Flash by William Messner-Loebs Omnibus, Robin: Tim Drake Compendium, Knight Terrors, Kingdom: 25th Anniversary, JLI Omnibus Vol. 3, Lobo Big Fraggin' Compendium, Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War, more in DC Comics Spring 2024 solicitations


This is not, I’ll say up front, an exact or scientific parsing, but of the about 140 books in the DC Comics Spring 2024 trade paperback and hardcover solicitations, about 43 are brand-new regular series collections (31%); 52 are either paperback versions of hardcovers or straight reprints of out-of-print titles (38%); 20 are large form, in the omnibus, compendium, or deluxe family (15%), and 12 are either Webtoon or manga volumes (9%), give or take about 10 books that fall into more than one category.

Put another (two) way(s), books that are already out there in hardcover or paperback is a larger group than brand-new regular series trades, and the split of reprints (and manga and Webtoons) vs. brand-new regular series material is about 60% to 40%.

This is not, I don’t think, “sky is falling” information. Indeed the DC Spring 2024 catalog is specifically targeting the post-Dark Crisis “Dawn of DC” period in which DC has purposefully contracted their line in order to slowly roll out new titles. But for those mostly interested in the newest DC material — those who were around for the material in the new Absolute Superman by Geoff Johns & Gary Frank, for instance — the first months of 2024 might be the time to catch up on Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing’s Star Trek, for instance, or Matthew Klein’s Crashing.

If omnibuses are your thing, wow are you in luck. The Flash by William Messner-Loebs and Greg LaRocque omnibus, for one; also Aquaman by Peter David, Secret Six by Gail Simone, Justice League International Vol. 3, and more. Not to mention big books in general — the Lobo Big Fraggin Compendium, the Robin: Tim Drake Compendium, the Nightwing: A Knight in Bludhaven Compendium, the Kingdom 25th Anniversary deluxe, and the Superman: Emperor Joker deluxe. These are not cheap books to make, and so feel like big bets by DC, a signal to me that the market is good. Omnibus, particularly, is not the format in which I like to read, but apparently there’s a readership that does!

In terms of those regular series, we’ve got of course the Knight Terrors collection here and its related spin-offs; these seem pretty complete to me, as there’s just one miniseries missing that I can spot and I’m guessing that’s a solicitations issue and not an actual omission. Titans, Steelworks by Michael Dorn (!), Wonder Woman by Tom King, a couple of books that seem to spin-off from the events of Knight Terrors even though some complaints I’d heard was that it didn’t tie in to the ongoing series.

Anyway, another season, more books, and some of them very heavy. Let’s take a look.

52 Vol. 1 (New Edition)

New printing of the larger two-volume 52 trades. This should be issues #1–26.

100 Bullets Book One (New Edition)

Issues #1–19 of the Brian Azzarello/Eduardo Risso series.

Absolute All-Star Superman (New Edition)

New printing of the Absolute.

Absolute Final Crisis (New Edition)

New printing of the Absolute by Grant Morrison, J.G. Jones, and company. I still like my review of Final Crisis.

Absolute Justice League: The World's Greatest Super-Heroes by Alex Ross & Paul Dini (New Edition)

New printing of the Absolute edition of the illustrated prose books by Alex Ross and Paul Dini. Collects Superman: Peace on Earth, Batman: War on Crime, Shazam!: Power of Hope, Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth, JLA: Secret Origins, and JLA: Liberty and Justice.

Absolute Luthor/Joker (2024 Edition)

The Joker graphic novel and Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #1–5 (links to my reviews of each), in two separate volumes, by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo, with behind-the-scenes material.

Absolute Superman by Geoff Johns & Gary Frank

Said to collect Action Comics #858–870, #900, Action Comics Annual #10, Superman: Secret Origin #1–6, and Superman: World of New Krypton Special #1, to be released in May. That would be Johns and Frank’s Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes and Brainiac, both of which were great, but one can’t help but feel this lacking a bit without the other, non-Gary Frank Superman stories written by Johns, the most important of which is indeed name-checked in the solicitation, Last Son (which was drawn, no slouch, by Adam Kubert). I might hope to see that included here, if not also Escape From Bizarro World with Eric Powell (and many of these stories were co-written by Richard Donner).

