Legion 5YL Omnibus again, Justice League International Omnibus Vol. 2, King's Batman: City of Bane Part 2, Arrowverse Crisis Deluxe, Flash & Wonder Woman #750 Deluxe, Year of the Villain, Priest's Deathstroke RIP, more in DC Comics Summer 2020 solicitations

December 4, 2019


The new DC Comics Summer 2020 hardcover and trade paperback catalog has 92 books in it. In comparison, the Fall 2019 catalog had about 160 books in it and the Spring 2020 catalog had about 130 books in it. Again, I was skeptical about those slowdown rumors once upon a time, but now things are getting spooky.

Not to mention, there's not much that's really new and notable among these releases. Some books that I'm excited about, sure, but we're not quite in the days of "I can't believe they're finally collecting that!" Some of that is due to the wealth of goods we've seen in previous years, but some of that is also that these listings seem a little sleepy.

We already heard about a month or so ago about the Superman: The Man of Steel by John Byrne omnibus series; I am glad you all are excited about it, though given I've got those books already, it just doesn't move me that much. I have been enjoying the start of "Year of the Villain" in a couple books I've read, so for that reason titles like the Flash #750 Deluxe Edition, the Wonder Woman #750 Deluxe Edition, Wonder Woman Vol. 3: Return of the Amazons, Aquaman Vol. 3, Batgirl Vol. 7: Oracle Rising, Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen, and Year of the Villain: The Infected are all of interest to me, but I don't think anyone thought those wouldn't be collected.

Other notable volumes — still no big surprises, but — include Batman Vol. 13: The City of Bane Part 2, the end of Tom King's run on Batman proper, and Deathstroke R.I.P., which I think probably collects the end of Christopher Priest's superlative, nuanced run on Deathstroke. Apparently the Arrowverse is getting a couple of Crisis on Infinite Earths comics tie-ins, which is tons of fun. The release of the Justice League International Omnibus Vol. 2 was previously in doubt, so that's good, though we don't quite know what's in it yet. Also the Legion of Super-Heroes: Five Years Later Omnibus Vol. 1 is back; that's great, though greater if it hadn't already been solicited once and cancelled.

So let's see what else we've got. All of this information is subject to change before publication. Not all links may be functional yet.

Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore Vol. 2

Slipcased hardcover Absolute edition collecting Saga of the Swamp Thing #35-49 with new coloring, by Alan Moore, Stephen Bissette, John Totleben, Rick Veitch, and others. Moore's run goes to issue #64.

Aquaman Vol. 2: Amnesty

Paperback of Kelly Sue DeConnick and Robson Rocha's second collection, issues #48-52.

Aquaman Vol. 3

Hardcover of Kelly Sue DeConnick and Robson Rocha's third volume, collecting issues #54-58 and the Aquaman Annual #2 and featuring Aqualad, apparently (but which one?).

Aquaman: Deadly Waters The Deluxe Edition

Continuing and finishing the Steve Skeates/Jim Aparo run with issues #49-56, following the previous Search for Mera volume; #56 would end that series. Three years after these issues, Aquaman would appear in back-up stories in Adventure Comics and then regain his own series numbered starting with #57, which would be the storyline collected in Death of a Prince

Authority Book One

Collects issues #1-12, Planetary/Authority: Ruling the World, and the new story from Wildstorm: A Celebration of 25 Years — so, the contents of a recent Absolute edition, now in paperback.

Batgirl Vol. 7: Oracle Rising

Tie-in to "Year of the Villain" with new writer Cecil Castellucci, following Mairghread Scott.

Batman & the Outsiders Vol. 2

Issues #8-12 of the Bryan Hill series.

Batman Beyond Vol. 7

Collecting issues #37-42 by Dan Jurgens, and introducing the Batwoman Beyond.

Batman by Grant Morrison Omnibus Vol. 3

Said to contain Batman Incorporated #18, Batman: The Return #1, Batman Incorporated #0-13, Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes #1, and Batman Incorporated Special #1. I'm not quite sure what that Batman Incorporated #18 is supposed to be unless I'm just blanking on it (no iteration of the series went up to #18, so that's either a misprint altogether or some other issue). Update: As Bob and Aymeric pointed out, that's issues #1-8 of the original run of the series.

Batman Vol. 13: The City of Bane Part 2

Issues #80-85, the end of Tom King's run on the main Batman title.

