DC Trade Solicitations for July 2024 - Superman: The Triangle Era Omnibus, Titans: Beast World, Joker by Tynion Compendium, Batman: Joker Year One, Joker: The World, Jay Garrick and Wesley Dodds, Birds of Prey by Thompson, Swamp Thing by Veitch


I’ve got to give it to Dawn of DC. There have been times that DC has been caught in a cycle of too many events in a small space, but it seems to me (admittedly without having read many of them) that Dawn of DC has just the right events-to-regular-series ratio. We’ve got the Knight Terrors collections already, the Titans: Beast World collections here in the DC Comics July 2024 trade paperback and hardcover solicitations, and then House of Brainiac forthcoming, with Absolute Power collections probably next year. Without clocking it exactly, anecdotally it seems every couple of months is a big month, and I think that’s working.

I won’t pause long because we’ve already talked about it a lot, but obviously the Superman: The Triangle Era Omnibus is a very big deal here. We’ve also got Action Comics Vol. 2 (with that Doomsday special), Birds of Prey, Amazons Attack, and Power Girl. The Batman: Joker Year One book is not (yet) in hardcover and paperback simultaneously as originally solicited, but Batman/Superman: World’s Finest Vol. 4 is. There’s the Jay Garrick and Wesley Dodds books, complete collections of Joker by James Tynion, Batman Incorporated, and WildC.A.T.s; Joker: The World will also be an immediate read for me.

Let’s not keep you waiting. Here’s the full list:

All-Star Batman by Scott Snyder: The Deluxe Edition HC

Deluxe edition of Scott Snyder’s All-Star Batman series that followed his Batman proper run. I reviewed All-Star Batman Vol. 1: My Own Worst Enemy in 2017. Collects the whole 14-issue series with variant covers and behind-the-scenes art; contributing artists included John Romita and Rafael Albuquerque. In general I’d say we have some really dynamic Batman stories with great art, only marred by the fact that some of what ties here to Dark Nights: Metal didn’t quite line up and remained unexplained.

Amazons Attack TP

Collecting the six-issue miniseries by Josie Campbell and Vasco Georgiev, with the prequel story from Wonder Woman #2, in paperback in September.

Batman '66 Omnibus (2024 Edition) HC

New printing of the omnibus, with Batman '66 #1–30 and Batman '66: The Lost Episode.

Batman by Grant Morrison Book One TP

Collecting Batman #655–658, #663–675, and stories from 52 #30 and #47 by Grant Morrison. This is roundabouts the same contents as the newest collection of Batman and Son, except this is said to have Batman #670–671, two parts of the “Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul” crossover that other collections have left out. Even the Absolute Batman and Son coming later this year omits those issues. I previously reviewed these issues as Batman and Son and Batman: The Black Glove.

Batman Incorporated: The Complete Series TP

Collects issues #1–12 and the annual by Ed Brisson and company, a combined paperback following the two hardcover volumes.

Batman Vol. 1: I Am Gotham (2024 Edition) TP

New printing of Tom King’s Batman: Rebirth and issues #1–6. I reviewed I Am Gotham in 2017.

Batman Vol. 2: The Bat-Man of Gotham TP

Paperback of Chip Zdarsky’s second Batman volume, following the hardcover, collecting issues #131–136.

Batman Vol. 3: The Joker Year One HC

In the DC Fall 2024 catalog solicitations, this was one of those listed for same-day hardcover/paperback release. It’s entirely possible the paperback will be solicited later, but as of these listings, we only see the hardcover, coming in September and collecting Chip Zdarsky’s issues #139–144.

Batman: City of Madness HC

Collecting the three-issue “cosmic horror” tale by Christian Ward, in hardcover in September, with a new cover.

Batman: The Arkham Saga Omnibus (2024 Edition) HC

New printing. Previous version collected Batman: Arkham Asylum: The Road to Arkham, Batman: Arkham City #1–5, Batman: Arkham City: End Game #1, Batman: Arkham Knight #1–12, Batman: Arkham Knight Annual #1, Batman: Arkham Knight: Batgirl & Harley Quinn #1, Batman: Arkham Knight Genesis #1–6, Batman: Arkham Knight: Robin Special #1, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Batman: Arkham Unhinged.

Batman/Dylan Dog TP

Collects the three-issue crossover with the Italian comics series.

Batman/Superman: World's Finest Vol. 2: Strange Visitor TP

Paperback, following the hardcover, collecting issues #6–11 (not #6–10 as some listings show).

Batman/Superman: World's Finest Vol. 4: Return to Kingdom Come HC

Solicitation says this one collects issues #20–24, but the previous volume only collected up to issue #17. Not sure if this is an oversight or where we might find the two-part “Phantom Riddles” story by Mark Waid. The solicitation lists both the hardcover and the paperback coming out on the same day.

