Friday Night Fights: One (Sucker) Punch!

Friday, September 28, 2007

For this new round of Friday Night Fights, what else could we start with than the ultimate sucker punch?

Guy Gardner was robbed!

And don't miss the puncher who's never a sucker ... the ever-lovin' Bahlactus!
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  1. And I was thiiiis close to using that same scene for my entry in Round 1 Friday Night Fight.

    Good choice, by the way. Classic.

  2. Money choice of a punch, for-sure.

  3. Guy Gardener was a punk who deserved everything he got.

    And I love that DC has occasionally made reference to this from time to time since the event. I remember Bats and Guy getting together for something - Infinite Crisis or World War III, something - and Guy making snide comments behind Bats's back about how he could've taken him.

    Excellent choice for Friday Night Fights.