Batman Vs. Ra's Al Ghul

Collecting the latest six-issue miniseries by Neal Adams.

Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 2: Arkham Knight

Paperback, following the hardcover, collecting issues #1001-1005 of the Peter Tomasi/Doug Mahnke run and Tomasi's story from Detective Comics #1000.

Batman: The Deluxe Edition Book 5

Issues #58-63, #66-69, the Batman Annual #3, and Batman Secret Files #1, being the Batman Vol. 9: The Tyrant Wing and Batman Vol. 10: Knightmares collections.

Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 8

Collects stories or covers from Batman #67-75, Detective Comics #175-191, and World’s Finest Comics #54-62, including Joker, Two-Face, Catwoman, and Penguin.

Batman: Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? Deluxe 2020 Edition

No different contents that I can see — Batman #686, Detective Comcis #853, plus other contributions by Neil Gaiman to the Batman mythos — Secret Origins #36, Secret Origins Special #1, and Batman Black and White #2.

Batwoman Omnibus

Being the Greg Rucka Detective Comics run, issues #854-863, the New 52 Batwoman #0, and then the Batwoman (New 52 regular series) #0-24 and Annual #1 — Haden Blackman and J.H. Williams' run, stopping before the Marc Andreyko run.

Birds of Prey: Blood & Circuits

The solicitation says "Gail Simone’s ... Birds of Prey is reprinted for the first time ever," but indeed Blood & Circuits has been reprinted (in the sense of "collected") before, issues #96-103, same as this. And this is neither the start nor end of Simone's Birds of Prey run, but rather something in the middle, so it'll remain to be seen what this is exactly.

Books of Magic Vol. 3

Issues #14-18 and, I believe, the Sandman Universe Presents Hellblazer special.


Collecting of the Young Animal series by Mikey Way; pretty sure this is a six-issue miniseries and done.

Crisis on Infinite Earths (Arrowverse) Deluxe Edition

Like, what the what?! As if I weren't excited enough for the Arrowverse Crisis, apparently we're getting tie in comics by Marv Wolfman and Marc Guggenheim with Tom Grummet and others. (From the Crisis Giant books, maybe?) This deluxe edition has excerpts from Crisis (the original) and DC Universe: Legacies #6.

Dark Knight Returns: The Golden Child Deluxe Edition

Collecting the miniseries by Frank Miller and Rafael Grampa.

DC Poster Portfolio: James Jean

Props to a book that, at least temporarily, has Batgirl Cassandra Cain and Robin Stephanie Brown on the cover.

DC Poster Portfolio: Stanley "Artgerm" Lau Vol. 2

Apparently the first one sold so well they're doing it again.

DC Super Hero Girls: Weird Science

New DC Super Hero Girls graphic novel by Amanda Deibert and Yancey Labat, spotlighting Zatanna.

DC Through the 80's: The End of Eras

Previously solicited as "DC Through the Decades: 1980s," we still don't have contents for this Paul Levitz-led volume. What the solicitation suggests, as I noted before, are selections from Crisis on Infinite Earths, The Man of Steel, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and Watchmen; I'm still hoping also for 1980s flip-side of some of that grim and gritty stuff like Justice League International or Ambush Bug.

DCeased: The Unkillables

Collects Tom Taylor's second six-issue "DCeased" miniseries, in hardcover. I'm pleased to see more "DCeased" but I wonder about the decision to set it during the events of the first; this seems similar to a decision made for subsequent Injustice miniseries (retelling the same events from Harley Quinn's perspective) that made the franchise kind of drag for me. But again, good for Taylor that "DCeased" isn't quite over.

Deadman Omnibus

Collects Strange Adventures #205-216; The Brave and the Bold #79, #86, #104 and #133; Aquaman #50-52; Challengers of the Unknown #74 and #84-87; Justice League of America #94; World's Finest Comics #223 and #227; The Phantom Stranger #33 and #39-41; Superman Family #183; DC Super-Stars #18; DC Special Series #8; Adventure Comics #460-466; DC Comics Presents #94; Detective Comics #500; Deadman #1-4 (1986); Secret Origins #15; and covers from Deadman #1-7 (1985).

Deathstroke R.I.P.

