Missing Superman/Batman page found!


I found the softcover of Superman/Batman: Public Enemies in a bookstore today, and sure enough, the missing page from the Public Enemies hardcover is in there.

And what a missing page it is.

I knew the page showed the Kryptonsite landing on earth. And I knew it had a newspaper page announcing Luthor's indictment. But what I didn't know was that the page also wraps up (at least for the moment) the whole Batman/Metallo/Luthor plotline, as well as setting up Superman's exile to the JLA Watchtower for Superman/Batman: Supergirl.

To me, this seems like a pretty important page, and I'm sorry DC didn't include it in the hardcover. And, while I guess late is better than never, it does seem like something of a slap in the face to the hardcover buyers that the missing page shows up in the softcover. So here's a few suggestions for fixing all this (none of which I even slightly imagine will ever happen):

1) DC could post that one page online. It's just one page, and now that both the hardcover and softcover are out, it's hardly going to cost DC any revenue to put it up for free. So let's see it online.

2) Make a second printing of the hardcover, with the removed page in it. Sure, those of us who bought the hardcover the first time around are still out of luck, but it's a gesture.

3) Make the page available as a mail-in freebie. Post an address and let people send in photos of themselves with the Superman/Batman: Public Enemies hardcover, and they'll get the page in return, like a tip-in. Heck, I'm sure most people would even pay shipping, too.

So there you go. Any other ideas?

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  1. Huh. Can you scan it and post it here?

  2. Sorry, don't actually have it, just saw it in a bookstore. My hope is that DC will post it -- after all, it's just one page from a book that's already been published!


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