to be the deluxe hardcover collection of the Steve Orlando series, being the Rebirth special and issues #1-12.

Justice League Vol. 4 (Rebirth)

Collects issues #20-25.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad

Paperback collection of the event miniseries and tie-ins, so yes, you are not stuck with hardcovers for Justice League vs. Suicide Squad nor Batman: Night of the Monster Men.

Justice League: An Adult Coloring Book

Justice League: The Darkseid War Saga Omnibus

Collects Justice League #40-50 and all the Darkseid War specials. It'd be nice to have this all in one book; makes me a little sorry I broke down and bought the individual hardcovers.

Justice League: The Detroit Era Omnibus

Author is listed as Gerry Conway, and the solicitation says "The complete adventures of Aquaman leading the Justice League of America into action are collected here in this oversize omnibus graphic novel!" and "The 'Detroit Era' of the Justice League finally have their adventures collected in their entirety for the first time ever!" No contents listed, but at 800 pages, it would be great if this really was complete, one and done.

Justice League: Their Greatest Triumphs

No contents, but the creators are listed as Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, Gardner Fox, and Gerry Conway, among others. The big draw for movie-interested fans is this is 168 pages for just $9.99.

Justice League/Power Rangers

Kid Eternity Book Two

Legend of Wonder Woman

Legion by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning Vol. 1

DC just now cancelled a Legion Lost: The Complete Saga collection (not, I don't think, for the first time), which collected Abnett and Lanning's Legion of Super-Heroes #122-125, Legionnaries #79-81, and Legion Lost #1-12. This is almost the exact same thing minus Legion Lost. Pulling for it to finally make it to publication this time.

Legionnaires Book Two

Continuing the adventures of the Legion of Super-Heroes rebooted by Mark Waid and company after Zero Hour. If this volume collects as much as the last one was supposed to, it should go into a crossover with Karl Kesel's Superboy and an Underworld Unleashed tie-in.

Lobo by Keith Giffen & Alan Grant Vol. 1

We're probably overdue, especially in this day and age of Harley Quinn specials, for a comprehensive collection of Lobo material, the Harley Quinn of the 1980s. Starts out with Lobo #1-4, Lobo Paramilitary Special #1, Lobo's Back #1-4, Lobo: Blazing Chain of Love #1, and Lobo: Infanticide #1-4, coming in January 2018(!).

Looney Tunes: Greatest Hits Vol. 4

Lucifer Vol. 3: Blood in the Streets

MAD 2016 Gross Book

New Super-Man Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

Issues #7-12.

New Teen Titans Vol. 1 Omnibus (New Edition)

We talked about this one the other day; the question is whether the latter volumes will collect this series sequentially when the previous omnibus series didn't.

New Teen Titans Vol. 8

Collecting New Teen Titans #39-40 and Tales of the New Teen Titans #41-44 and Annual #3, this is still within the contents of the Omnibus Vol. 2.

Night Force by Marv Wolfman: The Complete Series

This collection of Marv Wolfman's Night Force #1-14 plus the backup story from New Teen Titans #21 was solicited and cancelled back in 2011-2012 when there was a revival series; hopefully it fares better this time.

Nightwing Vol. 3: Nightwing Must Die (Rebirth)

Collects issues #16-20.

Nightwing Vol. 4: Blockbuster (Rebirth)

Collects issues #21-25.

Nightwing: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1 (Rebirth)

The Rebirth special and Nightwing #1-15, so also the Nightwing chapters of "Night of the Monster Men," reprinted sequential with the other issues.

Northlanders Book 3

Odyssey of the Amazons

The six-issue miniseries by Kevin Grevious.

Orion by Walt Simonson Book One

This collects some of the previously released omnibus; most likely this paperback series is meant to collect the omnibus's material in a couple of volumes.

Planetary Book One

Red Hood & the Outlaws Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

Collects issues #7-12.

Robin Vol. 5

This next collection of the Chuck Dixon series is supposed to reprint issues #19-33, including tie-ins to Underworld Unleashed, Contagion, and Legacy, and appearances by the Bat-family, Spoiler Stephanie Brown, Wildcat Ted Grant, and Green Arrow Connor Hawke.

Sandman Mystery Theatre Book 4

Issues #37-48, so "The Mist" (tie-in with James Robinson's Starman), "Phantom of the Fair," and "The Blackhawk." We're not quite at Sandman Mystery Theatre material that hasn't been previously collected (issues #53-70), but close.

Savage Things

Scooby Apocalypse Vol. 2

Scooby-Doo Team-Up Vol. 4

Sebastian O/Mystery Play by Grant Morrison: The Deluxe Edition

Shazam: A New Beginning 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Collects the four issue miniseries that launched from Legends, plus the stories from Action Comics Weekly #623-626. I've wanted to read these for a while.

Smallville Vol. 9: Continuity

I'd have thought all the Smallville comics were collected by now, but apparently not. What seemed like a fun idea at the time has more or less fizzled, I think, but I give DC credit for finishing out the collections.

Suicide Squad Vol. 3 (Rebirth)

Suicide Squad Vol. 4 (Rebirth)

One of these is supposed to collect issues #16-20, but I believe we've seen that the Suicide Squad collections have been running a little behind their originally-solicited contents.

Suicide Squad Vol. 7

Issues #49-58 of the John Ostrander series, so this includes a War of the Gods tie-in issue, and the next volume should complete the run.

Suicide Squad: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1 (Rebirth)

Collects the Rebirth special, the Harley Quinn and the Suicide Squad April Fools' Special, and issues #1-8, so this runs right up to the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad crossover.

Suicide Squad: The Silver Age

Brave and the Bold #25-27 and #37-39, being the original non-villain team lead by Rick Flag.

Super Powers Vol. 1

The Jack Kirby miniseries, solicited and cancelled previously and now back on the list.

Super Sons Vol. 1 (Rebirth)

Collects issues #1-6 of the new series.

Superboy Book One

Couldn't be more excited to finally see the original "Kon-El" Superboy series (aka "The Kid") getting collected. This is issues #0-11, so both the Worlds Collide Milestone crossover and also the Zero Hour tie-in issue, just before Kesel teams Superboy with a proto-Suicide Squad. With Knockout, King Shark, and more. I'm just wondering what the solicitation means by "these now-legendary tales from the 1990s from writer Karl Kesel are recut ..."