Following the Teen Titans crossover "Terminus Agenda," this is presumably issues #44 through #50, "Year of the Villain"-branded issues and also the end of Christopher Priest's run (sob!).

Dreaming Vol. 3: One Magical Moment

Issues #13-18 by Si Spurrier.

Flash #750 Deluxe Edition

Deluxe collection of the story that begins "The Flash Age" by Joshua Williamson, plus stories by Geoff Johns, Michael Moreci, Marv Wolfman, Francis Manapul, and artists Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Scott Kolins, Stephen Segovia, David Marquez, Bryan Hitch, Francis Manapul, and Riley Rosssmo.

Flash Forward

The six-issue Wally West miniseries by Scott Lobdell, in paperback.

Flash Vol. 11: The Greatest Trick of All

Flash #66-69 and the Flash Annual #2 by Joshua Williamson, which follows the "Price" crossover with Batman and precedes Flash: Year One.

Flash Vol. 12

This is listed as issues #76-81 plus a backup from issue #75; the solicitation describes "Flash: Year One," but I think this will actually be the "Death and the Speed Force" storyline.

Flash: United They Fall

Gail Simone's stories from Flash Giant #1-7 and Flash Giant #1-5.

Flash: Year One

Flash #70-75 by Joshua Williamson, in paperback.

Forever People by Jack Kirby

Collects the 11 issues of Jack Kirby's Forever People. The solicitation makes reference to "black and white"; I have a dim recollection that this series was collected that way once before, but my guess is that's an error and this won't, I wouldn't think, be black and white.


Based on the web show, the comic is written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly and drawn by Carlo Barbieri.

Green Arrow by Mike Grell Omnibus Vol. 1

In an unusual reversal, this omnibus of Mike Grell's definitive Green Arrow run follows a set of nine paperbacks — which thankfully all made it to print, and it makes me wonder if there's a Suicide Squad by John Ostrander Omnibus series on the way now, too. Ultimately Green Arrow will be 80 issues plus the three-issue Longbow Hunters and the four-issue Wonder Years; my guess is two omnibus volumes total.

Green Lantern Vol. 2: The Day the Stars Fell

Issues #7-12, ending the first "season" of the Grant Morrison/Liam Sharp series.

Green Lantern: 80 Years of the Emerald Knight

Anniversary hardcover.

Green Lantern: Earth One Vol. 2

Been a while since we've seen an Earth One volume; here's a sequel to Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Bechko's Green Lantern: Earth One, due out in June. Manhunters and Yellow Lanterns and John Stewart and Guardians — oh my!

Harley Quinn Vol. 5

The solicitation mentions both "Year of the Villain" and also a trip to Los Angeles; my sense is this one is about the latter and not the former (I think Harley Quinn Vol. 4 was the "Year" tie in). Collects Harley Quinn #67-72.

Hawkman Vol. 3: Darkness Within

Hawkman #13-18 by Robert Venditti and Bryan Hitch, delving into Carter Hall's past lives.

He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse

Collecting the six-issue miniseries by Tim Seeley.

Heroes in Crisis

The Tom King miniseries in paperback. If you can avoid spoilers till August 2020, I'd love to know your secret.

Infinite Crisis Omnibus (2020 Edition)

Love 'em for keeping this in print, but not seeming to collect anything different than the other umpteen volumes of this omnibus.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three: The Deluxe Edition

Issues #1-12 and the annual, in deluxe hardcover.

JLA by Grant Morrison Omnibus

No contents listed, but it doesn't say "Vol. 1," so I'm guessing all 41 issues (give or take) plus the Earth 2 graphic novel and other relevant tie-ins.

John Constantine: Hellblazer Vol. 1

The first five issues of the new Sandman Universe series by Si Spurrier, plus the Sandman Universe Presents: Hellblazer special.

Joker: Killer Smile

The three-issue miniseries by Green Arrow team Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino.

Justice League International Omnibus Vol. 2

No contents listed yet, but the previous omnibus collected the first five paperbacks, through Justice League International/America #30 and Justice League Europe #6, so this should pick up with the sixth paperback, which was America #31-35 and Europe #7-11 and on from there. "Breakdowns," the end of Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis' run, is in the early America #60s/Europe #30s, so there's some chance this could be finished out maybe by the third volume.

Justice League Odyssey Vol. 3: Final Frontier

Third collection of the Dan Abnett series.

