DC Trade Solicitations for October 2018 - Mister Miracle, Batman: The Hush Saga Omnibus, Wonder Woman by Phil Jimenez, Aquaman: Search for Mera, Absolute Black Mirror, Young Justice Book Three, Justice League/Power Rangers

August 2, 2018


To think, last month at solicitations time, we were anticipating the Batman #50 Batman/Catwoman nuptials.

Among the books that DC Comics announced in their Spring 2019 releases last week, two that I was most excited about are also both scheduled among their October 2018 trade paperback and hardcover solicitations. Those are both omnibuses, too -- the Batman: The Hush Saga Omnibus and the Wonder Woman by Phil Jimenez Omnibus. The Wonder Woman omnibus has at least 11 of Jimenez's issues that weren't collected (after over a dozen that were); the Hush book has at least a dozen issues of Gotham Knights that weren't collected after 6 that were.

Each represent the best aspect of the current era of DC collections -- that we're seeing a lot of collections lately that include or fill out largely uncollected eras. Exciting stuff from both.

I've also got my eye on two more of the 25th anniversary Knightfall books, Batman: Knightquest: The Search and Batman: Knightsend, getting closer to completing the most definitive collections of Knightfall yet. Tom King's Mister Miracle sees a paperback release, as does Scott Snyder's new Justice League and the final volume of Peter Tomasi's Superman -- that's a powerhouse month, folks. Also, just in time for movie hype, we're got an interesting collection of classic Aquaman, Aquaman: The Search for Mera, which I hope is the start of more from that era.

Let's take a look at the full list ...

Absolute Batman: The Black Mirror HC

Detective Comics issues #871-881. Good for Scott Snyder on this one; this'll be a good-looking book.

All-Star Superman TP

Twelve-issue collection rebranded for the Black Label line.

Aquaman: The Search For Mera Deluxe Edition HC

Collects the start of Steve Skeates run on the 1960s Aquaman series, with Jim Aparo on art. This is said to collect issues #40-48 and Skeates and Aparo go to issues #56, so there could be another volume to follow. Where that book would end is where the Aquaman: Death of a Prince collection begins.

Aquaman: Throne of Atlantis New Edition TP

A re-branded (and possibly unnumbered) collection of the New 52 Aquaman Vol. 3: Throne of Atlantis: Aquaman #0, 14-16 and Justice League #15-17.

Aquaman: Underworld Deluxe Edition HC

This is a funny thing since the Rebirth Aquaman Vol. 4: Underworld is just the first part of at least a three-volume story, and it doesn't look like DC is planning to go deluxe on the whole thing (at least not through Spring 2019). Of course this is getting deluxe due to the art of Stjepan Sejic, but I thought the art by Riccardo Federici in Aquaman Vol. 5: The Crown Comes Down stood up well next to Sejic's, and even better would be if a collection included both of those stories. Maybe we'll see comprehensive Rebirth Deluxe hardcovers of Aquaman at some point.

Batgirl: The Bronze Age Omnibus Vol. 2 HC

Batman Family #12-20 and Detective Comics #481-499, #501-502, #505-506, #508-510, and #512-519. A good suggestion was made on the DC for Spring 2019 post that this also include the Batgirl Special #1, Barbara Gordon's last main appearance of that era before The Killing Joke.

Batman and Robin: Bad Blood (DC Essential Edition) TP

Issues #1-8 of the New 52 series. In my opinion the run was never better than this (my review of Batman and Robin Vol. 1: Born to Kill, as the collection was formerly known).

Batman by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato Deluxe Edition HC

Though initially announced as collection issues #30-40 of the New 52 Detective Comics series, this has been updated to #30-34 and #37-40, which makes sense because issues #35-36 were by Benjamin Percy (though really good issues. Francis Manapul writes up to issue #42 and Brian Buccellato writes through #44, but the collection seems to stop when Manapul is no longer on art (a decision I don't necessarily agree with).These were lushly drawn issues and the stories were interestingly small in scope, with an emphasis on Harvey Bullock and street crime.

Batman: Knightquest: The Search TP

Among the parts of "Knightfall" with the spottiest collection history, we finally get a definitive collection of "Knightquest: The Search," culled from the Knightfall omnibuses. Collects Justice League Task Force #5-6, Batman: Shadow of the Bat #21-23, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #59-61, and Robin #7. Though not yet in DC Comics' 2019 advance solicitations, we're supposed to be getting a Batman: Troika collection before all is said and done.

Batman: Knightsend TP

Batman #509-510, Batman: Shadow of the Bat #29-30, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #62-63, Robin #8-9, Detective Comics #676-677, Catwoman #12-13, and Showcase '94 #10.

Batman: Sins of the Father TP

Collection of the digital comic tying in to the Batman: The Telltale Series video game.

Batman: The Hush Saga Omnibus HC

This was one of the books I was most excited about from the DC Spring 2019 list. Aside from the original "Hush," Batman #608-619 and Batman: Streets of Gotham #1-4, #14, #16-21 by Paul Dini, that solicitation suggested we'd be getting Gotham Knights #50-74 and Detective Comics #846-852, such a large swath of previously uncollected comics.