Supergirl Book Four

The solicitation for Book Four of the Peter David series is the same as the solicitation for Book Three, but if we figure about ten-fifteen issues, there's a crossover with Young Justice, a tie-in to Day of Judgment, and appearances by Zauriel and the Parasite.

Supergirl Book Three

Collects issues #21-33 of the Peter David series, including the mystery of Comet and appearances by the Matrix Supergirl, the Female Furies, Resurrection Man, and Steel, plus the DC One Million issue.

Supergirl Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

Issues #7-11 and "stories from" Batgirl Annual #1 (see higher in this list).

Supergirl Vol. 4 (2000s Series)

No contents listed. Curiously, the last collection of the 2000s Supergirl series collected up to issue #33, right before the Sterling Gates issues, which were newly reprinted on their own. Now, I don't mind an "omnibus"-type collection of Gates's work, but I wonder if this'll leap over that and go to issues #60-67 by James Peaty, Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Nick Spencer, which were never before collected.

Supergirl: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 2

Superman Adventures Vol. 4

Superman and the Miserable, Horrible, No Fun, Really Bad Day

Superman Reborn

Collects Action Comics #973-976 and Superman #18-19 of the Rebirth event that a variant cover recently spoiled for me.

Superman Vol. 4: Black Dawn (Rebirth)

Issues #20-25, following Superman Reborn.

Superman: Action Comics Vol. 4: (Rebirth)

Issues #977-984, so also following Superman Reborn.

Superman: Action Comics Vol. 5: (Rebirth)

Issues #985-990. That's ten issues from #1000, people -- ten issues! I predict the big doings of Rebirth are coming to a head in Action Comics #1000.

Superman: Action Comics: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 2 (Rebirth)

The first second Rebirth deluxe hardcover, said to collect Action Comics #967-984.

Superman: American Alien

Paperback of the Max Landis miniseries. I enjoyed Superman: American Alien a lot.

Superman: An Adult Coloring Book

Superman: Kryptonite Deluxe Edition

A deluxe edition of the story by Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale that appeared in Superman Confidential #1-5 and #11.

Superman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 5

Superman: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1 (Rebirth)

Collects the Rebirth special and issues #1-13.

Superman/Batman Vol. 6

No contents listed, but based on previous collections, I believe we're now into the Night and Day and Big Noise collections, including a little Blackest Night tie-in action.

Superwoman Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

Issues #8-12, so issues by both Phil Jimenez and K. Perkins.

Swamp Thing: The Bronze Age Omnibus Vol. 1

Sweet Tooth Book One

Tales of the Batman: Alan Brennert

Looks to be the paperback of the previously-released hardcover, being Brave and the Bold team-ups with Starman Ted Knight, Deadman, Creeper, Hawk and Dove, Black Canary, and more. Art is by Jim Aparo, Joe Staton, and Norm Breyfogle. Also included is the Detective Comics #500 story "To Kill a Legend," and Brennert's alt-history one-shot, the first labeled Elseworlds, Batman: Holy Terror.

Teen Titans Go! Vol. 4

Teen Titans Go!: A Kids Coloring Book

Teen Titans Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

Issues #7-11.

Teen Titans: The Silver Age Vol. 1

Titans Vol. 2 (Rebirth)

Issues #7-10, the Titans Annual, and stories from DC Rebirth Holiday Special.

Titans: The Lazarus Contract

Collects Titans #11, Teen Titans #8, Deathstroke #19, and Teen Titans Annual #1. Of course inquiring minds want to know if we'll see these in their individual trades as well (like "Night of the Monster Men," maybe not in the paperbacks but collected in the hardcovers).

Trillium: The Deluxe Edition

Trinity Vol. 1: Better Together (Rebirth)

The paperback release, coming November 2017, of the hardcover solicited for June 2017.

Two Face: A Celebration of 75 Years

Unfollow Vol. 3

Unwritten The Deluxe Edition Book Two

Very DC Rebirth Holiday Collection

Fairly recent material, this is the DC Rebirth Holiday Special, the Rebirth Batman Annual #1, and the Rebirth Harley Quinn #10. I wouldn't mind a collection of the various recent era-themed DC holiday specials, like DCU Infinite Holiday Special and so on.

Watchmen: The Annotated Edition

Wild Storm Vol. 1

Collects issue #1-6 of Warren Ellis's new "Wild Storm."

Wildstorm: A Celebration of 25 Years

No contents listed, but I'll be curious what gets chosen for this.

Wonder Woman & the Justice League America Vol. 2

No contents here either, but the first volume stopped just short of the "Judgment Day" crossover between the Justice League books, so here's hoping this includes the Justice League America, Task Force, and International issues, too. Of course, if this keeps going, there's not much to collect before this series starts to get in to the Gerard Jones issues.

Wonder Woman Vol. 4: Godwatch (Rebirth)

Issues #16, #18, #20, #22, and #24. Do we know when the switching back and forth is planned to be over?

Wonder Woman: The Golden Age Vol. 1

Wonder Woman: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1 (Rebirth)

The Rebirth special and issues #1-12. I wonder if these will be staggered or sequential in this volume.

Wonder Woman: The True Amazon

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  1. I'm just too happy right now.

    First of all, Legion by DnA Vol. 1! Am I dreaming? I'll pre-order it as soon as humanly possible, and while I'm glad it will collect all issues DnA wrote before Legion Lost, it seems the hypothetical vol. 2 will end up being just a reprint of the Legion Lost collection. Hopefully that won't hurt sales too much, but I think they should just make vol. 1 over 500 pages long and add Legion Lost to it.

    JLI Omnibus! Including stuff scripted by that guy who won't be named!

    Superboy by Kesel and Grummett! Another '90s gem DC was taking too long to collect.

    Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner! I knew this was coming, but it's good to see it won't skip the crossover with New Titans, Rebels and Guy Gardner.

    Catwoman by Jim Balent! He certainly deserves to have his name in the title, considering how long he pencilled the book as it went through many writers.

    Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare Deluxe! They should have collected it in the first JLA TPB, since it sets up Morrison's World War Three arc, but I'm just glad to have this important story back in print.

    Knightfall Omnibus Vol. 2! And as expected, Knightquest: The Search will finally be collected.

    Atlantis Chronicles Deluxe! May this be the first step toward collecting Peter David's Aquaman run.