[See the latest DC trade solicitations.]

Absolute The Dark Knight (New Edition)

Collects Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1–4 and Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again #1–4, sans the new third series and tie-ins.

Adventures of Superman by George Perez (New Edition)

Includes the Superman/OMAC team-up by Len Wein and George Perez from DC Comics Presents #61, Action Comics #643–652 and the Annual #2 with art by Perez, and then six issues of the New 52 Superman series written by Perez.

Aquaman by Peter David Omnibus

One of a few omnibuses on this list that I’m pleased to see mainly because I’d really like to the trades, in this case, continue. No word on contents aside from Peter David’s four-part Aquaman: Time and Tide miniseries, but David wrote close to 50 Aquaman issues plus four annuals and also the seven-part Atlantis Chronicles miniseries; a super-complete omnibus (or omnibus series) would have all of that. Two previous trades only went up to issue #20; all of this, of course, is the Zero Hour-era harpoon-hand Aquaman.

Batman & Robin by Tomasi & Gleason

The solicitation notes this as the first volume even if the title does not. The recent Batman and Robin Omnibus included Batman & Robin #20–22, Batman & Robin #0–40 (New 52), Batman & Robin Annual #1–3, Robin Rises: Omega #1, Robin Rises: Alpha #1, and a story from Secret Origins #4, so this will be of course some pieces of that.

Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic Vol. 1

In hardcover in June by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Max Dunbar. Though called “Vol. 1,” seems to me this is just the entire six-issue miniseries.

Batman Beyond: The Animated Series Classics Compendium - 25th Anniversary Edition

Contents here aren’t totally clear, but reading between the lines, seems like it might be the first Batman Beyond miniseries by Hilary Bader and Rick Burchett, and then some of the earliest issues of the first series, maybe?

Batman Incorporated Vol. 2

In hardcover in March, issues #8–12 of the Ed Brisson series.

Batman: Justice Buster Vol. 2

Continuing the manga adventure from the Ultraman team, Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi, a collaboration between DC and Kodansha. Batman fights crime with the help of his ROBIN computer.

Batman Vol. 1: Failsafe

Paperback of Chip Zdarsky’s first Batman arc, following the hardcover. Collects issues #125–130.

Batman vs. Robin

Paperback collection of the lead-in to Lazarus Planet by Mark Waid.

Batman: Beyond the White Knight

Paperback of the third Sean Murphy “Murphy-verse” series, following the hardcover. Collects Batman: Beyond the White Knight #1–8 and Batman: White Knight Presents: Red Hood #1–2.

Batman: Black Mirror: The Deluxe Edition

Once upon a time, this Scott Snyder guy we’d never heard of before wrote the instant superhero horror classic Batman: The Black Mirror, and the rest is history. Collects Detective Comics #871–877; if anything ever deserved a deluxe, it’s this. Coming in May 2024.

Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 1: Gotham Nocturne: Overture

Paperback of the first Detective Comics volume by Ram V; collects issues #1062–1065.

Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 2

Ram V’s second Detective Comics collection, in hardcover in February 2024. Collects issues #1066–1069.

Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 4: Riddle Me This

Paperback of Mariko Tamaki’s final Detective volume, collecting issues #1059–1061.

Batman: Fortress

Paperback of the eight-issue miniseries by Gary Whitta and Darick Robertson, following the hardcover.

Batman: Gotham Knights: Gilded City

Paperback of the Gotham Knights video game tie-in comic, following the hardcover.

Batman: Justice Buster Vol. 3

Third volume of the manga series.

Batman: The Adventures Continue: Season Three

Hey Zach! Coming in February 2024, the third (and final?) collecting of the new animated Batman comics series.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Vol. 1

First collection of the new Batman anthology series, coming in hardcover in April. With stories by Tom King and Mitch Gerads, and Dan Mora.