This solicitation adds in Batman #685, a single "Faces of Evil" issue that goes with Detective #852. But it also breaks up the Gotham Knights and Detective Comics pieces a bit; now we're looking at Gotham Knights #50-55, #60-71, and #73-74, and Detective #846-850 and #852.

The Gotham Knights issues are by A. J. Lieberman with a variety of artists, a villains-focused and Hush-specific run. The issues skipped are the "War Games" crossover (#56-58), an issue by Robbie Morrison (#59), and a one-off unrelated story by Lieberman (#72). The skipped Detective #851 is by Dennis O'Neil instead of Paul Dini, part of the "Last Days of Gotham" crossover.

Still enthusiastic about this all around.

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman HC

The six-issue Liam Sharp miniseries in hardcover.

Eternity Girl TP

Collects issues #1-6 of the Young Animal miniseries.

Future Quest Presents Vol. 2 TP

Issues #7-12 by Jeff Parker and Steve Rude.

Gotham City Garage Vol. 2 TP

Collects issues #7-12.

Green Arrow Vol. 6: Trial of Two Cities TP

Issues #33-38, the final collection of Benjamin Percy's run on this series.

Harley Quinn by Karl Kesel and Terry Dodson Deluxe Edition Book 2 HC

Issues #9-19 of the post-Crisis series; Kesel wrote to #25, so it seems a little unfair to stop at #19. This includes a tie-in issue to the Joker's Last Laugh event (drawn by Pete Woods, so again I'm not too clear why DC is cutting this off at #19).

Harley's Little Black Book TP

Paperback collection of the miniseries.

The Immortal Men TP

I don't see Immortal Men on the schedule this month; I haven't heard it's been cancelled, but it's not there. This collects issues #1-6 by James Tynion, Jim Lee, and Tyler Kirkham.

The Invisibles Book Four TP

The final new paperback collection, Invisibles Vol. 2 #14-22 and Invisibles Vol. 3 #12-1.

Justice League Vol. 1: The Totality TP

Scott Snyder, Jim Cheung, and Jorge Jimenez, collecting issues #1-7 in paperback. Martian Manhunter and Cyborg? Check. Jorge Jimenez, whose animated art has been among the best parts of Super Sons? Check. Excited for this new era of the League.

Justice League/Power Rangers TP

Paperback, following the hardcover collection of the six-issue miniseries.

Legends of the Dark Knight: Norm Breyfogle Vol. 2 HC

Said to collect Detective Comics #608-621 and Batman #448-459 (including the first appearance of Anarky, the "Penguin Affair" crossover between the two titles, and some notable Robin Tim Drake stories). However, Batman #450-451 are by Marv Wolfman and Jim Aparo, and #452-454 are "Dark Knight, Dark City" by Peter Milligan and Kieron Dwyer, so it's probably just reprinting the relevant covers or omitting those respectively.

Mister Miracle TP

Collecting Tom King and Mitch Gerads' twelve-issue series, in paperback.

Mother Panic: Gotham A.D. TP

Issues #1-6 of the revamped series.

Motherlands TP

By Si Spurrier and Rachael Stott.

Nightwing Vol. 8: Lethal Force TP

Collects the mostly-uncollected issues #61-70 by Chuck Dixon, including tie-ins to Joker's Last Laugh and "Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Fugitive." Now the thing to see is if DC will collect Devin Grayson's issues that followed.

The Sandman Omnibus Vol. 3 HC

Here's another where I think the bigger doses are probably better for reading than ten-plus collections. This is actually into the post-series and tie-in material now: Sandman: Overture, Dream Hunters, Endless Nights, Sandman Midnite Theatre, Death: High Cost of Living and Time of Your Life, and more.

The Sandman Vol. 2: The Doll's House 30th Anniversary Edition TP

Issues #9-16.

Suicide Squad: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book Three HC

Collects issues #21-32, the Suicide Squad Vol. 5: Kill Your Darlings and Suicide Squad Vol. 6: The Secret History of Task Force X paperbacks.

Superman Vol. 7: Bizarroverse TP

The end of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason's Superman run, this is issues #42-45 plus the closing special.

Superman: Action Comics: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book Three HC

Said to collect issues #985-999, which is both the Superman: Action Comics: The Oz Effect hardcover and the Action Comics Vol. 5: Booster Shot paperback. For completeness one imagines Dan Jurgens' Action Comics special should be in here, if not also Jurgens' Action Comics #1,000 story.

Teen Titans Go! Vol. 5: Falling Stars TP

Issues #25-30.

Teen Titans: The Silver Age Vol. 2 TP

Teen Titans #12-24 and Brave and the Bold #83.

A Very DC Rebirth Holiday Sequel TP

The newest solicitation for this title lists the contents as the DC Holiday Special 2017, Green Arrow Annual #1 (Christmas-themed), Batgirl #18 (guest-starring Harley Quinn), and Trinity #16 (New Year's). Can't imagine DC would leave that Green Arrow annual otherwise uncollected but so far I don't see it slotted for anywhere other than this book, so maybe that ups the cachet a little?