    All this plus new volumes of Waid's Flash (vol. 3 should collect issues #80-94 instead of #83-94, by the way), Ostrander's Suicide Squad, Grell's Green Arrow (finishing his run, two annuals and Shado mini excepted), Dixon's Robin, PAD's Supergirl, Vado's JLA and other stuff we thought would never be collected!

    And the weirdest collection announced has to be Aquaman: The Waterbearer Vol. 2, the sequel to a TPB that was published all the way back in 2003, collecting the beginning of Veitch's run. Couldn't they just collect his 12 issues and Aquaman Secret Files 2003 in a single volume?

    1. Just a self-correction: I forgot Jones didn't start scripting Justice League Europe until issue #14, so it looks like his issues will only show up in the second JLI Omnibus.

    2. The sheer amount of cancelled but re-solicited or reconstituted material on this list is really surprising but heartening. God bless whomever's such an advocate of Abnett and Lanning's Legion work that the Legion Lost collection just got cancelled, and now they're re-doing it in different format, starting a little earlier. I'm excited for it for us but I really want it out for whomever keeps putting it up, too.

      Yeah, calling that Waterbearer Vol. 2 is also wonderful. Never say never. I hope it makes it to print.

  2. oh wow, I'm surprised to see a Omnibus collections for Grayson and Tomasi's Batman and Robin run

    1. At first I was surprised they split it in two volumes, but then I remembered the three annuals and the two Robin Rises specials. Tomasi and Gleason also did a 3-parter ("Dark Knight Vs. White Knight) for the pre-Flashpoint series that I think should be included in the first omnibus.

    2. Makes sense. 40 issues, a #0 issue, a Futures End one-shot, three annuals, two Robin Rises specials, and hopefully that underrated Dark Knight vs White Knight three-parter. Brings up the page count quite a lot.

    3. I'd like to see Tomasi and Gleason's pre-Flashpoint Batman & Robin work in there too. Why not?

      And Grayson so deserves omnibus format. That'll be a great read for those who never picked it up another way.

  3. That Atlantis Chronicles solicit is going to put a smile on a lot of faces. I've got the single issues, but I'm going to buy a copy of the collection just to thank DC for finally doing it.

    1. Literally the collection I get asked most about and one of the first I can remember being mentioned here. My short list would be getting real short if it wasn't for the fact Superman: Man of Tomorrow got cancelled.

    2. Maybe DC cancelled that S:MOT collection because someone is finally realizing we need a series of Omnibus collections of the Post-Crisis Superman, starting with "Man of Steel". I can't imagine what in the world is making them hold off on doing that. It's seminal work, and many of the trades are out of print. It absolutely deserves a more deluxe treatment.

    3. We do need that. And I'm all in for it, soon as some of the Superman: Man of Tomorrow-type material is collected. Despite that some of the Man of Steel volumes are out of print, I just couldn't get behind going back and printing all over again issues that have already been collected once (even if out of print) before moving forward with issues that have never been reprinted before. Just my take on it.

  4. Lots of good stuff! JLI and Fourth World Omnibus, Kyle Rayner, Giffen/Grant Lobo. Man!

    I'm surprised that Tomasi's B&R (which I LOVE) got an omni before Morrison's or Snyder's Batman. I hope they include the three issues of the first series that Tomasi and Gleason did. Hell, I hope they include the Blackest Night mini Tomasi did as well!

    1. Probably some timeliness to reprinting Tomasi's Damian Wayne work right now, too.

  5. They're starting TPBs of Walter Simonson's Orion, so I might just stick to those instead of getting the omnibus.

    Also, JLA/Power Rangers... I'll have some comments about that in a few months. Plus now that we've had JLA/Power Rangers and New Avengers/Transformers to join JLA/Avengers, the cycle needs to be completed with Power Rangers/Transformers.

    1. I bought the Orion Omnibus despite really disliking the format (too heavy/bulky, hard to read comfortably) but I bought it because I figured it would never ever get printed again, or in a preferable format. Whoops.

  6. It's a shame there are no Deluxe Editions of Green Lanterns and Deathstroke from Rebirth. Hal Jordan & TGLC gets one even though it sells worse than GLs. Do you think it might come later, or should I forget it? ('Forget it Jake... it's tpb town.')

    1. I would be surprised if at least Green Lanterns didn't also get a deluxe, and frankly, I haven't seen anything to indicate DC doesn't plan to deluxe all the first round Rebirth titles at some point. They're all at issue #12 by now at least, right?

    2. Green Lanterns' 19th issue just came out this week, and it was one of Rebirth's first titles. What's really puzzling is Action Comics is already at the second Deluxe collection, as you wrote above, but still no word about Green Lanterns.

  7. I wonder if the phrase "re-cut" on Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner trade means it only includes the parts of the issues of REBELS, New Teen Titans, and Guy Gardner: Warrior that actually involve Kyle. I wonder if if the entire issue is not reprinted. DC has done that before. The Batman Murderer and Fugitive trades were edited and only used parts of the Birds of Prey and Batgirl issues.

    As for the Superboy trade maybe it condenses the Milestone "World's Collide" crossover to just the stuff that included Superboy. If I remember correctly the Superman books that were part of the Milestone crossover were also engaged with their own "Fall of Metropolis" multi-part storyline.

    1. I hope that's not what it means. It sounds good in theory but the books read really choppy, like a scene seems to end but on the next page you're back on the same scene. Someone who's that interested in all of this won't mind, I don't think, a glimpse at what else was going on in those issues. It'd be like how they did the recent Robin War trade and I thought it read fine.

    2. I hope they will include Emerald Twilight (#48-50) as those are Marz' first issues und include Kyle's first appearance.
      Also, what about issue #0? It came out between #55 and 56, which are both included here.

    3. Plus New Titans 117 should be included which continues the story from 116 of Kyle & The Titans vs Psimon

  8. JUSTICE LEAGUE DETROIT OMNIBUS!?! I never thought I'd see the day.

    If my quick and dirty skim of the GCD is correct, after Legion Lost, there was Legion Worlds with six issues and then 33 DnA-written issues of The Legion. If DC really is going to collect it seven issues at a time it will take a while to get through all that.

    1. That Legion run doesn't end as well as it began, I don't think. And some of it was collected once upon a time. If I were DC I'd finally get these "Legion of the Damned" and Legion Lost issues collected and be done with it.