Batman: The Knight Vol. 1

Chip Zdarsky’s 10-issue miniseries, in paperback following the hardcover.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Volume Four

Continuing the Webtoons collections, coming in May.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Volume Three

Webtoons collection coming in March.

Batman: White Knight Presents: Generation Joker

Katana Collins' six-issue miniseries set in the “White Knight Universe,” as the solicitation calls it (but everyone else knows it as the “Murphy-verse”). Coming in April 2024.

Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War

In hardcover in June, collecting Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War: Battle Lines, Batman #137–138, Catwoman #57–58, and Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War: Scorched Earth. Obviously we’ll have to see how this collection lines up with other individual collections of the same material.

Batman/Superman: World's Finest Vol. 1: The Devil Nezha

Paperback of Detective Comics #1050 and issues 1–5 of the Mark Waid/Dan Mora series, following the hardcover.

Batman/Superman: World's Finest Vol. 3: Elementary

The third volume of the Mark Waid/Dan Mora series, in hardcover in March, and said to collect issues #12–17.

Birds of Prey: Progeny

The most recent Gail Simone Birds of Prey trade, Fighters by Trade, collected issues #81–91. The “Progeny” storyline is issues #92–95 (taking place during “One Year Later” post Infinite Crisis), followed by “Headhunt” (#96–99) and then “Blood and Circuits” (#100–103). Simone’s run for the first Birds of Prey series went to issue #108; no word on Progeny’s contents (coming in March) but that gives you a general idea.

Blood Syndicate Season One

Paperback following the hardcover, and collecting issues #1–6 and a story from Milestone 30th Anniversary Special #1 by Geoffrey Thorne and CHRISSCROSS.

City Boy

Collects issues #1–6 by Greg Pak and Minkyu Jung, spinning out of Lazarus Planet as part of DC’s “We Are Legends” AAPI community-led initiative.

Creature Commandos Present: Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Book One

One of my favorite New 52 titles, Jeff Lemire’s Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE. Couldn’t be happier to see all the new DC media news giving this a spotlight.

Cyborg Vol. 1: Homecoming

Hardcover collection of the new Cyborg series by Morgan Hampton, coming in April.

Danger Street Vol. 2

Paperback collection of the Tom King miniseries, collecting issues #7–12, following the hardcover. We want the just-one-volume cut!

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths

Paperback of the Joshua Williamson event, coming in May and following the hardcover. Collects Justice League #75 and the seven-issue miniseries.

Dark Crisis: Young Justice

Paperback of the Meghan Fitzmartin tie-in series, following the hardcover, coming in June.

DC Pride: Brave and Bold

Seems to be the hardcover collection of DC Pride 2023. Among other things, I love the wonderful, random team-ups in this: Alan Scott with Midnighter and Apollo, Natasha Irons and Nubia, Harley Quinn and Crush, and so on.

DC Pride: Love and Justice

In hardcover in May, said to collect DC Pride #1, Mysteries of Love in Space #1, New Year’s Evil #1, and Young Monsters in Love #1. I’m not sure to what extent those contents are right or wrong, and if this will just collect some stories from those books or all of them, but I’d be happy to see an “all of them” collection of those anthologies.

DC vs. Vampires Vol. 2

Paperback, following the hardcover, and collecting issues #7–12 by James Tynion and Matthew Rosenberg.

DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War Vol. 1

Paperback of the companion series, following the hardcover, by Matthew Rosenberg.

DC: Mech

Paperback of the six-issue miniseries by Kenny Porter and Baldemar Rivas, following the hardcover.

Deathstroke Inc. Vol. 2: Year One

Paperback, following the hardcover, of Deathstroke Inc. #10–15 by Ed Brisson.


Paperback, following the hardcover, of the Milestone series by Greg Pak and Khoi Pham.

Fables: The Deluxe Edition Book Sixteen

In hardcover in May, collecting, I think, the entirety of the mini-relaunch, issues #151–162.

The Flash by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar: The Deluxe Edition

Deluxe collection of Flash #130–141, Green Lantern #96, and Green Arrow #130 by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar, previously released as a hardcover and also as two paperbacks: Flash: Emergency Stop and Flash: The Human Race.

