DC Announces Collected Editions for November/December 2005


UPDATED: Let these words ring from one end of the blogosphere to the other: Some days make you just want to put all your comic books on the floor and roll around in them.

Back in the spring of 2004, I remember seeing a message board post about that summer’s DC trade paperbacks and thinking it was a joke, or someone’s imaginary wish list. I mean, after all, Superman: Godfall was a given, but Robin: Unmasked? A contemporary Legion trade after all this time? The idea was nearly preposterous, and man, was I excited when I found out it was all true. I couldn’t wait for that summer, let me tell you.

DC’s trade paperback announcement today brings back that feeling, and then trumps it, exceeds it, throws it a surprise party and takes it to bed.

I saw the link on Newsarama for DC’s trades for November/December and I thought, ho hum, we’ve already had that here, at Gotham Lounge, and on Lying in the Gutters. But at least, I thought, we’ll get to see what issues are included.

As you know, what we got was a Whole. Lot. More.

Bravo to DC Comics. Bravo. I could not be more impressed. The speed with which the Countdown to Infinite Crisis miniseries trades are coming out, the sheer unadulterated volume of trades in November and December, the size of all of these trades — not only I not have reasonably hoped for better, not only did DC completely exceed my expectations, but it gives me great hope for what’s coming in 2006.

But enough of the gushing. As wise women once said, now it’s time for the breakdown. Some thoughts on items from the list:

Day of Vengeance TP – this collects not only the miniseries, but — it took me a minute — the three-part Superman/Shazam/Eclipso story as well. This makes the Day of Vengeance TP the first Superman trade to pick up after Superman: For Tomorrow — and you’ll note that Superman: Apocalypse, as announced on Amazon.ca, is actually not on the list for November/December. I do want that one, “rave” reviews aside, so here’s hoping DC hasn’t cancelled it.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not the Justice League TP – again, I’m surprised that the other issues of JLA Classified didn’t come out first, but I imagine that we’ll see the Grant Morrison issues either collected with Seven Soliders (you did know that JLA Classified #1-3 lead in to Seven Soliders, didn’t you?) or collected with Warren Ellis’s JLA Classified run. A Grant Morrison/Warren Ellis JLA trade … now that’s a marketing idea!

Legion of Super-Heroes: Teen Revolution TP – I’m glad to see that both this and the Teen Titans trade have parts of the Teen Titans/Legion crossover, this one taking the six-page Legion prelude. Judging by the artists listed, I’m guessing that this trade also includes the back-up stories from each issue.

Manhunter: Street Justice TP – it’s about time! One Newsarama poster made the good point that to draw fans in, the price of this really should be $9.99.

The OMAC Project TP – Yes, I am bummed not to see all five parts of “Sacrifice,” but at the same time I’m very glad we don’t have OMAC Project Vols. 1 and 2, so I’ll be happy with small favors. I’m sure we’ll see the other parts of “Sacrifice” collected elsewhere.

Teen Titans: The Future is Now TP – Man alive, does this make me happy. Almost nine issues for a buck, and it guarantees that the next Titans trade will be Titans/Outsiders: The Insiders. Oh, and for all of you wondering about issue 15’s inclusion here — one page of 15 that ties into “Titans Tomorrow” was left out of Teen Titans: Beast Boys and Girls, and I imagine we’ll see that here.

Batgirl: Kicking Assassins TP – jumping straight to the middle of Andersen Gabrych’s run, this trade includes a Villains United tie-in issue.

Crisis on Multiple Earths: The Team-Ups Vol. 1 TP – Someone more knowledgeable than me will have to tell you what this means for the Crisis on Multiple Earths trades — are these issues placed in the right place, or is this a deviation from the order? However, Mark Katzoff posted this to the Newsarama message board, which details what’s included:

including 4 team-ups of the Earth 1 and Earth 2 Flashes including their first meeting and the story that led to the return of the JSA, the first team-up of the two Green Lanterns, in a story which ultimately served as an inspiration for Crisis on Infinite Earths, a team-up of Starman and Black Canary and two team-ups of Hourman and Dr. Fate, including the one that introduced the Psycho Pirate who looks like he has a role to play in Infinite Crisis.

Plastic Man: Rubber Bandits TP – the missing issue 12 was a fill-in by Scott Morse. No word as to whether this one’ll have a rubber cover, too. I heard rumors the rubber covers smelled, but mine didn’t. Oh, well.

Wonder Woman: Eyes of the Gorgon TP – Glad to see DC putting out larger trades of Rucka’s incredible Wonder Woman run. This trade goes right up to the Flash/Wonder Woman crossover collected in Prelude to Infinite Crisis; my guess is that the next trade will take us in to “Sacrifice” (heck, that might even be the place that the Superman “Sacrifice” issues get collected).

That’s not everything, but I hope it’s a little taste. What do you think? What are you buying? Weigh in, shout out, let me know. Ciao!

(The Superman-as-Shazam action figure picture brought to you just because I think it looks cool.)


Collected Editions is floored, I tell you, floored by DC's announcement that all four Countdown to Infinite Crisis miniseries will be collected in November and December. I tell you, I haven't been this excited since I can't even remember when.

Read the full story at Newsarama via the link below, and tune in here tonight for commentary from your truly.

And did I say: THANK YOU DC!!!


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  1. Wow, that's REALLY quick by DC's standards. And Didio's been getting a lot of crap the last couple of months for his "we're not doing our jobs if people are waiting for the trade and not picking up the monthlies" comments; people assumed he didn't like TPBs or something.

  2. Jeffrey -- VERY quick. My hope is that this portends good things for 2006.

  3. CT -- I did see this, but thank you for pointing it out; that's very thoughtful of you. November's trades are absolutely insane; as I mentioned elsewhere, the sheer volume of them for November and December, plus the unlisted ones for Superman and Y, is incredible, and portends good things for next year.


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