Birds of Prey Vol. 1: Megadeath TP

Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, and company’s issues #1–6, in paperback in August.

Brave & the Bold Vol. 1: Lords of Luck (2024 Edition) TP

Did I, uh … did I never read any of the Brave and the Bold series after Mark Waid’s Brave & the Bold Vol. 1: Lords of Luck? That is shocking! Anyway, seems to me having Waid back at DC means this first volume’s getting a reprint, and maybe the second and third at least if we’re lucky. Coming in September.

Dceased: War Of The Undead Gods TP

In paperback, following the hardcover, and collecting the final eight-issue miniseries of the main trilogy.

Death: At Death's Door (2024 Edition) TP

New printing of the classic Sandman manga by Jill Thompson.

Elseworlds: Batman Vol. 1 (2024 Edition) TP

Just in time for DC to relaunch Elseworlds, this is Batman: Holy Terror, Batman: The Blue, the Grey, and the Bat, Robin 3000 #1–2, Batman/Dark Joker: The Wild, Batman/Houdini: The Devil’s Workshop, Batman: Castle of the Bat, Batman: In Darkest Knight (a personal fav), and Batman: Dark Allegiances.

Elseworlds: Justice League Vol. 1 (2024 Edition) TP

Collects Elseworld’s Finest #1–2, Elseworld’s Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl #1, Justice Riders #1, League of Justice #1–2, Titans: Scissors, Paper, Stone #1, and Wonder Woman: Amazonia #1.

Elseworlds: Justice League Vol. 2 (2024 Edition) TP

Collects Batman: Nosferatu, Superman: Metropolis, and Wonder Woman: The Blue Amazon (the German Expressionist cinema trilogy by Jean-Marc Lofficier, Randy Lofficier, and Ted McKeever), Elseworlds 80-Page Giant #1 (including the “Letitia Lerner, Superman’s Babysitter,” story that once saw the issue pulped), and JLA: Act of God #1–3.

Elseworlds: Superman Vol. 1 (2024 Edition) TP

Collects Superman: Speeding Bullets (another favorite), Superman: Kal, Superman: Distant Fires, Superman: A Nation Divided, Superman, Inc., and Superman: War of the Worlds.

Flashpoint (2024 Edition) TP

New printing of the five-issue miniseries.

Green Lantern by Geoff Johns Book One (2024 Edition) TP

Collecting Geoff Johns' Green Lantern: Rebirth #1–6, Green Lantern Secret Files 2005 #1, Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1–5, and Green Lantern #1–3. I reviewed Green Lantern: Rebirth back in 2006(!).

Green Lantern By Geoff Johns Book Two (2024 Edition) TP

Collects Green Lantern #4–20, being roundabouts the No Fear, Revenge of the Green Lanterns, and Wanted: Hal Jordan collections.

Green Lantern Corps by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason Omnibus Vol. 2 HC

Dare I say Peter Tomasi’s Green Lantern Corps was sometimes even better than Geoff Johns' headlining series – exciting, full of weird aliens, often shockingly violent. This collection picks up with Corps' Blackest Night tie-in, Corps #39–47, before Tomasi switched over to Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, most/all parts of the “War of the Green Lanterns” storyline, and then following Tomasi back to Green Lantern Corps in the New 52 and into the “Wrath of the First Lantern” crossover. There is certainly some material drawn by Patrick Gleason here, but his credit is a little misleading; among other contributors, Fernando Pasarin draws a whole slew of Emerald Warriors and the New 52 run. This book won’t disappoint; I reviewed Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors in 2011.

All told this is said to be Green Lantern Corps #39–47 and #59–60, Green Lantern Corps (New 52) #0–20, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1–13, Blackest Night #8, Green Lantern #65–67, Green Lantern (New 52) #17 and #20, Green Lantern Corps Annual #1, a story from Untold Tales of the Blackest Night and (supposedly) all of Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1.

Jay Garrick: The Flash TP

The six-issue miniseries by Jeremy Adams and Diego Olortegui, part of DC’s New Golden Age line, in paperback in September.

The Joker by James Tynion IV Compendium TP

Collects Joker #1–15, Joker 2021 Annual #1, and stories from Batman: The Joker War Zone #1 and Batman #100. Specifically in my review of Joker Vol. 3, I mentioned how impressed I was that this 15-issue series works from start to finish and feels so cohesive; this compendium is definitely the way to read this.

Joker: Killer Smile TP

Paperback of the three-issue miniseries by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino, two creators I really like and I’m surprised I haven’t gotten around to reading this yet. Also includes the Batman: The Smile Killer one-shot epilogue.

Joker: The World HC

Following Batman: The World (reviewed in 2021), stories of the Joker told by international creators.