      Can you estimate the issue range for Justice League Detroit?

    2. Though Legion Lost has been collected before, and Legion of the Damned was in a DC Comics Presents book. It's everything else (Widening Rifts and Legion Worlds and beyond) that gets me excited, so hopefully we get at least *some* decent amount of it.

      I've actually never read Justice League Detroit, so I have no idea.

    3. I've heard Justice League #228-261 on Twitter, perhaps.

      Would you just collect to the end of The Legion, quality notwithstanding, or stop somewhere before the end?

    4. All I've read of the reboot is Legion of the Damned, Legion Lost, and the couple issues collected in 1,050 Years of the Future. Part of the reason I await this so eagerly!

    5. I think Justice League Detroit makes sense considering how many of them are appearing in the Arrowverse.

    6. JLA Detroit Map from Custom Bind.

      Justice League of America Annual 2
      Justice League of America 233
      Justice League of America 234
      Justice League of America 235
      Justice League of America 236
      Justice League of America 237
      Justice League of America 238
      Justice League of America 239
      Justice League of America 240
      Justice League of America 241
      Justice League of America 242
      Justice League of America 243
      Infinity Inc. 19
      Justice League of America 244
      Justice League of America Annual 3
      Justice League of America 245
      Justice League of America 246
      Justice League of America 247
      Justice League of America 248
      Justice League of America 249
      Justice League of America 250
      Justice League of America 251
      Justice League of America 252
      Justice League of America 253
      Justice League of America 254
      Justice League of America 255
      Justice League of America 256
      Justice League of America 257
      Legends 1 (pgs 17-22)
      Legends 2 (pgs 5-9)
      Justice League of America 258
      Justice League of America 259
      Justice League of America 260
      Justice League of America 261
      DC Retroactive: Justice League of America - The '80s

    7. I haven't re-read the Abnett and Lanning Legion run in many years, but my memories of it are very positive. Aside from the "Legion Lost" miniseries, which was collected in both HC and TP, the only other part of their run that was collected (in TP) was the "Foundations" arc from Legion #s 25-30.

      Interestingly, the description for Legion by DnA vol. 1 actually fits a book that would begin with the start of the regular series _after_ "Legion Lost" and "Legion Worlds": "After finding their way back to Earth after being stranded in a distant galaxy..." So even if the issue numbers are correct, and this book covers the material before "Lost," the description suggests that thought is already being given to continuing the trades into the regular series.

    8. I guess since Legion Lost has received a collection (all be it some years ago), DC would be within their rights to leapfrog it and have the next collection pick up after that. That would be weird, but then again part of me would rather see un-collected issues be collected than necessarily worry about completeness to that extent.

  9. Love that you name-checked me in the Tomasi/Gleason Batman and Robin Omnibus listing. I am indeed very happy they're doing this. Even though I already have every collection (except the last one, so far, which I don't feel bad about because I do have the original issues already), these will be must-buys, too. As someone else mentioned above, it would be awesome if the collection also included the pre-New 52 material as well.

    1. Thought you might like that one. I wonder if some of my disconnect with this book might be solved by reading it on a one-off or two-off trade like this.

    2. I originally discovered the series by reading multiple issues at the same time. I don't think I would've latched onto it if I'd read a random issue or collection. It's a cumulative effect, which is rare in mainstream comics. Plenty of writers aim for long-term storytelling, but few of them are as inventive and adaptable as Tomasi proved himself to be here.

  10. Very super excited for the Supergirl Trade Paperbacks , Collected Editions and Omnibuses coming out!!! You can tell because of the success of The CW Supergirl TV Show is the main reason we are getting all those issues reprinted and collected. I do wonder though if Vol 4. of Supergirl (2005-2011) is going to be collecting the Sterling Gates run or issues #60-#67? Can't wait to get all of these soon !!!

    1. Love, love, love those Sterling Gates books, and I don't think they get the credit they deserve for being the basis of the Supergirl show, but I'd as soon DC move as quickly as possible to issues that haven't been collected yet rather than re-collecting issues that have.

      Another question for you -- would you message me at the Yahoo address or on FB?

    2. You can message me on Facebook or through Gmail

  11. For collection reasons excited for the Grayson Omnibus, even though I already have everything in monthly form. Hoping they decide to include NIghtwing #31 in it, which is basically a prologue for the serie.

    1. Yeah, though I thought that was one of the weakest issues of the "series"; it made me very hesitant to read Grayson before I did and then loved it. I'd as soon start with the grand issue #1 train caper.

  12. "Batman: Shadow of the Bat (...) I appreciate the completeness, but also a bit awkwardly, a lot of this is still parts of Knightsend, a Zero Hour tie-in, and then parts of Prodigal. It's all legitimately by Alan Grant, but I'm not sure how it'll read issue-by-issue in trade."

    It's more like pointlessness, and I don't appreciate it at all. This batch of issues is not going to read bad at all for the most part, actually, because Knightfall tie-in is just a three part story with Scarecrow, Knightquest was just a status-quo and only at the end SotB does the Abattoir story with Moench's Batman, two parts of Prodigal are stand-alone, and so are Zero Hour tie-ins. But it's a safe bet most who are interested in this have all of it already. They could have collected SotB in three volumes around the Bat-events: before Knightfall, between Prodigal/Troika and Contagion, and between Legacy and Cataclysm. Or they could have collected all the issue ALONG with various tie-ins, mostly about Arkham and the villains, penned by Grant, making it worthwhile. But DC did neither, so I don't know why I'm supposed to buy this thing.

    And their insistence of including every issue no matter how much it's involved in the cross-over makes their books an annoying read. Again, these might read better than not, but for example later there's Contagion. Ooh, a big 10 or 11 part story. Except, if you're already including SotB #48-49, throw Batman #529 between them, and you have a mini-arc inside the bigger cross-over. And of course there's always the option of including the pages from the other issues to make it even smoother. There's so many books they could just make better than they will be. Balent's Catwoman should have Batman #503-504 and then for her involvment in Knightsend (parts of) another two so the story doesn't have a hole in it. Robin collections, which are going through Knightfall trilogy at the moment and already there's one book that has an issue starting in the middle of Bat-Azrael killing Robin. Pages from Zero Hour #4 to continue from Flash #94 at the end of this Waid's volume.