Justice League of America by Brad Meltzer: The Deluxe Edition

Collects Brad Meltzer's post-Infinite Crisis Justice League of America, both "The Tornado's Path" and "The Lightning Saga," the latter of which was a crossover with Geoff Johns' Justice Society of America and also included the Legion of Super-Heroes, way at the start of the lead-in to Countdown to Final Crisis. These stories themselves were very good; Meltzer was followed on Justice League by Dwayne McDuffie.

Legends of the Dark Knight: Matt Wagner

Contents include Batman #626-641 and #54 (2016), Batman and the Monster Men #1-6, Batman Black and White #3, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #28-30, Batman: The Mad Monk #1-6, Detective Comics #647-649, Robin II: Joker's Wild #1 and Batman: Riddler — The Riddle Factory, though some of that I know is just covers. It's rather astounding however that Wagner's written-and-drawn "Monster Men" and "Mad Monk" have never been collected together, so nice that this corrects that. (One wonders if Wagner's Trinity ought be in here too.)

Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 1

Collects Brian Michael Bendis' Legion of Super-Heroes: Millennium #1-2 and Legion of Super-Heroes #1-6. On the assumption that Superman #14-15 and Supergirl #33 will be collected independently, this negates the need to pick up the recently solicited Legion of Super-Heroes: Road to the Legion collection that's also supposed to collect Millennium.

Legion of Super-Heroes: Five Years Later Omnibus Vol. 1

Previously solicited a year ago and back on the schedule again, this is Keith Giffen and Tom and Mary Bierbaum's vision of the future Legion's darker future. Collects Legion of Super-Heroes (1989) #1-39, which collects up to where Giffen departed the title, plus Adventures of Superman #478, Who's Who #1-11, #13, #14, #16, Timber Wolf #1-5, and Legion of Super-Heroes Annual #1-3.

Legion of Super-Heroes: The Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 3

By Jim Shooter and Curt Swan, among others, collecting Adventure Comics #361-380, Action Comics #378-392, Superboy #147, and Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #106.

Lois Lane and the Friendship Challenge

If I might be a complete curmudgeon, that Grace Ellis and Brittney Williams are producing a Lois Lane graphic novel for young readers is fantastic, and the only thing I don't like about it is that it seems very far away from "Lois Lane" as a concept. I'm not sure if Lois' "social media video channel" is kid journalism or not and there's no mention of Metropolis; I'd be enthusiastic about "Lois Lane, girl reporter" but I'm less sure about just plain "Lois Lane, girl."

Lucifer Vol. 3: The Wild Hunt

Issues #14-19 of the Sandman Universe series.

Martian Manhunter: Identity

The 12-issue miniseries by Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo (the solicitation says eight issues, but I think it's 12). I have faith in Orlando but I'm still hoping the dark origin of J'onn J'onzz alluded to here doesn't turn out to be actually true.

Nightwing: Supercop

Beginning a collection of Devin Grayson's Nightwing run with issues #71-83; Grayson's run goes to #117 with a couple of gaps. I know this run was controversial and I'm pleased that DC is willing to collect it, though I do feel a little "wait and see" as to whether they'll really collect the whole thing.

Nightwing: Year One Deluxe Edition

Deluxe-size collection of Chuck Dixon and Scott Beatty's Nightwing #101-106.

Plastic Man: Rubber Banded

Way back when, the first trade of Kyle Baker's Plastic Man, "On the Lam," was collected with these rubbery covers that felt weird and wouldn't sit right next to other trades on the shelf. Let's not do that again. Ultimately only 14 of Baker's 20 issues from the early 2000s were collected, which is a shame given the brilliant "laughing on the outside, crying on the inside" aesthetic of the book. This hardcover should collect the whole thing.

Preacher: The 25th Anniversary Omnibus Vol. 1

A previous solicitation said this collects Preacher #1-33, plus the Saint of Killers four-issue miniseries and the Cassidy — Blood & Whiskey special. The series went 66 issues, so probably one more volume.


Young readers graphic novel about a teen who gets super-powers from scientifically engineered paints meant as a military weapon. I'm glad DC's serving a younger audience in general, but I think creating new heroes for that audience is even better, another way to infuse the DCU with new characters. By Jennifer Muro, Thomas Krajewski, and Gretel Lusky.