Watchmen (DC Modern Classics Edition) HC

"DC Modern Classics" apparently means hardcover with slipcase, versus the paperback Essential Editions.

Wonder Woman by Phil Jimenez Omnibus HC

Good for Phil Jimenez, one of my long-time favorites, getting his own Wonder Woman omnibus (and with his Black Label Wonder Woman work with Kelly Sue DeConnick due out). This is issues #164-188 of that era (Paradise Lost and Paradise Found, plus some issues I don't think were ever collected before) with Wonder Woman: Our Worlds at War #1, DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #1-4, and various Secret Files stories.

Young Justice Book Three TP

This third collection of the Peter David series comprises the "Sins of Youth" fifth week event: Young Justice #18-19, JLA Jr. #1, Aquaman/Lagoon Man #1, Batboy and Robin #1, Kid Flash/Impulse #1, Starwoman and the JSA #1, Superman Jr./Superboy Sr. #1, Wonder Girls #1, The Secret/Deadboy #1, Superboy #74, and Sins of Youth Secret Files #1.

Chime in the comments and let me know what looks good to you!

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  1. I don't want to dampen your excitement for the Hush Omnibus, but have you read those Gotham Knights stories before? The Dini issues are pretty decent, and of course the original Hush is beautiful, but yikes on the middle of this collection.

    Pretty happy about the WW omni. I just tracked down Paradise Lost and Found (but haven't read them yet), so of course this gets solicited. Still happy to get all of the run.

    Haven't heard much about Liam Sharp's Brave and the Bold run, but the early art looked really good so I think I'll pick it up.

    1. >> I don't want to dampen your excitement for the Hush Omnibus, but have you read those Gotham Knights stories before?

      Don't forget, I just waxed nostalgic for *Superman Blue* stories, of all things.

      Sure, consensus is that these stories are rough. But I'm a sucker, you know by now, for a big sequential swath of a random comic in collection, and this is that in spades. Like, when was Gotham Knights ever going to get a collection, ever? The sheer fact of it happening is my thing; indeed the fact that it's rough and still getting a collection is a feature, not a bug.

      Way back when, I reviewed the only Gotham Knights collection, Batman: Hush Returns, a review that stands up amazingly better than others of mine from that time, and which netted us this barn-burner of a paragraph:

      "Hush Returns begins with the Riddler in Arkham, his life threatened by the returned Hush. The Riddler arranges for the Joker to break him out and protect him -- trading the Joker for the name of the corrupt police officer who killed the Joker's wife -- but not before Hush is able to beat the Riddler severely. After the Joker attacks Hush, Hush hires Prometheus in Star City, bringing Batman briefly in contact with Green Arrow. Hush tries to attack the Riddler again, this time beating up the Joker; Riddler goes to Poison Ivy for help. From here, the trade jumps abruptly to a story where Talia al Ghul forces Hush to save Prometheus from Poison Ivy's toxins so that Talia can get Prometheus's Cosmic Key."

      Again, that was Joker to Hush to Prometheus to Batman to Green Arrow to Hush to Riddler to Poison Ivy to Talia al Ghul. Now that's a book nuts enough that I want to read it again!

    2. Hey, if this leads to them collecting more of Gotham Knights, I'm all in. I really enjoyed Scott Beatty's run (33-49) that directly proceeds the Hush run. And while I know Devin Grayson isn't as high profile as Brubaker or Rucka, two GK by Grayson collections leading up to Murderer? would really fit in well with the collections of the other two.

      I'm not sure exactly when I dropped out on GK in floppy format, but I know I stayed long enough to develop a long lasting annoyance with Hush that persists to this day. That's a reasonably impressive feat, to be honest.

    3. As much as I dislike's Lieberman's GK run, I like the idea of this omnibus because those issues are relevant connective tissue between the original Hush arc and the character's reappearance in Dini's run. Also, I wonder if the ridiculous misuse of Prometheus as his henchman will annoy me less now that Sterling Gates got that squared out.

      And I second the motion to collect the first two years of Gotham Knights by Grayson in two trades.

  2. Tynion announced on Twitter that The Immortal Men was ending with #6.


    1. Why does dc keep cancelling James's books?

  3. Re your comment: "I've also got my eye on two more of the 25th anniversary Knightfall books, Batman: Knightquest: The Search and Batman: Knightsend, getting closer to completing the most definitive collections of Knightfall yet"

    There are still a few issues missing to make this "definitive" Batman 483 is still missing (it begins the downward slide for Bats leading into Knightfall), Sword of Azrael L.S., Azrael Annual 1 (adds Jean-Paul Valley background, much like the Batman Villains Secret Files added to Vol. 1 it was published at a later date), Justice League Task Force #4 (at least the last page that leads directly into issue #5).

    Also I would argue for a collection of the 'non-Knightfall' AzBats apps in the DCU (of which there are 18, including Batman/Punisher: Lake of Fire)


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