    And there's Superboy which in this 12-issue book goes through two cross-overs and Zero Hour. But it's nice how it follows from Return of Superman... except it doesn't, because either that or this one should have Adventures of SUperman #506. It was bad planning on DC'a part because Return of Superman should have not skipped Man of Steel #27 and included AoS #506, Action Comics #693 and MoS #28, which finish the subplots of and send off all the surviving replacement Supermen to their new series.

    1. Yes on Adventures of Superman #506; I was thinking that would start the Superboy trade off right (also, "Captain Kirk said that!").

      But y'know, to each their own, and I totally get what you're saying how these could read better "re-cut" (as the word of the day goes) and so on. But at the end of the day these were individual series, and they came out issue by issue, and I don't mind so much having to jump book to book like I did with the individual knowledge, so long as I can feel secure that I "have it all" (a little Larfleeze coming out here). It would drive me bazonkers to have a Shadow of the Bat collection series that didn't collect all the issues, and sticking an issue of Batman or something in there is only going to make it take longer for the collection series to end.

      So I'm satisfied with this, though I do totally get your point. I was not happy to have two of our parts of "Lonely Place of Dying" in the third New Teen Titans Omnibus. I'm trying to figure what the difference is.

    2. There isn't.

      And maybe these were individual series, but those are books. Why would I want to switch between the books? Why should I even have all the necessary books? Why would I want to buy imcomplete stories?

      Sorry, but "it's okay for it to be incomplete" will never sound anything else than dumb to me. Not seeing any good arguements for it either: "sticking an issue of Batman or something in there is only going to make it take longer for the collection series to end" - uhm, putting one or two issues in the book makes what exactly longer? There's no additional volume.

    3. Shadow of the Bat vol. 4, if it comes to that, will have #42, which has its epilogue in Batman Chronicles #2, and Secrets of the Universe with part 1 and 3 in #43 and #44, and part 2 in Catwoman #26. Do you want to leave those non-SotB issues out? And is there much difference between including them, and adding a bridge between two parts of Contagion that will be included anyway?

    4. I do see your point. What I was saying is that sticking an issue of Batman in the Shadow collections -- which might bump an issue of Shadow -- might make it take longer for them to finish collecting Shadow (into the hypothetical Vol. 5, Vol. 6, etc.). But hey, I didn't recall that Shadow crossed over with Catwoman like that, so I've learned something.

    5. They are doing it in 300 page books 12 issues at the time when they could have been doing it in 500 page books if they chose too. Moving faster towards the finish line is not the most important thing to them. It's going to be at least seven volumes at this pace anyway. I prefer to believe that adding something extra even to all those 300 page books would not resulted in yet another volume, because that would be ridiculous.

  13. Am I missing something, or is there just Rogue War left for a Geoff Johns Book 5? Maybe Final Crisis: Rogue's Revenge? Inquiring mind(s) want to know!

    I'm really interested to see what might come in the third Knightfall Omnibus - Knightsend, obviously, then Prodigal? Troika?

    Happy to see more Mark Waid Flash. Those could come out more often - there's going to be a ton of those collections.

    1. Ah, to self-correct, looks like GJ Book 4 splits the Secret of Barry Allen trade in half. That makes more sense.

      Now, to change it up - will we get a Book 6 that includes Rogue's Revenge and Flash:Rebirth? Then a Book 7 leading to Flashpoint?

    2. Yep, book 5 should be Flash #213-225, #1/2 and Wonder Woman #214.

      That would conclude Wally West by Johns. It remains to be seen if Barry Allen by Johns will be collected in an Omnibus/bigger trades.

      Final Crisis: Rouges' Revenge #1-3
      Flash: Rebirth #1-6
      Blackest Night: Flash #1-3
      Flash Secret Files & Origins 2010
      Flash #1-12
      Flashpoint #1-5

    3. That's 30 issues (don't recall if any of those are supersized or anything). Seems like 13/17 split for two books (or 13/12 and omit Flashpoint?) would make some sense.

    4. I was under the impression these Flash by Geoff Johns paperbacks were simply mapping the omnibuses and then they'd stop, so not the Barry Allen stuff. Nothing wrong with collecting it, I guess, and the Final Crisis and Blackest Night material leans heavily on the Wally run, so maybe not so bad; it all just kind of implodes by the end.

      I'll settle for all of "The Search" but Knightfall would really be complete if they'd include "Troika."

    5. I wouldn't be shocked if we see a Geoff Johns BA Flash omnibus sometime after GJ Flash 5. Then a year later, we'll get the first of two or three trades. Given that we have Teen Titans, JSA, and Hawkman by Geoff Johns all starting soon, I get the impression he *might* be a popular writer ;)

    6. I hope they end Knightfall with Troika, it puts a cap on Prodigal (otherwise like the 2012 trades it just ends with Batman in the shadows saying "time for some changes" that seems anti-climatic after everything)

      Totally agree on the Waid collections, I want these ASAP (and then some Baron/Messner-Loebs collections to complete the whole Wally West Flash series in TPB)

  14. The JLI omnibus seems nice but I already have the trades so there is no real reason to get it. I also have no faith that there will be a volume 2 of this.

    No new Chuck Dixon Birds of Prey collection. Not sure if DC has stopped with this or maybe we will get something next year.

    Nice to see the Kyle Rayner GL collections starting. I hope the 90's Hal Jordan run can be restarted in a year or two.

    I thought the recently cancelled Superman Man of Tomorrow collection would show back up in paperback form. Maybe next year.

    I know Batman is the money maker at DC and everything in the catalog is going to be published and republished, but at some point as a customer I just have to stop buying Batman collections. That saying, if they collect pre Crisis Batman including Batman #400 - I am all in.

    1. >> The JLI omnibus seems nice but I already have the trades so there is no real reason to get it.

      Gotta support the cause, Jason! :) We definitely won't get Vol. 2 if no one buys Vol. 1.

      Fingers crossed they resolicit that Superman: Man of Tomorrow collection sometime. Smaller paperbacks? Wait till the next Superman movie?

    2. For material like the JLI omnibus, which I already have, it will come down to what all is in my order. If it is a light month, then I would upgrade for sure. If my order is full of stuff I do not already have, then I will not go over budget to upgrade or not get stuff I do not have.