Promethea: The Deluxe Edition Book Three

Issues #24-32, the final issues, by Alan Moore and J. H. Williams.

Red Hood: Outlaw Vol. 3: Generation Outlaw

Issues #37-41 by Scott Lobdell, tying in to "Year of the Villain."


By Marguerite Bennett, based on the anime series.

Sandman: The Deluxe Edition Book One

I also just finished collecting the 30th anniversary Sandman paperbacks, and now here comes a hardcover collecting both "Preludes & Nocturnes" and "Doll's House" (issues #1-16) plus an issue of Sandman Mystery Theatre (supposedly, though I wonder if it's the Sandman Midnight Theatre special, since that would make more sense to go with "Preludes & Nocturnes"). Anyway, sorely tempted to double-dip on this, too.

Spectre: The Bronze Age Omnibus

It's questionable what this one will be called, since it was recently solicited as Spectre: Wrath of the Spectre Omnibus, and here it's still "Bronze Age." This is actually both the Silver and Bronze Age appearances of the Spectre beginning in the 1950s, including Showcase #60, 61, and 64; Spectre #1–10; Adventure Comics #431–440; Brave and the Bold #72, 75, 116, 180, and 199; Ghosts #97–99; and DC Comics Presents #29, all previously collected in black-and-white as Showcase Presents: The Spectre.

Suicide Squad Vol. 1

Issues #1-6 of the Injustice team of Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo. Coming in hardcover in August 2020.

Super Friends: Saturday Morning Comics Vol. 1

This was solicited back in August but never came out, I guess? In hardcover, it's the original Super Friends cartoon tie-in comics, Super Friends #1-26, plus the promo Aquateers Meet the Super Friends #1, and stories from Limited Collectors’ Edition #C41 and #C-46, by E. Nelson Bridwell with art by Ramona Fradon and others.

Superboy: A Celebration of 75 Years

An awfully nice cross-section, collecting adventures of the original Superboy (More Fun Comics #101, Superboy #10 and #89, Adventure Comics #210, #247, and #271), Superboy with the Legion of Super-Heroes (Adventure Comics #369 and #370, Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes #233 and #259), Superboy Prime (!) (DC Comics Presents #87 and Infinite Crisis #6) Conner Kent (Adventures of Superman #501, Superboy #59, Teen Titans #24, Adventure Comics #2, Young Justice #3), and Jon Kent (Superman [2016] #6, #10, and #11).

Supergirl: Being Super

Paperback of the four-issue miniseries by Mariko Tamaki and Joelle Jones.

Superman: The City of Tomorrow Vol. 2

Following the "Superman Y2K" stories by Jeph Loeb and company, this is Superman #155-159, Adventures of Superman #577-581, Action Comics #764-768, and Superman: The Man of Steel #99-103, the 'Til Death Do Us Part and Critical Condition collections (plus a couple uncollected issues, I think). Next up would be the "Emperor Joker" storyline.

Superman: The Man of Steel Vol. 1

Not too long ago I finished collecting the John Byrne Man of Steel collections, which goes through the entirety of Byrne's Superman run and related titles. This book alone, in hardcover, collects those first five paperbacks — Action Comics #584-593, Action Comics Annual #1, Adventures of Superman #424-435, Adventures of Superman Annual #1, Legion of Super-Heroes #37-38, Superman #1-11, Superman Annual #1, and The Man of Steel #1-6. I am super-tempted to double-dip. There's nine of those paperbacks total, so they can probably seal this up in one more volume.

Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow Deluxe 2020 Edition

Hardcover of Action Comics #593 and Superman #423 by Alan Moore, plus Superman and Swamp Thing from DC Comics Presents #85 (with art by Rick Veitch) and "For the Man Who Has Everything ..." from Superman Annual #11 (with art by Dave Gibbons).

Superman's Greatest Team-Ups

From the 1980s, collects DC Comics Presents #5, #9-12, #14, #19, #28, #30, #35, #38, #39, #45, #50, #58, #63, #67, #71, and #97 by Martin Pasko, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Steve Englehart, Dan Mishkin, Steve Gerber, Gary Cohn, and more. In these stories, Superman teams up with Wonder Woman, Bizarro, Aquaman, Sgt. Rock, Hawkman, Mister Miracle, Batgirl, Man-Bat, Black Canary, Plastic Man, Amethyst, Firestorm, the Flash, Elongated Man, Robin, and apparently even Santa Claus, vs. Mongul and the Atomic Skull, among others.