Justice League: The World's Greatest Superheroes By Alex Ross & Paul Dini (2024 Edition) TP

Collects Alex Ross and Paul Dini’s illustrated prose books Superman: Peace on Earth, Batman: War on Crime, Shazam!: Power of Hope, Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth, JLA: Secret Origins, and JLA: Liberty and Justice, with promotional art and other extras.

Nightwing Vol. 4: The Leap TP

Collecting issues #97–100 and the Nightwing 2022 Annual by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, and company, in paperback following the hardcover.

Power Girl Vol. 1: Electric Dreams TP

Issues #1–7 by Leah Williams and Eduardo Pansica, in paperback. Coming late August.

Superman: Action Comics Vol. 2: To Hell and Back TP

Collects Action Comics #1057–1059, Action Comics Presents: Doomsday Special (thank goodness!) and Knight Terrors: Action Comics #1–2. There’s still a story in Action #1060 before the book starts “Superman Superstars” in Action #1061; wonder if that will also be included here.

Superman: The Triangle Era Omnibus Vol. 1 HC

For more on my thoughts on this book, read my open letter to DC Comics regarding the Triangle Era Omnibus. In this solicitation, the two differences I see is that Starman #28 is now included (by Action’s Roger Stern, part of the “Krisis of the Krimson Kryptonite” storyline) and that Superman stops at issue #63 instead of #64, which makes sense because all the rest stop in the same month as Superman #63, and Superman #64 would start a new month.

Swamp Thing by Rick Veitch Book One: Wild Things TP

Interestingly, the solicitation now spotlights “the interweaving narrative between Swamp Thing and Hellblazer restored,” thus the Hellblazer issues included. Collects Swamp Thing #65–73, Swamp Thing Annual #3, John Constantine, Hellblazer #4–5, and a story from Secret Origins #23. Infinity, Inc. #4, mentioned in previous solicitations, is no longer listed here.

This Land Is Our Land: A Blue Beetle Story TP

YA graphic novel by Julio Anta and Jacoby Salcedo. I adore the modern, topical ways that DC’s YA crew interprets and reinterprets DC’s stable of characters.

Titans: Beast World Tour TP

Collects Titans: Beast World: Waller Rising, Titans: Beast World Tour: Metropolis, Titans: Beast World Tour: Gotham, Titans: Beast World Tour: Central City, Titans: Beast World Tour: Atlantis, Titans: Beast World Tour: Star City, and stories from Nightwing #109–110 and Action Comics #1060. I am deliriously excited for this one, what seems like stories of DC’s “newest generation” heroes much like Dark Crisis.

Titans: Beast World TP

I take issue with calling this “DC’s first-ever Titans-centric crossover” – “Total Chaos” would like a word. No? “Siege of Zi Charam”? Still no? Anyway, collects the six-issue main series and Titans #6–7. By the by, there is a Dawn of DC Primer story by Joshua Williamson that still hasn't been collected.

We3: The 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition HC

New 20th anniversary collection of We3 by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. It’s on my reading list.

Wesley Dodds: The Sandman TP

The six-issue miniseries by Robert Venditti and Riley Rossmo.

WildC.A.T.s: The Complete Series TP

In paperback in late August, collecting the 12-issue series and stories from Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special and Batman: Urban Legends #6, following the two hardcover volumes.

Zatanna & the Ripper Volume Four TP

The fourth Webtoons volume, collecting episodes #31–38.

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  1. I'm going to keep saying it until they fix it -- this Batman '66 omnibus is STILL missing the never-collected "Batman '66 Meets the Legion of Super-Heroes" by MICHAEL ALLRED. I would love to ditch my individual trades for an omnibus collection, but I can't in good conscience until this last morsel is folded in.

    1. Y'know, they're releasing Batman '66 action figures based solely on Allred's variant covers; probably they should get some of Allred's Legion depictions in there too.

  2. "Dare I say Peter Tomasi’s Green Lantern Corps was sometimes even better than Geoff Johns' headlining series – exciting, full of weird aliens, often shockingly violent."

    Yeah, during that interim between SCW and Blackest Night, GLC was definitely the stronger GL title.

    I think one key factor was also Johns doing SECRET ORIGIN then and there. Clarifying Hal's post-Infinite Crisis origin and using it to set up BN wasn't a bad idea on paper. But doing it in the main book and during that crucial, limited 18 month window for leading into Blackest Night was a fatal miscalculation.

    It INSTANTLY killed the post-SCW momentum (not helped by release delays) and I lost interest. By the time Johns finally came back to the Present Day, GLC had my full attention over GL until well into Blackest Night.

    But I do think Johns and DC realized that miscalculation in hindsight (as Superman: Secret Origin later was released as a separate mini rather than in Action Comics).

    1. That's an interesting connection to draw between Johns' two Secret Origins; I've wondered why the Superman one was released on its own, and that's a sensible way to look at it.


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