      The exceptions are if I am upgrading material from a showcase or essential. Going to color makes an upgrade worth it.

      I may talk myself into the JLI omnibus because the paper quality should be much better than the trades.

    3. You should buy Vol. 1 if you want there to be any hope of Vol.2 - I have the trades (two copies of that Beginning trade) and all the single issues of JLI. =I'm buying this as I want to so badly for every issue of JLI to be collected.

  15. Everybody above this comment, where did you see this post or what alerted you that it was up? Just curious.

    1. My blogroll sorts by most recently updated, and I saw that CE had shifted to the top.

    2. I just checked the website and it was there.

    3. I found the catalogue on the Edelweiss page and next day checked if there was something about it here.

    4. I check out this blog pretty much everyday, even when there aren't new posts, just to see if there are some interesting discussions going on in the comment sections. I actually found out about DC's upcoming releases by reading this post when it was still incomplete, and then I went straight to the catalog at Edelweiss's website before posting my impressions here.

    5. Thanks all. Useful for me to know.

      @Steve -- That's Science's Less Accurate Grandmother, everyone; I enjoy Steve's reviews very much.

    6. I kniw I don't quite qualify, but I tend to check here everyday to see if any news came up. I saw the edelweiss solicts and checked here. I know you always have a deeper, better understanding of the contents, and look out for the collector, in terms of story quality and double dipping.

    7. While I check your site by hand once or twice a week - I was alerted to this post being up by someone (not you) posting it to an FBOOK Group. The Jack Kirby! Fbook group in particular in this case.

    8. Someone posted it on reddit

  16. I found the catalogue on the Edelweiss page and next day checked if there was something about it here.

  17. If there's a Year Two Deluxe Edition, I wonder what's the status of that Caped Crusader HC that was also starting with Y2.

    Who at DC editorial is pushing for Joker's Daughter, I have never seen a single fan of the character.

    Glad Shadow of the Bat seems to have made it, when I saw the Azreal series get canned I worried about this one.

    Really want a companion trade of the search to come out after this. Kinda hard to justify rebuying an omnibus sized book for a small arc.

    Good to see the Flash train ongoing.

    Wish DC could put out trades as fast as they crank out those hellblazer books, feels like more than 5 a year.

    Archer's Quest Deluxe in trade will look nice next to GA by Kevin Smith TPB

    JSA in a Non-omnibus format!

    No sign of DMZ book 4? Is it going to be like a year between rereleases?

    1. Joker's Daughter's got a pretty long DC history, not in the current New 52 form but as as 1970s and so on Teen Titans character. I do think this is stretching the purview of these Batman: Arkham collections, but I'm curious to see what they collect here nonetheless.

      Still bummed about the end of the Azrael collections.

  18. If the publication schedule is correct and stays on time, that means Action Comics #1000 should be released around April/May 2018. Making it come out around Superman's 80 birthday.

    1. Tied in to big Rebirth doings, you think?

  19. On knightfall omnibus, It does make sense to include Robin#1 since Detective comics #668 ended on a cliffhanger that continued on Robin #1, that specific issue wasn’t included in the knightquest trade.

    1. You're right; fixed. It speaks to how far-reaching this second omnibus is that it nearly bridges entirely from the first to seventh issues of Robin.

  20. You may be surprised that Hush is 15 years old - but what surprises me is that they expect us to pay a $50 cover price for a Deluxe edition of 12 issues. The amount and quality of "extra material" is probably a good joke too.

    I'm sure the fact that Jim Lee is high up in the company, and will no doubt get a solid royalty bonus from this, has nothing to do with that decision...

    This book should have been collected in hardcover a long time ago, rather than the two super-slim 6-issue hardcovers they initially released. Price gouging is not the way to do things right this time around.

    1. There were a couple of two-volume hardcover sets at that time -- Superman for Tomorrow was another one. Not that they don't do that any more (Justice League: Darkseid War, for instance), but I'm glad it's not so prevalent (we got Omega Men in one volume).

  21. What's happened with John Ostrander's Spectre compilations? I would love to see DC finish those out. It would also be wonderful to see a Gotham Nights collection.

    1. Well, never say never (look at Aquaman: Waterbearer Vol. 2!), but they haven't been solicited in a while. Probably would've been a better chance if the Constantine TV show had continued, for instance.

    2. I just got the Spectre run custom bound (I had given up hope on the collections)

  22. Your links for Anarky and Atlantis Chronicles are broken. I didn't bother after that.

    1. Sorry -- note at the top it says all links may not be functional yet. These listings come out a little before the online sellers, but you'll probably see them there within a week or so, if not sooner.

  23. Is the Legend of Wonder Woman the new one or the old Trina Robbins mini?

    1. Also which Wildcats series is being collected?

    2. The Legend of Wonder Woman is the recent digital-first series by Renae De Liz.

      As I understand it, Absolute WildC.A.T.s will collect 15 issues of the original series (#1-13, #31 and a short story from #50, all of which were pencilled by Lee) plus Marc Silvestri's Cyberforce #1-3 (which crossed over with WildC.A.T.s #5-7), the second issue of the X-Men crossover (the one Lee pencilled), the centerfold from WildC.A.T.s Adventures #1 (also by Lee), and the first and only issue of the Wildcats series Lee was going to do with Grant Morrison. All in all, a very Jim Lee-centric collection.

  24. When do you think we will get a Superman by Geoff Johns Omnibus or a Superman by John Byrne Omnibus?

    1. I think a Superman by Byrne omnibus is a matter of time, but there should be two volumes to cover the whole thing (including the "World of" minis).

      Johns's Superman work is a different case because he worked on and off on the Superman books in many different periods, so his stories altogether don't really form a cohesive whole. For instance, his first stint on the Superman books was between Loeb's and Seagle's runs, and almost all of those issues took part in crossovers like "Return to Krypton II", "Ending Battle" and "Lost Hearts". Also, his most recent Superman work was during the New 52, with a vastly different version of the character.

      However, I'd be down for an omnibus that covered his Action Comics run from "Last Son" until the first "New Krypton" crossover, plus relevant minis from that period like Legion of 3 Worlds and Secret Origin. And then DC could follow it with a set of omnibi covering the rest of the "New Krypton" storyline.

    2. Ditto for Last Son through Brainiac or something, and also for a New Krypton Omnibus. But if I'm wishing, I'd still like that Triangle Titles book before any of the rest.