Teen Titans Go! to Camp

This seems a smart idea, an original Teen Titans Go! graphic novel as opposed to a collection of series issues. The Titans visit to Camp Apokolips (where Granny Goodness is the lunch lady), written by Sholly Fisch.

Teen Titans/Deathstroke: The Terminus Agenda

Paperback of the latest crossover; collects Deathstroke #41-43 and Teen Titans #28-30 by Christopher Priest and Adam Glass.

Tiny Titans Vol. 1

Seemingly a new set of collections of the Art Baltazar and Franco series, though this volume only seems to have issues #1-6, same as the original first collection, Welcome to the Treehouse. Arriving just post-Infinite Crisis, this kids' series was a riot in the way the creators delighted in putting multiple versions of the same character on the page together when the mainstream DCU couldn't.

Titans: Burning Rage

Stories by Dan Jurgens and Scot Eaton from Titans Giant.

Wonder Woman #750 Deluxe Edition

Deluxe reprinting of the anniversary issue, including a "Year of the Villain" tie-in and stories by Colleen Doran, Mariko Tamaki, Teen Titans: Raven's Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo, plus Gail Simone and Greg Rucka.

Wonder Woman Vol. 1: The Just War

Paperback of G. Willow Wilson and Cary Nord's first collection, issues #58-65.

Wonder Woman Vol. 3: Return of the Amazons

Hardcover collection of issues #74-81 by G. Willow Wilson, tying in to "Year of the Villain."

Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed

YA Wonder Woman origin story by Laurie Halse Anderson and Leila del Duca.

Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia Deluxe Edition

Deluxe-size hardcover collection of the graphic novel by Greg Rucka and J. G. Jones.

Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen

Collecting the five-issue miniseries pitting Lex Luthor against The Batman Who Laughs.

Year of the Villain: The Infected

Collects the four Infected specials tying in to "Year of the Villain."

You Brought Me The Ocean: An Aqualad Graphic Novel

DC YA graphic novel about Aqualad Jake Hyde, by Alexander Hitz-Sanchez and Julie Maroh.

Young Justice Book Five

The final collection of Peter David's Young Justice, issues #33-55. This includes tie-ins to "Our Worlds at War" and "Joker's Last Laugh," as well as the "World Without Young Justice" crossover with Impulse #85, Superboy #99, and Robin #101 (these are not listed in the solicitations, but also aren't essential for understanding the storyline).

Young Justice Vol. 2: Lost in the Multiverse

Second hardcover collection by Brian Michael Bendis, collecting issues #7-12.

Comments ( 21 )

  1. I'm assuming that Batman Inc #18 is actually a typo for #1-8 since I seem to recall that's how long that series went for.

  2. Re: Batman by Morrison v3. That's almost certainly supposed to be #1-8 of the pre-Flashpoint series.

    Bendis's Road to Legion collection was quietly canceled, as near as I can tell.

    I hope the individual issues of Supergirl and Hawkman end up in that Infected collection. Seems dumb to do a story about 6 infected heroes then only collect 4 in trade.

    Given the price, I'll bet the Superman by Byrne contents gets truncated.

    I'll get Legion: 5YL and Bendis collections, Hell Arisen and Infected, both Morrison omnis, Flash Forward (probably), Man of Steel (depending on contents), the Grell omni (maybe), GL: Earth One, and the GL 80th.

  3. Supergirl: Being Super has already been collected in paperback once. Curiously, Amazon shows the list price of the 2020 edition as $9.99, whereas the 2018 edition listed at $16.99.

    If DC likes the book well enough to bring it out a second time, maybe they'll let Tamaki and Jones do a sequel. In some interview I read, Tamaki said she'd love to continue the story...

    Speaking of continuing the story, still no sign of vol. 5 of Peter David's Supergirl, or vol. 3 of Abnett and Lanning's Legion. Sigh...

    1. I liked that book and I'd enjoy a sequel. The $9.99 price is interesting; the solicitation doesn't reflect this, but I wonder if they'd reprint that story in digest size (at a lower price point). Anecdotally, I think other books aimed at a younger audience are sometimes that size and price point.