The Flash by William Messner-Loebs and Greg LaRocque Omnibus Vol. 1

Coming in April, with no word on contents yet. William Messner-Loebs wrote Flash #15–61 and sundry, though not all of that was with Greg LaRocque. Couple years back DC released a Flash: Savage Velocity trade that collected issues #1–18 and the first annual from the post-Crisis series, some by Messner-Loebs and some by Mike Baron. Messner-Loebs is facing some challenges and one can hope this omnibus might help, but I would also love to see collections like the Batman: Caped Crusader books that include all of Wally West’s post-Crisis adventures.

The Flash Vol. 1

First collection of the new Simon Spurrier run, in hardcover in July.

The Flash Vol. 20

The final collection by Jeremy Adams, in paperback in April, and collecting presumably Flash #797–800.

The Flash: Year One (New Edition)

New collection of the Flash: Year One story by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter; this is Flash #70–75 from Williamson’s DC Rebirth run.

Green Arrow Vol. 1

Joshua Williamson’s Green Arrow miniseries has recently been expanded from six to 12 issues, so I’m guessing this is issues #1–6. In hardcover in March.

Green Lantern Vol. 1

In hardcover in June, the new series by Jeremy Adams and Xermanico.

Green Lantern/Green Arrow: Hard Travelin' Heroes Omnibus

No word on contents, but authors are Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams, so this is at least Green Lantern #76–87 and #89 and the backup stories from Flash #217–219 and #226. I don’t see any indication this has O’Neil and Mike Grell’s Green Lantern #90–106, though it would be fun if it did.

Harley Quinn Vol. 3

Paperback of Harley Quinn Vol. 3: Verdict by Stephanie Phillips, following the hardcover. This was my favorite from Phillips' run so far (and the most recent one I’ve read), issues #13–17.

Harley Quinn Vol. 5

The final volume of Stephanie Phillips' run, collecting issues #21–27 in hardcover in March.

Harley Quinn: Black + White + Redder

The sequel anthology series, in paperback in July.

Hawkgirl Vol. 1

In hardcover in June, the new series by Jadzia Axelrod and Amancay Nahuelpan.

Hitman by Garth Ennis and John McCrea Omnibus Vol. 1

Omnibus of the bestselling series.

The Human Target Book Two

Paperback of the second volume by Tom King and Greg Smallwood. Collects Human Target #7–12 and Tales of the Human Target #1.

I Am Batman Vol. 2: Welcome to New York

Paperback of the John Ridley series, collecting issues #6–10, following the hardcover.

Icon vs. Hardware

In hardcover in November, the five-issue miniseries by Reginald Hudlin and Leon Chills. Depending on how far the twist in this one goes, I may find myself catching up on these respective series.

Identity Crisis 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Deluxe of the series by Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales, coming in June.

JLA: Year One

Phenomenal 12-issue miniseries by Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn, and Barry Kitson, reimagining the post-Crisis Justice League’s first days.

The Joker Vol. 3

Paperback of the final volume by James Tynion, following the hardcover. I reviewed Joker Vol. 3 just recently; the whole series is great.

Joker: One Operation Joker Vol. 3

Continuing the manga in which the Joker raises a baby Bruce Wayne.

The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing Vol. 2

The second volume by Matthew Rosenberg, in hardcover in April. This collects issues #7–12.

JSA: The Golden Age (New Edition)

New collection of James Robinson’s four-issue Justice Society reimagining, drawn by Paul Smith.

The Jurassic League

Paperback of the six-issue miniseries by Daniel Warren Johnson, following the hardcover.

Justice League Dark: Rebirth Omnibus

I really enjoyed James Tynion’s Justice League Dark, bringing the same team book magic to DC’s supernatural characters as he did to the members of the Bat-family. No word on contents, but this seems to include Ram V’s excellent contributions too. This could be through issue #28 and the annuals, or even the Justice League backup stories.