  25. I'm glad to see the return of the Kyle Rayner TPB. I remember that one being listed for a while on Amazon before switching — even on its Amazon listing, without explanation — to the now-canceled Hal Jordan trade.

    And I hope against hope that DC uses the newsprint-y paper for the Kirby Omnibus. That art just doesn't look right on that too-shiny, too-smooth, bright white paper they use!

  26. I am SUPER excited to see the 90s Superboy series get collected in trade. I own all the individual issues but not all of them are in the best shape and I've been wanting to see them collected for years. I wonder if they'll collect his short lived spin-off series, Superboy and the Ravers, as well? One issue from that does tie in to the Meltdown arc written by Ron Marz.

    Also excited for the Kyle Rayner Green Lantern run. I'm a 90s kid so he's my GL and I've never been able to get all of his issues/trades.

    I will be pre-ordering them both to help the cause. I don't want to see either of them cancelled at the last minute.

    I was afraid that they wouldn't collect the last Smallville arc in a trade so I'm relieved that they finally are. I enjoyed season 11 quite a bit and thought it ended on a really strong note and felt like it was also thumbing its nose at DC's penchant for rebooting every few years.

    Was the Superman Man of Steel collection the one that was supposed to collect the Triangle era? If so, it breaks my heart to see that cancelled. I was so looking forward to it.

    1. If they're going to do it right, Superboy and the Ravers should be in there, no doubt. I mean, if they keep the collection series going long enough, they'll get to issues written by Dan DiDio and Jimmy Palmiotti (that read as a template for Palmiotti's Harley Quinn).

      Superman: Man of Tomorrow has been cancelled, yes. It is sad. Hopefully we'll see it back in another form.

  27. Also solicited was Adventures of Batman & Robin vol.2 by Ty Templeton.

    Easily some of the best Batman comics I have ever read. I highly, highly recommend this book. I can't believe DC is dedicated to putting out all the animated tie-in stuff finally.

    1. Agreed, some amazing comics (and the Annual in this volume is a great sequel story to Mask of the Phantasm which ties up some loose ends that were left hanging in the movie)

    2. I did not know there was a Mask of the Phantasm follow-up comic, but as much love as I have for that movie, I'll have to check that out.

    3. No problem, its a really good issue written by Paul Dini. There was also a MOTP comic adaption (along with a Sub-Zero & a Worlds Finest one) that I'm hoping will be included in these trade collections at some point

    4. Batman: The Animated Movies Comics Adaptations sounds like an awesome collection (with tie-ins, sequels, etc.). Now I'm rooting for that too.

  28. There's so much exitement here!! First off I can't wait to read the beginnings of Kyle Rayner, and I'm so pumped that they're continuing the Flash by Geoff Johns books. I thought they stopped at 3 and was very nervous. Sad that I find out about the omnibus to JLI after I completed my trade collection of it. Also excited to see more Aquaman love. I just love the fact that DC is reprinting these older issues that might be obscure to most people. I feel like they treat their fans well with trades these days.

  29. Not sure if you noticed with this fine preview, but the Swamp Thing Bronze Age Omni now includes a lot more than the previously announced (I think it was) Swamp Thing 1-24. Looks like we're getting some team-ups with Batman, Superman, plus ST's four issue appearance in the mid-70s Challengers of the Unknown revival (some of which were reprinted in one of the Deadman editions), plus the first 18 issues of Saga of the Swamp Thing plus it's first annual. Whew! That's gonna be a big book!

    1. Wow that is crazy! Definitely picking that one up then.

    2. I've been reading good things about this elsewhere, that basically this brings one current right up to the Moore stories in that series.

  30. I'm really excited for the Justice League: Darkseid War Omnibus but are we sure that is an omnibus and not a deluxe edition?

    1. The solicitation bills it as an omnibus (so, a "big book" collecting a lot of issues) and not "deluxe" (over-sized in actual dimensions), but I guess we won't know for sure until we see it. I do think a "compendium" version of this is pretty cool.

  31. OK, now into what I'm going to get:

    JACK KIRBY'S FOURTH WORLD OMNIBUS: This is, for me, a dream come true. Back when the other four volumes were printed I didn't had the opportunity to get them, and later, the prices were too high for me to get. Now all these stories IN ONE VOLUME?!? I was expeting the reimpressions of the volumes in the 100th Anniversary of Kirby's Birth, but this... Is way better than anything I imagined! This will be MINE!

    ORION BY WALT SIMONSON VOL. 1. Well, this might not come much as a surprise considering my top choice here. Does it? :)

    AQUAMAN: THE ATLANTIS CHRONICLES. I've been waiting years to read this story! Now all collected in one editions is perfect!

    NEW TEEN TITANS VOL. 8. I've bought all the volumes so far of this collection. Is a given.

    Unless I could get the past issues right now, this is a mini I regret not getting on time. I would love to see this story, although I don't know the details, animated as it was done the Batman and Robin '66 animation recently.

  32. I really hope the 75 anniversary Two Face book reprints Batman Annual 14, it was the one essential issue missing in the Arkham trade.

    1. I wouldn't consider the book complete without it; one of the all-time best Two-Face stories, which I don't think is so well know these days.

    2. It's pretty strange how DC always omits it from collections, I think it was only reprinted once in the nineties. I guess they may think Long Halloween made it redundant, althought I personally think current continuity is no reason to avoid reprinting good comics.

  33. I am so excited to see that DC is FINALLY reprinting Peter Davis's The Atlantis Chronicles! But is it too much to ask that "Time & Tide" be included as part of this new "deluxe" edition? I always considered Time & Tide to be the unofficial "Book 8" of The Atlantis Chronicles. Plus, it connects the history of Atlantis to Aquaman himself. I realize this may increase the final price of the book, but I would gladly pay it--and I would recommend anyone else do the same.

    1. Just going by timing, I might think Time & Tide would be more appropriate for the start of a collection series of PAD's Aquaman series proper, but six of one, half dozen of the other as long as it happens.

  34. Also also strongly weighing whether to preorder that Swamp Thing Bronze Age Omnibus. It's literally everything before Alan Moore (which does include some good stuff). I bought the "Roots of the Swamp Thing" trade a few years back, but this certainly looks promising.

