A quick note about JLA: The Obsidian Age

Saturday, April 23, 2005

I just read the two JLA: The Obsidian Age trade paperbacks, and can I say, that's just a great story. Especially read as a whole like that. Drama, mystery, time travel, cliffhangers ... I really think it stands up against some of Grant Morrision's JLA epics, second only to Rock of Ages, and that may be only because the art quality was more constant.

And I think it's too bad that Joe Kelly didn't stay on JLA longer, and get the opportunity, as he said in his afterward to Obsidian Age to tell more of the kind of JLA stories he wanted to tell. Because I liked the new, political JLA stories he began to tell, I'm looking forward to reading JLA: Rules of Engagement, and DC better hurry up with that JLA: Elite trade paperback! This year, eh?
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  1. Obsidian Age and Rock of Ages are both great stories,
    but I have to say that I prefer Obsidian Age more -it was just cooler
    and I really hope we'll get to see more of the Ancient League

  2. The Ancient League was cool--I kept trying to figure which Ancient lined up with which modern Leaguer. I actually felt the whole "ripping the Flash's legs off" bit in the end, while at great dramatic moment, was kind of a shame, as it made the Ancient Leaguers out to be the "bad guys," per se, instead of just mislead by Ganamae. As for seeing again, maybe Ancient League vs. modern League vs. JLA One Million?

  3. The only complaint i have is the inconsistency of the interior art. I prefer Doug Mahnke's pencils, and you can imagine my enjoyment when both Mahnke and Kelly both returned to JLA 100 and the subsequent Elite maxi-series!

    An epic story telling.

  4. Yes, I'm glad to see Mahnke and Nguyen move over to Batman--their style is too distinctive to let go!