Justice League International Omnibus Vol. 3

The second Justice League International omnibus, released in 2020, collected up to Justice League America #50 and Justice League Europe #25. The “International” run goes to issues #60 and #36 of those series respectively, so you might assume that’s what will be collected here. Possibly additions might include issues of Justice League Quarterly and a variety of later miniseries — Formerly Known as the Justice League, I Can’t Believe It’s Not The Justice League, and/or Justice League: Generation Lost.

Justice League Vol. 3: Leagues of Chaos

Paperback of the final volume by Brian Michael Bendis, following the hardcover. I reviewed Justice League Vol. 3: Leagues of Chaos earlier this year.

Justice League: The New 52 Book One

New set of collections of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s Justice League.

Justice Society of America Vol. 1

First collection of the new series by Geoff Johns and Mikel Janin, in hardcover in February. Collecting issues #1–6.

The Kingdom: The 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

This is an interesting one, the often-overlooked sequel to Kingdom Come by Mark Waid and Ariel Olivetti. Though not particularly well regarded, I actually recall enjoying this a bit, and it was responsible for introducing Hypertime, one of the more sensible of DC’s continuity paradigms. Coming in February.

Knight Terrors

The Dawn of DC event by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter, in hardcover on Feb. 6. Collects Knight Terrors First Blood, Knight Terrors #1–4, and Knight Terrors: Night’s End.

Knight Terrors Vol. 1: Dark Knightmares

In hardcover on Feb. 13, collecting Knight Terrors: Batman #1–2, Knight Terrors: Detective Comics #1–2, Knight Terrors: Catwoman #1–2, Knight Terrors: Nightwing #1–2, and Knight Terrors: Robin #1–2. Looking at the Knight Terrors collections to come, the only thing I see not collected is the Joker two-parter, which I’d venture will either be here or in Knockturnal Creatures. (Maybe also the Free Comic Book Day story isn’t listed in a collection?)

Knight Terrors Vol. 2: Knightmare League

In hardcover on Feb. 20, collecting Knight Terrors: Action Comics #1–2, Knight Terrors: Green Lantern #1–2, Knight Terrors: Superman #1–2, Knight Terrors: The Flash #1–2, and Knight Terrors: Wonder Woman #1–2.

Knight Terrors Vol. 3: Knockturnal Creatures

In hardcover on Feb. 27, collecting Knight Terrors: Harley Quinn #1–2, Knight Terrors: Poison Ivy #1–2, Knight Terrors: Punchline #1–2, and Knight Terrors: Zatanna #1–2.

Knight Terrors Vol. 4: Terror Titans

In hardcover on March 5, collecting Knight Terrors: Titans #1–2, Knight Terrors: Shazam! #1–2, Knight Terrors: Black Adam #1–2, Knight Terrors: Angel Breaker #1–2, and Knight Terrors: Ravager #1–2.

Lazarus Planet

Paperback coming in July, following the hardcover, and collecting Lazarus Planet: Alpha, Lazarus Planet: Assault on Krypton, Lazarus Planet: We Once Were Gods, Lazarus Planet: Legends Reborn, Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution, Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate, and Lazarus Planet: Omega.

Lobo Big Fraggin Compendium Book One

No word on contents, but includes stories, obviously, written by Keith Giffen and Alan Grant.

Milestone Compendium Book Three

Issues from Static, Icon, Hardware, and Blood Syndicate, at least. The last compendium had about 10 issues from each series, so while this could finish Blood Syndicate (to issue #35), the others still have 25 or more issues, so probably not the last volume.

Monkey Prince Vol. 1: Enter the Monkey

Issues #1–6 by Gene Luen Yang and Bernard Chang, in paperback following the hardcover.

Naomi: Season Two

In paperback following the hardcover, the six-issue miniseries by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell.

The New Champion of Shazam!

Paperback of the four-issue miniseries by Josie Campbell and Doc Shaner, plus Lazarus Planet: Once We Were Gods material, following the hardcover.

Nightwing Vol. 3: The Battle for Bludhaven's Heart

In paperback, following the hardcover by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, collecting issues #92–96.

Nightwing Vol. 5

The fifth collection from Tom Taylor, in June in hardcover.

