Gotham Central trade update

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Regarding the Gotham Central: Soft Targets trade paperback, here's an update from Greg Rucka via his message board:

"I thought it was to be released this year, as well, so I'm afraid I'm as confused as you are. There is a third trade scheduled, as far as I know, so it should be coming soon. The trade ISN'T being called Soft Targets, however--it's combining both the Soft Targets and Unresolved storylines, so I believe the title is--wait for it--

Unresolved Targets."

Soft Targets is issues #12-15; Unresolved is issues #19-22--I don't know if the issues in between would be in there, too. That Greg is as confused as we are is interesting ... doesn't seem like good news. No way of telling if that title is a joke or not, either. If it is, that's pretty clever.

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  1. They said earlier on the DC message boards that it wouldn't include the issues in between. But they may or may not be collected in later issues.

  2. Supposedly one of the reasons Ed Brubaker left DC was DC's inability, or refusal, to support the Gotham Central trades. If this is true, frankly I don't blame him.

  3. UNRESOLVED TARGETS got pushed back to early 2006 to make room for a last-minute trade for the Fall schedule. So it is coming, but considering how often GC trades get moved around the schedule...

  4. Hovy -- That's good news. And I guess if it got bumped to make room for one of the Countdown miniseries trades, I can accept that. Whither did this info come?

  5. One of the CE editors at DC. I emailed them a few weeks back just to get an update on the book, and that's what I was told.

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