  4. Is it worth buying the new Loeb Superman collections if you have the old paperbacks they had put out?

    1. If it's just the Loeb issues you're looking for, I think the old editions reprinted up to a certain point without gaps. From what I understand, the last part of the Loeb McGuinness run has never been collected though.

      The old series of trades skipped on some Adventures of Superman issues that are there in the new city of tomorrow v1 TPB. I imagine further volumes will include stuff sequentially as well.

      City of Tomorrow V2 shows an Amazon listing and I think the new editions of Emperor Joker and President Luthor follow where it ends. What's beyond that is anyone's guess.

      One other funny thing is that the cover of City of Tomorrow v1 is the same as the Our Worlds at War complete collection

    2. No no, I want as much completion as possible in terms of runs of characters. So yeah looks like I should double dip and get the new versions.

    3. Superman: The City of Tomorrow Vol. 1 will include three issues (Adventures of Superman #575, Superman: The Man of Steel #97 and Action Comics #762) that weren't collected in the old trades.

      Vol. 2 is set to include four never-before-collected issues (Superman #159, Adventures of Superman #581, Superman: The Man of Steel #103 and Action Comics #768), but if it were up to me, they'd be shifted to Vol. 3 in order to make room for Superman: Metropolis Secret Files #1. That triple-sized special features stories by Kelly, Loeb and Schultz, and its lead story was even included in the old Superman: Critical Condition TPB. It should not be skipped.

  5. That volume of Superman's Greatest Team-ups...isn't. DC should just collect the DC Comics Presents series in its entirety, as well as the Superman team-up issues of World's Finest (not starring Batman).

    I'll get the Legion books, the Batwoman omni, JLI, and probably the regular DC series and maybe some of the YA stuff.

    1. I thought that was weird, too. I figured maybe the other issues of DC Comics Presents weren't Superman team-up issues, but every other issue that I looked at was. Wonder why they singled out those in particular.

    2. DCCP was launched a couple months before the DC Explosion as a team-up book for Superman akin to Batman's Brave and the Bold. Lasted for 97 issues before Byrne took over Superman and Action Comics became the Superman team-up book. In the early 70s, Batman was dropped from World's Finest as a partner for Superman, and Superman teamed up with different heroes for a while before Batman came back in as a permanent co-star.

      A lot of these stories are rather standard stuff, and it looks like Joe Staton, hardly a fan favorite, drew a lot of these, along with Curt Swan. The Mongul issue, with Supergirl, is the in middle of a 3-parter, so it's weird the other two stories are not included, although they may have been reprinted in that recent Len Wein book. Jim Starlin drew those and they're probably the highlight of the series. The first two issues with the Flash are pretty good, too, with Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez art. But this collection is pretty weak. Just would have been better to collect everything.

  6. I think the previously solicited and then canceled Legion Five Years Later was a shorter deluxe edition not an omnibus, so I guess they canceled it to retool it into an omnibus.

    1. Hopefully we'll then see that omnibus cut down into paperbacks like with New Teen Titans.

    2. That would be great, but wish we would get more paperbacks of the rest of the Levitz era Legion direct only series which predates 5YL. Missing 50+ issues or so that haven't been collected, to my knowledge.

  7. Interestingly a few days ago Amazon and a couple of other places had a listing for a Flash Golden Age Omnibus before seemingly being removed. I'm hoping this is real but I'm concerned by its absence in these solicitations.

    1. That GA Flash omni showed up in one of the seasonal catalogs but now it's gone. I really want to see more of the GA stuff, too.

  8. I'm baffled by the Byrne Superman book. It was previously described as an Omnibus. The content described on Amazon sounds like an Omnibus. But the price is only $35 and the size of the book is a standard hardcover. If they go the standard hardcover route, then DC just baffles me.

  9. Batman Rebirth Deluxe 1 did not skip over the Night of the Monster Men issues, 2 did not skip over the Button. Why is 5 skipping over the Batman issues of The Price?

    1. I agree that it's inconsistent for Book Five to skip "The Price" when previous volumes didn't skip crossover issues, but that one is a bit more problematic because it's chronologically set before "The Tyrant Wing" even though it was published in the middle of "Knightmares". The fact that King didn't write any of it probably factored into the decision as well.

  10. Disappointing that DC's summer catalog is so slim. I enjoyed the numerous deluxe editions and reprints from previous years.


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