Nightwing: A Knight in Bludhaven Compendium Book One

New larger-page-count series of Nightwing collections; this will surely be mostly Chuck Dixon’s run, but this first one also seems to include the Nightwing miniseries by Dennis O’Neil and/or Nightwing: Alfred’s Return by Alan Grant.

Peacemaker Tries Hard!

The six-issue Black Label miniseries by Kyle Starks and Steve Pugh.

The Penguin

First collection of the new series (miniseries?) by Tom King, in hardcover in June.

Poison Ivy Vol. 1: The Virtuous Cycle

Paperback, following the hardcover, by G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara. Collects issues #1–6.

Punchline: The Gotham Game

In paperback, following the hardcover, by Tini Howard.

Red Hood: Outlaws Volume One

First volume of the Webtoon series, starring Red Hood Jason Todd, Artemis, and Bizarro, in February.

Red Hood: Outlaws Volume Two

Second volume of the Webtoon series, in July.

Robin: Tim Drake Compendium Book One

I’m not so happy to see this an omnibus instead of more trades, but I am happy to see that interest in this material hasn’t been forgotten on DC’s side. Contents appear to be at least the first Robin miniseries and likely the second and third by Chuck Dixon; not sure if that extends to any of the regular series material. Coming in June.

The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country

Paperback, following the hardcover, by James Tynion, and collecting the six-issue miniseries in April, in time for the hardcover of the sequel.

The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country - The Glass House

The newest six-issue Nightmare Country miniseries by James Tynion.

Secret Six by Gail Simone Omnibus Vol. 1

Given that we’ve got full trades already, I’m not mad about this as an omnibus; I’m just even more glad that DC still remembers and appreciates Gail Simone’s Secret Six material. If you have not read this, it is an underrated superhero horror crime gem in the DC library. See my review of Secret Six: The Darkest House.

Seven Soldiers by Grant Morrison Omnibus (New Edition)

New printing of the Grant Morrison connected miniseries masterpiece. Collects Seven Soldiers #0–1, Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight #1–4, Seven Soldiers: Guardian #1–4, Seven Soldiers: Zatanna#1–4, Seven Soldiers: Klarion the Witch Boy #1–4, Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle #1–4, Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #1–4, and Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #1. I reviewed all four volumes of Seven Soldiers.

Shazam! Vol. 1: Thunderstruck

First collection of the new series by Mark Waid and Dan Mora, in June in hardcover.

Spirit World

Paperback collection of the new series by Alyssa Wong and Haining, spinning off from Lazarus Planet as part of DC’s new AAPI community-led initiative. Collects issues #1–6 in April.

Static: Shadows of Dakota

Collects the six-issue Static: Season Two miniseries by Vita Ayala and Nicholas Draper-Ivey. In hardcover in February; seems like this was pushed back from this coming November. Previous solicitation had the Static Team-Up: Anansi special in there, too, but it’s not mentioned now.

Steelworks Vol. 1: A Hero Reborn

Never did think I’d be reading a Steel series by Michael Dorn. In hardcover, in May, collecting issues #1–6.

Super Sons: The Complete Series Vol. 1

In paperback in June. No word on contents, but most likely this is the various omnibuses split down into paperbacks.

Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow

In paperback in March, collecting the six issue miniseries by Kenny Porter.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow: The Deluxe Edition

Deluxe edition of the eight-issue miniseries by Tom King and Bilquis Evely, coming in July. I reviewed Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow and loved it.

Superman by Kurt Busiek Book One

The solicitation suggests this will collect at least Kurt Busiek’s Superman: Secret Identity miniseries with Stuart Immonen, though the cover reflects Busiek’s run on Superman from issues #650 to 675. That includes the recently re-collected Superman: Camelot Falls with the late Carlos Pacheco. Busiek also wrote Superman in Action Comics among other things.

Superman Emperor Joker: The Deluxe Edition

one among many good events from the Jeph Loeb Superman era, and certainly deserving of this deluxe edition. Collects Superman #160–161, Adventures of Superman #582–583, Superman: Man of Steel #104–105, Action Comics #769–770 and Superman: Emperor Joker #1. One of these days I’d like to see the powerful epilogue from Action Comics #784 included here too.