    1. Even though the Swamp Thing team-ups are kinda "meh," I always found the regular ST series from the early 70s and then the Pasko scripted Saga of the ST series to be fairly good storytelling judged by the day they appeared. You'd probably enjoy it a good bit. Plus, the Saga issues had art by Tom Yeats, who was/is a great artist for this kind of work.

  35. I really appreciate that you write notes on so many of them instead of just posting a big list of links. Thank you as always for doing that -- and for responding to so many replies as well!

    I have a question for you (and everyone really) about these Rebirth Suicide Squad collections. If I want to read the ones with Jim Lee art as well as understand their upcoming crossover with the Justice League, which issues do I need?

    I looked at the contents on Amazon and I am hoping they are not correct because no matter what combination of hardcover or paperback I pick, I am missing stuff. Since I currently own none of them, does anyone have any recommendations for me?

    If I buy the two hardcovers,

    then I'll have issues 0-10 plus the Harley special and the JL stuff.

    If I buy the two paperbacks,

    then I'll have 0-12 (so two further issues than the hardcovers) but missing 5-6? What's going on there? As well as missing the HQ and JL stuff. So I have to get one hardcover anyway to get the VS 1-6?

    JL 12-13 are already collected in the Rebirth vol 3 I've pre-ordered so that's a double dip no matter what. Sounds like I'll be stuck in a similar situation with SS.

    My guess is that I should just order the two hardcovers, not read the first one to arrive until the second one is released, and hope issues 11 and 12 are not related or not drawn by Lee?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. It's something new that DC is trying. Whenever a crossover happens in a title it seems like they're now removing those issues from each individual title and putting them into its own trade so that the original title wouldn't A) be interrupted abruptly, and B) so that you don't have to double dip

      I'd say if you want the actual full run then the HC are the way to go.

    2. I was just trying to figure this out myself, but I think the answer is that Suicide Squad, with its backups and so on, has changed from how it was originally solicited to be collected. The first volume collects issues #1-4, we know that, but I'm almost positive the second collection isn't issues #7-12, or at least does collect issues #5-6. There's no reason for that book to omit #5-6; the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad material isn't until #8-10.

      Additionally, someone suggested to me elsewhere that the JL vs SS material is just the back-up stories of issues #8-10 and not the main story. So it's equally possible that the Suicide Squad paperbacks could collect issues #8-10 main story and the JL vs SS hardcover could collect the backup stories, and there wouldn't be double-dipping even though it's the "same" issue.

      Much as I advocate pre-ordering, these books are sure things, and I for one would wait until they've been released and we're sure what's in them before picking them up.

    3. Thank you, guys. I'll hold off at least until the listings get updated and I'll lean towards the two hardcovers. I looked up each issue on comicbookdb.com and it seems Jim Lee was only involved through issue 8. I would hope the "deluxe" edition would include the backup stories at that price. If anyone has read issues 11-12 and wants to comment on their value for my situation please feel free.

    4. If you're only interested in the Jim Lee issues of Suicide Squad, just get the first two TPBs or the first Deluxe HC. Amazon's listing for Vol. 2 is wrong, and it will actually collect issues #5-8 and the April Fool's Special. I'm assuming the backup from #8 will be omitted, since it's a prelude to JL vs SS and will be collected along with it.

      It looks like there will be no double-dipping with the JL vs SS HC. Issues #9-10 have no backups, and they're a flashback and an epilogue to the crossover, respectively.

      Also, Justice League #12-13 will only be collected along with the crossover. Justice League Vol. 3 will skip those issues and collect #14-19.

    5. Shagamu, this sounds great actually. Thanks for the details. Let's hope the prelude, flashback, and epilogue you mentioned are inserted in a reasonable order as well.

  36. Full solicit info for the JLI omnibus
    Written by KEITH GIFFEN and J.M. DeMATTEIS
    Cover by KEVIN MAGUIRE
    The classic 1980s super-team series is collected in a giant Omnibus starring Batman, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Green Lantern Guy Gardner, Ice, Fire and dozens of other colorful heroes! This first volume includes JUSTICE LEAGUE #1-6, JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #7-25, JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA #26-46, JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE #1-21, SUICIDE SQUAD #13, JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL #1-3, JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA ANNUAL #4, JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE ANNUAL #1 and more!
    On sale SEPTEMBER 27 • 1,080 pg, FC, $99.99 US

    That makes it farther than the previous JLI volumes did. (JLE 11 and JLA 35

    1. That's disappointing. I was just able to get all the trades by the end of last year...guess I'm going to have to pick this up with all that new material.

    2. Disappointing? That's awesome! :-) And released this year, too!

      Issue #46 is right in the middle of General Glory's return. Can anyone figure why this is cutting off where it is?

      Also it seems pretty clear the creators involved isn't slowing this any. Conversely, perhaps interest in the Breakdowns trade encouraged DC to go for something bigger?

    3. To end on a cliffhanger/so it can start with the Catnap issue of JLE?

      Then the 2nd volume will have the final 26 issues through the end of breakdowns, the first 8? Justice League Quarterlys and probably Formerly Known as the Justice League and I cant believe its not the Justice League.

      That's a smaller volume, So maybe include Justice League: Generation Lost or something like that?

    4. So...would these omnibi collect the upcoming Wonder Woman and the Justice League trades or stop right before it?

    5. Title has apparently been changed to Justice League by Giffen and DeMatteis, so it'll stop well before the upcoming Wonder Woman and the Justice League trades; it'll stop just before the first Superman and the Justice League trade, as a matter of fact. Whether the JLQs and the later miniseries will get in there is also suspect, I think.

    6. The solicitation copy is definitely wrong, since it's impossible to fit that many issues in a single omnibus volume. The page count (1,080) suggests it will collect exactly what the Edelweiss website says it will, plus Suicide Squad #13.

      What I find interesting is the name change to Justice League by Giffen and DeMatteis, which opens up the possibility that "Formerly Known as the Justice League", "I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League", the Retro Active one-shot and the "Mousebusters" short story from JLA 80-Page Giant #1 could be collected in the last volume. And the first 4 issues of JLQ should be there, since they feature stories by Giffen and DeMatteis.

  37. Has there been an update on the Wasteland collection? It was originally scheduled for June 17 but seems to have slipped. I've not spotted it on any of the forthcoming solicitations.


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