Trade Perspectives: Action Comics #1,000 - DC Comics Spring 2018 Trade Solicitations Offer First Hints


DC Comics has begun releasing details for their Spring 2018 trade collections online, and with those are our first hints about the Rebirth Action Comics #1,000.

The big news is that it looks like DC will continue Action Comics's four-digit numbering past the issue #1,000 mark. An online description of the Superman: Action Comics Vol. 6 paperback lists the contents as issues #1,001-1,006. That puts to rest any speculation that DC might have restarted Action Comics's numbering after the #1,000 mark.

But all is not yet totally clear. The listing for Dan Jurgens's Action Comics Vol. 4 says it includes issues #977-984 (which makes sense, following the Superman Reborn crossover with Peter Tomasi's Superman), but the listing for Action Comics Vol. 5 has issues #993-999 and again the listing for Action Comics Vol. 6 has issues #1,001-1,006.

That skips Action Comics #985-992, which we might've expected in Action Comics Vol. 5. Of those, issues #987-992 are parts of the "Oz Effect" story, which'll be published with lenticular covers. It's conceivable that DC might release Oz Effect as its own collection, likely hardcover, either with or without Action Comics #985-986. If they did that, this would mark the first time in the Rebirth era that DC would publish a special un-numbered volume in the midst of a series without a crossover being involved -- but that could be what's at play here.

Notably, Action Comics #1,000 itself is missing from these solicitations. Personally I'd love to see Action Comics #1,000 turn out to be a single trade-sized issue released on its own, a la Fables #150. But we'll also be in the midst of Geoff Johns's 12-part Doomsday Clock by the time Action Comics #1,000 comes out, something a lot of coverage of Doomsday Clock has overlooked, and maybe Action Comics #1,000 will tie-in or be collected with that.

Here's the solicitations we have right now for Action Comics Vols. 4, 5, and 6. Note that these may not be final; the DC description for Vol. 4 matches the issues collected, while the vendor listing actually seems to describe material from Vol. 3 (leading into Superman Reborn); Vol. 5 describes the "Revenge" storyline from the issues in Vol. 4; and Vol. 6 talks about the aftermath of "Oz Effect," which would be in Vol. 5.

Superman: Action Comics Vol. 4: The New World

DC solicitation: As Superman’s allies gather to address the looming threat of Mr. Oz, another Squad seeks revenge against the Man of Steel—one that includes Eradicator, Cyborg Superman, Metallo, Mongul and Zod! Tying directly into recent events in SUICIDE SQUAD, Zod takes command of the Revenge Squad—but his real motives may have grave consequences for Superman!

Online solicitation: The road to the epic "Superman Reborn" starts here in SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS VOL. 4!

With Superman and Lex Luthor back on Earth, the Man of Steel turns his attention to uncovering the mystery of the human Clark Kent living and working in Metropolis. But there's something off about this guy, and Superman better figure out just what that is before it's too late!

And, as the mystery of the human Clark Kent unravels Lois stalks Clark's trail, but all signs point to something big on the horizon. Even the relative safety of their upstate farm can't protect Superman and his family from the threat they never expected: Clark Kent?!

Classic Superman scribe Dan Jurgens (THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN) continues his return to the Man of Steel in SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS VOL. 4, collecting issues #977-984.

Superman: Action Comics Vol. 5

Following the status quo-shattering events of "Superman Reborn", the Man of Steel is not done fighting for his life ... not by a longshot.

Superman's greatest adversaries have united to defeat the Man of Steel once and for all--the Superman Revenge Squad is back with a vengeance! With the combined might of Cyborg Superman, Eradicator, Metallo, Mongul, Blanque and the new acquisition of General Zod, alliances will be tested, families forged and the DCU will never be the same again!

Classic Superman scribe Dan Jurgens (THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN) continues his epic return to the Man of Steel in SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS VOL. 4, collecting issues #993-999.

Superman: Action Comics Vol. 6

Following the world-shattering events of THE OZ EFFECT, the Man of Steel must come to terms with a new status quo in SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS VOL. 6!

Superman has never faced a challenge like this--how will it change his relationship with Metropolis? And more importantly, with his wife, Lois Lane, and his super son, Jonathan?

Classic Superman scribe Dan Jurgens (THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN) continues his epic return to the Man of Steel in SUPERMAN: ACTION COMICS VOL. 6, collecting issues #1001-1006.

It's hard to believe Action Comics #1,000 is on the way, and it's so strange to see the #1,000 numbering in print! What are your hopes for the landmark issue?

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  1. For me solicitations are mixed up. Vol. 4 sounds like Superman Reborn, and vol. 5 like vol4. And vol 6, like oz effect.

  2. It would not be surprising at all if it's a big moment in Doomsday Clock. I mean, not capitalizing on it in a big way would be the worst oversight in comics history...

  3. The problem with Action Comics #1000 being collected with Doomsday Clock is that Geoff Johns has stated several times that there will be no tie-ins to the limited series. That said, if there's one issue that probably should tie-in, it's Action Comics #1000.

    1. Well, no tie-ins -- i.e. not a four-part Metal-labeled sub-event -- and no reflection of the event in other titles are probably two different things.


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