Superman Vol. 2: The Chained

Second collection of the new Joshua Williamson run, in hardcover in May, and apparently leading out from Knight Terrors.

Superman vs. Meshi Vol. 3

Third volume of the food-focused Superman manga.

Superman: Action Comics Vol 1: Rise of Metallo

Collects issues #1051–1056 by Philip Kennedy Johnson in paperback, apparently, in March. The backups by Dan Jurgens and etc. are being collected separately.

Superman: Lois & Clark 2: Doom Rising

The backup stories by Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks from the Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special and Action Comics #1051–1057, in paperback in February. I wonder if new “young Jon Kent” material is a nod toward the character’s two fanbases.

Superman: Son of Kal-El Vol. 3: Battle for Gamorra

In paperback following the hardcover, the final dedicated collection of the Tom Taylor series.

Superman: Space Age

In paperback following the hardcover, the three-issue miniseries by Mark Russell and Mike Allred.

Swamp Thing: Green Hell

Paperback of the three-issue Black Label miniseries by Jeff Lemire and Doug Mahnke, following the hardcover.

Tales From Dark Crisis

In paperback in June, following the hardcover, and collecting Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis #1, Dark Crisis: The Deadly Green #1, Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1, Dark Crisis: War Zone #1, and Dark Crisis: Big Bang #1.

Task Force Z Vol. 2: What's Eating You?

In paperback, following the hardcover, by Matthew Rosenberg, Eddy Barrows, and company. Task Force Z Vol. 2 had some nice twists, though I ultimately ranked Task Force Z Vol. 1 a little higher.

Teen Titans: Year One (New Edition)

New collection of the six-issue miniseries by Amy Wolfram and Karl Kerschl. Not to be confused with the other Teen Titans origin story solicited here from Mark Waid

Tim Drake: Robin Vol. 2

Second and final collection of the Meghan Fitzmartin series, collecting issues #7–10.

Titans Vol. 1: Out of the Shadows

In hardcover in June, the first volume of the new series by Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott.

Unstoppable Doom Patrol

Spinning out of Lazarus Planet, the first collection by Dennis Culver and Chris Burnham, in hardcover in April.

The Vigil

In paperback in April, issues #1–6 of the new series by Ram V and Lalit Kumar, spinning out of Lazarus Planet as part of DC’s AAPI community-led initiative.

Vixen: NYC Volume Five

In May, collecting the Webtoon series.

Vixen: NYC Volume Four

In March, collecting the Webtoon series.

Vixen: NYC Volume Six

In July, collecting the Webtoon series.

WildC.A.T.s Compendium

The solicitation description seems to be for the first volume of Matthew Rosenberg’s new series, coming later this month in hardcover, though the author credits suggest something more like an anniversary volume with work by Jim Lee and etc. In paperback in July, whatever it may be.

WildC.A.T.s Vol. 2

In hardcover in March, the second collection by Matthew Rosenberg. Said to be issues #7–12.

Wonder Woman Vol. 1: Outlaw

In hardcover in July by Tom King and Daniel Sampere.

Wonder Woman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol. 6

In hardcover in July, collecting stories from the 1950s with Robert Kanigher and Harry G. Peter.

World's Finest: Teen Titans Vol. 1

In hardcover in May, the newest retelling of the origins of the Titans by Mark Waid and Emanuela Lupacchino. Is this an ongoing?

Zatanna & the Ripper Volume Three

Third Webtoons volume, coming in May.

Zatanna by Paul Dini (New Edition)

New printing of the collection, including Zatanna #1–16, Zatanna: Everyday Magic, and Black Canary and Zatanna: Bloodspell, which I reviewed back in 2014.

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  1. All of these Absolute Editions, but still no Absolute Man of Steel by John Byrne, arguably the most influential Superman comic of the last 50 years.

