DC trade paperback guesses for 2005

April 17, 2005


While we're in the in-between time between one month's solicitations and the next, and especially since DC hasn't released the upcoming trade paperbacks for the season, I though I'd post my current trade paperback expectancy, the trades I think we'll see before the year is up. Got any other guesses (or scoops)? Please feel free to post below.

My guesses:

Birds of Prey: Between Dark and Dawn (#69-73) - we've already seen one Birds of Prey trade paperback this year, and I'd bet we're due for another before the year is out. It remains to be seen if we'd get issue 74 as well; I doubt 75 would be included, as it leads into the next storyline after this.

Catwoman: Wild Ride (#20-24) - this is the next story after Relentless, though it's only five issues, which is small for a trade. I don't want to spoil the surprise by reading issue solicitations to find out if any further issues might be appropriate to include.

Gotham Central: Soft Targets (#11-15) - I seem to recall a DC Letters to the Editor online column that said we'd see Soft Targets trade before the year is up. This is only six issues, which is still shamefully short for a Gotham Central trade. Here's hoping they pad it with the Josie Mac Detective Comics backup stories, and not already-reprinted Batman stories, as with Half a Life.

Green Arrow: New Blood (#40-45) - again, a somewhat small trade, and I'm not sure if any Green Arrow issues after 45 would make sense here.

JLA: Syndicate Rules (#107-114) - collecting the eight-issue storyline. It's possible we might see a JLA Classified trade paperback as well, or in lieu of, this one. Personally, I hope they use the fact that the first JLA Classified arc was only three issues to include the JLA issues missing from collected editions so far (including 83 and 90 [I think] and the Dennis O'Neil arc [despite fan reaction]).

Legion of Super-Heroes (#1-6) - A trade of the new Legion series is inevitable, though I don't know if it would stop at issue 6, 7, or later.

Outsiders: Most Wanted (#16-23) - I'm actually surprised we haven't seen an Outsiders trade yet this year, and I imagine it'll be a big one, going straight from the last trade to the Teen Titans crossover.

Superman (Action Comics) (#820-825) - Just as we've seen two trades of Adventures of Superman, covering the entire Greg Rucka/Matthew Clark run, I imagine we'll see another trade finishing the Chuck Austen/Ivan Reis run before the year is up.

Teen Titans: Titans Tomorrow (#16, Titans/Legion Special, 17-19) - I can't quite decide how large I think DC will make this trade. It's strange in and of itself that they went with three issues of Titans for the Beast Boys and Girls trade; here I wonder if they'll just collect the Titans Tomorrow story, or move into some of the Identity Crisis stuff as well, perhaps up to the Outsiders crossover.

Wonder Woman: Stoned (#206-210) - five issues seems like too small a trade for DC these days (yay large trades! Hey, DC, keep up the good work!), and I wonder if this one will go right up to the Flash crossover. And surely they'll change the title.

In addition, a couple of others I'd like to see, but I wouldn't bet the farm on, are Adam Strange, Firestorm, Hawkman, Nightwing, Robin. And I'd be remiss without mentioning Manhunter, for which we'll see the trade Street Justice later this year.

Other guesses?

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  1. An Adam Strange trade might be in the cards since that interesting little series has ramifications that lead directly into "The Rann/Thanagar War" and then, perhaps, on into "Infinite Crisis".

  2. Yeah, that would be cool ... and here's hoping we see the Rann/Thanagar War and other Countdown to Infinite Crisis mini-series either close to or just after Infinite Crisis begins. I think it'd be a shame for the "wait-for-traders" to have to wait, as with Identity Crisis.

  3. AnonymousMay 10, 2005

    Where did you get your guesses for the remaining 2005 trades from?

  4. Anonymous,

    I just pulled them out of my head. We've seen lately that DC seems to be publishing two trades of it's "flagship" titles each year--for instance, we've seen two Flash trades solicited so far, two JSA trades, two Adventures of Superman trades. It's pretty likely that a couple other titles (Birds of Prey, Teen Titans) will follow the same pattern, and that we'll see at least one trade of some of the others (Outsiders, for instance). So that was my theory.

    Any idea how close I got?

  5. AnonymousMay 13, 2005

    Of the ones you've chosen, I'd say:
    Birds of Prey
    Teen Titans
    Wonder Woman
    Catwoman or Gotham Central (maybe).


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