    1. Never thought of that, and now I want it. What a great idea!

    2. DC has already released Absolutes of the '80s rebooted origin stories of the other two members of the trinity (Miller and Mazzucchelli's Batman: Year One, and Perez's Wonder Woman). They should do the same for their flagship character.

      And it doesn't have to be the entire Byrne run. It can just be the original six issue mini-series. And to pad out the page count (to allow for a slipcase), they could do what they did with the Absolutes for Batman: Year One and The Killing Joke and have two versions in the book: the original coloring as well as a new version with new coloring (I think the coloring on the original Man of Steel mini-series is especially garish in its color choices) by someone like Dave Stewart (who could still keep the flat color style of the original, but with a more sophisticated color palette, like he did with Darwyn Cooke's DC: The New Frontier).

      This series was the official canon origin for the character for almost 20 years, and its influence has extended into mainstream pop culture as well by being a core influence on adaptations as disparate as the Lois & Clark TV series, the Bruce Timm animated series, and Zack Snyder's Man of Steel movie. It deserves the archival treatment.

  2. Lots of good stuff in here. I'm not going to make a whole list, but I will say that I'm happy to see Milestone Compendiums continuing and the expansion of the Compendium line into 90s - I hope to see it expand to maybe something like a mini Marvel Epic Collections line, where we can get Connor Hawke GA, Batgirl (Cain), multiple LoSH lines (Levitz, Legionnaires), JL: Task Force, Triangle Era Superman (before and after Death of), etc.

    I'm hoping the Steelworks solicit is incomplete - the Steel: Engineer of Tomorrow shorts from Action Comics are not included in any of the solicits, and that's the only part of the revamped AC that are not listed in any collections.

    The Superman by Busiek collection is frustrating just in the sense that I just got Camelot Falls. We'll see how these shake out, but I hate double-dipping within a year.

    The BoP collection should completely fill the gap between Fighters by Trade and Whitewater. If it doesn't, we riot!

    Not sure what I'll do about Emperor Joker - do I want a Deluxe Edition or maybe wait to see if we get Superman Compendiums someday?

  3. Finally! The William Mesner Loeb The Flash run is finally getting the omnibus treatment. I hope the proceeds go towards helping him.

  4. Very curious and excited about that Flash omnibus. Messner-Loebs' run on the book is still my favorite, so I'm glad to see it getting spotlighted. Though I've noticed the mock-up cover for it is taken from the Baron/Guice #1 issue and the Amazon listing has dropped the "by Messner-Loebs and LaRocque" byline. Makes me wonder if they're going to start from issue #1 instead, collecting the Baron/WML issues across a pair of omnibuses.

    Also super bummed not to see a second Sandman Mystery Theatre compendium listed...

  5. There are some really exciting releases coming out. I do wish some of these Compendiums were regular collections though. It is frustrating to have bought the Dixon Robin trades, the Ron Marz GL trades, and the Peter David Aquaman trades, only to have them not finish collecting them in that format and for them to start collecting them in a whole new type of collection.

  6. Thanks as always for putting all this together.
    Are those Ram V Batman: Detective Comics hardcovers really just four issues each? Wow

  7. I'm irritated that DC STILL won't include JLA Classified #1-3 with the Seven Soldiers omnibus.

    Those three issues are the Backdoor Pilot and are crucial for setting up so many plot points of the 7S narrative (the Prophecy of the Seven, the Sheeda, Neh-Buh-Luh and the Ultramines, etc.).

    1. Yes! Wholly agree. Somewhere along the way I had to track those down before I read Seven Soldiers so I truly understood what was what.

    2. Yeah, I mean, this problem goes all the way back to the original TPB collections of 7S (and can't believe it's almost been 20 years).

      They excluded the Classified prelude then too. I was so confused the first time reading 7S until I read the first JLA Classified tpb and things got cleared up.

    3. Collecting Ultramarine Corps seems inspired.

      I would also recommend that an expanded edition omnibus should include the issues of Sideways that Grant co-wrote with Dan DiDio. Or maybe it was just the annual with New 52 Superman... either way, it might only sort of count, but as long as we're being completionists!


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